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  • Imagine being a glaz main and seeing this

  • i would play this on pc but it just freezes on the loading screen

  • What's the point of bandit right now? - Batteries are pretty large and easy to shoot. - Twitch can zap them (although need to reach them first) - Thatcher just blows them away. - Maverick does not even care. and now Kali also can simply remove them also.

  • Yei recycled content AGAIN

  • so you can get banned for playing capitao now ?

  • No one can beat my spersnaz brother

  • So you will make one about assassins creed odyssey. Please make one

  • Smoke: “Anybody Need A Shave?”

  • Glaz: “ffs”


  • Can we please get a healing attacker. LIKE SO UBISOFT SEES

  • the death of spawnpeekers

  • It’s good to see that Jager isn’t completely replaced

  • Sooo how are defenders supposed to counter her? Like maverick there’s no counter, about to just call it quits with seige, rip I spent like 300 on it

  • What's even the point of Glaz anymore ... Her gadget shouldn't penetrate electrified or jammed wall, this is waaaay ridiculous ... And BUFF TACHANKA FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!

  • Now I want a templar turned assassin

  • Ban mouse and keyboard players on ps4 and i might return playing this game

  • Mozzie is too adorable in this

  • just stick the magnets on the hostage fuze's nightmare, the entire inability to even remotely avoid killing the hostage

  • This looks all good af but sorry I want my Jade back

  • 7-1 never forget

  • Dude you can IQ above obj and if the magnet is there ask friend to shoot ash charge or throw grenade and you can make peek hole

  • thats why im not playing this game anymore lmao

  • Please add the peugeot 206 and 2008

  • Need to put this toa dril soundtrack and add some knives

  • Cannot wait to see and experience how broken this season will be, wonder what bugs and glitches will make it into the game....... Again

  • Hi everyone I haven't played this game in a while can someone help mr get back in to it my psn is mj23whitegoat

  • don't worry dude glaz, we could catch and destroy that girl close combat don't worry dude jagger your 44. carbine still unmacthed

  • welcome to r6s or more likely csgo sniper edition.

  • Stop recycling weapons

  • You: Samuel L. Jackson jokes Me: He doesn’t even look like him!

    • They only know sam from avengers, so they only know sam as dark skin and eye patch

  • Ops from New Zealand please?

  • Alexios how you related to alexa? 😅

  • Y’all should add an operator with decoy sound grenades

  • 1 shot I'll never be able to take

  • 1 t-shirt, 1 jean, 2 airmax, 20$ and you have your elite skin, what a joke..

  • This is bullshit, kali is way too op with that underbarrel thing

  • EEEMMM SEMMMM FALAR COM MALDADE mais na hora que vi esse capitão valei agora o Dadinho ta no jogo foi mal errei............................Dadinho e o caralho meu nome a agora e Ze pequeno

  • Can’t wait until someone try’s to spawn peak me when I have a bolt action

  • Beautiful

  • I think its obvious cali is going to have her gun nerf do much it will do less than glaz

  • This seems to good to be true 😔 Hopefully it’s not overhyped and than when it released its not what it said it would be.

  • The f*cking bolt action is way to op and also lets have five minuters of silence for glaz

  • Wasn't this game supposed to be a kinda realistic anti-terrorist tactical shooter? Seems like nowadays it's more of a Scifi shooter, what's next? an operator that can turn into a prop? Are they straight up just gonna add a overwatch character next season?

  • what about ela?

  • I’m getting a bad call of duty feeling

  • And what is with the server connection... fixed your that.. I can't playing than more of 3 Month

  • @Ubisoft North America Please add these Pro League Sets back to the game, i have the R6 credits to buy right now, Please add them back asap. Having only kapkhan, nokk, iq and valk is not good, hoping you can bring them back ASAP thank you

  • look how they massacred my main enterance spawn peak

  • Just add big boss already.

  • Can Wamai and Kali get Epic Cool Background Short Intro Trailer Video Like the Rest of the Operationers on Rainbow Six Siege

  • Tbh I'm not impressed .... it's just going to be nerfed and try hards wont let you play as this character

  • You guys need to work on division 2.

  • Great now we gonna get 360 noscope faze comps now

  • "FLaMeThRoWeR CoNfiRmEd"

  • They need to nerf Kali, she's too overpowered and not balanced

  • forgot that this further proves that all our games are just training and nobody actually dies

  • Can’t wait to see all these kids trying to quick scope

  • finally i can play arma3 1v1 snipers only in a map the size of my 1 bedroom house

  • So fucking op

  • This all bullshit...

  • Is the bostonbearjew arcade stand still in the map??

  • Wamai is the third black guy on R6 💀💀

  • release?

  • Kali: hey can i copy your homework? Glaz: yeah sure just change it up a bit Wamai: hey can i copy your homework? Jager: yeah sure just change it up a bit

  • Im already guessing kali is gonna be nerfed into the ground after he release

  • What will happen first, kali getting nerfed or glaz getting buffed?

  • I hate to break it to ya but .300 win mags don’t punch holes that big

  • Kali is literally the biggest counter of defenders xD

  • His name is Toby 😂👌🔥

  • Please stop releasing new operators...the game is becoming childish,unbalanced. I ONLY PLAY seige ...rest of the games suck... please ubi

  • He could've been the main character.

  • This is getting nerfed quick I really don't like the 2nd Guy to OP

  • *if u don’t like the video,your’re mine*

  • “A headshot is an instant kill” oh really you don’t say?

  • Okay ngl I think Ubisoft is running out of ideas for operators

  • Ah yes now we aren't forced to run jager.....we can run both

  • I do not like these new map changes Ruined a beautiful R6 map

  • Stop. Reusing. Guns.

  • Akumbla akumbla

  • what will happen when you put the magnet near the hostage ?

  • so is this a trailer for a working doors?

  • Why am I even here lol

  • Dude I would love it the next elite skin was for dokkibi

  • Wow glaz but better and and jaguar but worse

  • Glaz: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • Lmao just put the magnet on a hostage and get an easy dub

  • I just hope his gun has an acog

  • Cool we got black panther in the game

  • **Throws grenade** Wamai: **Harry Potter theme plays**

  • Cool

  • Lets wait for the nerf an all the pro league cry babys . They nerfed cav from 2 sor 3 shots to 5 at least im sure theyll nerf her . Plus glaz ontop of that

  • Does the new defender stop fuses cluster charge

  • So you can basically make the enemy team kill the hostage

  • DATE?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

  • Oh awesome, another "reworked" map, and not a new map. Ugh.

  • How much do each costs

  • Bro what am I looking at rn

  • Hard nerf coming for kali in 3 2 1....

  • Vortiger : " So you're fire huh ? Let see how you can withstand my *TRUE DARKNESS !!!* "