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3:25City Girls - Act Up
City Girls - Act UpViews 37M4 months ago
1:59City Girls - Careless
City Girls - CarelessViews 1.6M5 months ago
4:03City Girls - Season ft. Lil Baby
City Girls - Season ft. Lil BabyViews 12M10 months ago
3:06City Girls - Intro (#FREEJT) (Audio)
2:35City Girls - On The Low (Audio)
City Girls - On The Low (Audio)Views 490K11 months ago
2:25City Girls - What We Doin' (Audio)
City Girls - What We Doin' (Audio)Views 735K11 months ago
2:40City Girls - Act Up (Audio)
City Girls - Act Up (Audio)Views 51M11 months ago
2:34City Girls - Drip (Audio)
City Girls - Drip (Audio)Views 398K11 months ago
2:10City Girls - Broke Boy (Audio)
City Girls - Broke Boy (Audio)Views 341K11 months ago
2:53City Girls - Swerve (Audio)
City Girls - Swerve (Audio)Views 314K11 months ago
2:24City Girls - Trap Star (Audio)
City Girls - Trap Star (Audio)Views 286K11 months ago
1:56City Girls - Panties An Bra (Audio)
2:48City Girls - Twerk (Audio) ft. Cardi B
3:21City Girls - Millionaire Dick
2:53City Girls - F**k On U (Audio)
2:33City Girls - Rap S**t (Audio)
3:37City Girls - Movie (Audio)
City Girls - Movie (Audio)Views 271KYear ago
2:48City Girls - Runnin (Audio)
City Girls - Runnin (Audio)Views 233KYear ago
2:04City Girls - Careless (Audio)
2:36City Girls - Not Ya Main (Audio)
3:13City Girls - Where The Bag At


  • NIGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA help me find my weave 😂😍

  • 2019 Dreams & Nightmares 🔥🔥🔥

  • My and my Granma watch this she said can u teach me how to twerk

  • I like this

  • How many people beat it to this at least once? I know you did...

  • Flewed out...smdh

  • Is 1:19 a reference to "How I Met Your Mother"? "I aint got no love for these niggas i aint barney bitch"

  • Hey cant wait for the remix....mybe add young miami to the remix..maybe mybe not..

  • Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • God help us if they fart while doing this !!!!

  • Oh my lord

  • Suuuhhhh goin haammm

  • Damn who hurt these girls lol

  • “November 9th” Challenge Day “November 11th” My b-day

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  • "Pull up by myself miss pearly dont need no army bitch " 🏆😅

  • Damn she damn near sound like Trina

  • It blanked omm

  • This is the anthem for girls that have no sheets on their bed

  • Me: Mom, I want indian city girls Mom: We have indian city girls at home Indian city girls at home:

  • "Y'all hoes always bringing up old shit, go get a sugar daddy suck a old dick" 😂😝

  • 3:17 how was work today hun?

  • Damn this is fire for real man. I wish i was real, but i must settle for being crazy

  • the bible app is free

  • mom pick me up i’m scared

  • Cardi taking it back to her roots

  • Imagine if JT jumped on every track miami rapped on alone 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • How is she doing that while doing the splits i can do the splits but not while twerking. is anybodyin oct

  • This hard 💪🏾


  • Hi

  • Salute. This 🔥🔥🔥666

  • i keep some foes that’ll match a i.d 🤑🤑

  • ate the time up like it’s cake, JT ANNA MAE🗣🗣

  • เกินไป5555

  • Now I know why girls always say Period

  • welcome home QUEEN!!!!!

  • I can tell she had to fit her words on the beat probably couldn't find a beat to fit her verse fr

  • Simmaler toact up except less bad words I stay up till 7:45 watching this video f**k yay

  • I feel like city girls vs kidzbop lilboat has a gf

  • It sucks

  • How to get a boner in less than a minute

  • Period 💕💕 💕💕 💕💕 💕💕 💕

  • Bitch was RAPPIN

  • “Ion give af bout a bed I’ll sleep on the couch” real sh*t

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  • Straight fire yasss girl dish it out!!!!!!!

  • Embarrass a bitch onstage I'm on some Maury shit.....😅😄😆😂🤣🙄😁😭😭👍🤗 come through JT ohh chile she killed this shit

  • Duas vadias que eu amooooo♥️

  • 3:05 the earring flewed

  • Adoruuuuuuuuuuu♥️

  • Feminist go crazy when they see shit like that... this is pure art bitches....

  • This is pretty much a Miley Cyrus old twerking video.

  • This is serious....

  • Trash. I rather listen to they music.

  • Finally you out...😭

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  • They bout to create a Tsunami

  • Lil yachte goes hard

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  • Boy in the Mall is screaming his dad grabs him Nobody:

  • Só tem bunda '-'

  • Ion remember the last time of fucked with a song dis hard🥶💯

  • 2:26

  • Baby girl

  • The world is so much safer with her out of prison

  • I’m so happy she out , Period

  • sounds like cardi b x get up 10 to me .. ijs ☹️ .



  • Mas fino q canape de polenta

  • Glad you free J T. Get it gurl . Period.

  • this video on my birthday day

  • I'm glad you are Free JT 🔴😍😍🤩🤸🏾‍♀️🤸🏾‍♀️💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽😘

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  • Cardi fine ass was throwing that ass got dammn

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  • We love u JT💯🔥

  • Flewed out

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  • Yasss baby I haven't been updated cause I work alot but yass my baby out💯

  • Cardi b u an dat girl is fucking sexy no love it

  • Hell nah I ain’t no mf’ cheap freak

  • This is fucking 🗣EMBARRASSING

  • Thank God she out.

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  • Dade county liberty city the real Miami bih ...this just the start y'all better get y'all ghost writer up....I'm from Dade I'ma do it anyway!!


  • This song come on when I'm wit my man. I forget his stupid ass is there and I throw it back FOR ME. Back yo ass up. You is now another random nigga in the club.

  • Everybody keeps saying that JT got pregnant from the security guards and shit. That shit wasn't cool at all. She shoutout to Yung Miami. Per and everybody. Y'all better watch yourself, She's coming fo y'all asses. Period

  • Fun fact: she went to jail for fraud

  • Y’all Got JT All The Way F***ed Up * Period *

  • came here to check if popular music is still ass. There appears to be a lot of ass in the video to compensate for the ass music but it is in fact when u look past the ass stil ass. Thank you.

  • Did she confirm she was talking to maxo?

  • Everyone first day out combined can’t amount to tee grizzly first day out you can say I’m hating but it’s facts

  • 💋💋💋

  • This shit terrible af , smh what ever happened to good female rappers, shit sounds like rellos , hot cheetos , ratchetness, and single mother hood

  • This shit terrible af , smh what ever happened to good female rappers, shit sounds like rellos , hot cheetos , ratchetness, and single mother hood