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10:06Week 14 Game Picks | NFL 2019
48:23Week 14 Power Rankings Reaction Show
5:30Top True View Highlights Week 13
7:46Every Team's Best Play of Week 13!
5:42Week 14 NFL Power Rankings!
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30:51Week 13 Preview & Game Picks Show



  • I hope the chiefs win

  • Patriots vs all of New York should be tweaked but I'd be on board.

  • I love how you see Montgomery run with passion (like he's done all year), Patterson shimmys a miss, & Miller deeks a stepback & turns the corner yet they blame Dallas for poor tackling.

  • 49ers lose to Seahawks and ravens both teams are 10-2 and they lost to both teams by only 3 points or game winning field goal

  • I’m a sad eagles fan watching this in 2019

  • I just don't know anymore

  • He needs some ❄️❄️❄️👃

  • I wanna see a good good game 🍾

  • Okay but 6:21 was precious lmao

  • One of the best Super Bowl halftimes

  • Titanup More like *Titansdown*

  • 44:14 why didn’t the clock stop

  • Flacco was a monster.

  • Cynthia MARRY me!!!!!

  • Like if Sam Darnold’s better then both QBs

  • Still the best half-time show for me.

  • Elite Dual-Threat QB...Risky Business🕴🏻🐻

  • GAME OVER #NEvsHOU OPERATION Houston Surprise WIN was predicted by Me and My #NFLFantasyFootballPartner Lady Kathleen "hey, Corporal. Kate here wearing my nun's habit. Houston WIN was SWEET for our #NFLFantasyFootball thx dearie for sharing my take" #PraiseSisterKate #SaintsLady Credit #SNFonNBC #100NFL 100% RESPECT #HoustonStrong

  • Hi

  • Bruh you would think the raiders would have figured out that tomlison was gonna pass already 😂 rivers and brees were at quarterback.

  • Say whatever u want but “Russell I turned a hoe into a house wife Wilson” is a great person.

  • Your saying Matt Ryan is better than Tom Brady?

  • Best inspirational speech I ever heard was "I got four words for ya'll: We're here to win. Now do whatever ya want with those words. But Im here to win"

  • I'm STILL laughing about this!

  • Dey not dem boyz.

  • Bru the score I'd always 28 or 20 points never 30 or 10 it's so weird

  • If AM17 made 1 tiny block at 230 that would of been a touchdown. Sad you cant teach effort

  • 9$ tickets? Just hand some out for Free at some shelters. They would love that

  • Oh dam. My picks are the same as Cynthia's. Not the score tho lol

  • Eagles and giants all time rivalry is tied for the first time since 1933 when it was 0-0. It’s now 86-86-2. Eli is 10-22 against the eagles. Can he stop the eagles from making history? NOPE

  • Titans win by 40. I’m a raiders fan

  • i Can Quarterback To But im Not Gone Try An Be A NFL Quarterback Maybe Not im ReaLLy A Running Back

  • it's beautiful watching this man play..Only Brady and Peyton come close.

  • Seahawks 57- Rams 13

  • SF Stands for "Saints Fans" 😜😜😜 #WhoDat #KeepItRealYallLuvUs #DaWholeBayLuvUs

  • Adam tank is a trash can. Don’t ever allow this man with 0 credibility to ever do a segment like this again. He’s lazy and just has zero qualifications to be on a network and it showed here

  • New EngLand Patriots Might Win The NFL Championship This Season i Hope Tennessee Titans Win The NFL Championship This Season That WiLL Be Tennessee Titans First NFL Championship Win in Franchise History An That Team Been Around For Years For A Long Time

  • Embarrassing. Jerry Jones, stay the hell away from management or you’ll end up like the Redskins

  • AMERICA ! IS THIS YOUR TEAM !!! Killmonger voice.

  • Gooooooooooooooooo chiefs

  • You need to play the ‘Raising Arizona’ theme song to fire up the Cardinals players and fans.

  • i OnLy PLay in Home Games An 100 BiLLion DoLLars For Me To PLay 1 NFL Season A NFL Team Might Not Pay Me 100 BiLLion DoLLars For 1 Season i Might PLay Mo Than 1 Season Maybe

  • As a Seahawks fan I I think I'm more worried about this game than any of the remaining games. I don't think I've ever seen them win in Los Angeles . Before the Vikings game I didn't think they have much of a chance.

  • Coldplay wanted to cry for not being the star here but they can't help but be honored here 😂

  • CaroLina Panthers Might Not Make The PLayoffs This Season AtLanta FaLcons Aint NFL FootbaLL

  • this was before Hernandez killed himself right?

  • MiLLviLLe Warriors Midgets FootbaLL i PLayed Running Back Right Defense End An Tight End i Was The Fastest PLayer On My Team An i Was The Best PLayer On My Team An i ALmost Won The Championship That Season

  • How is she not gone yet?

  • From a Bears fan, I really was rooting for the lions to win it all, they were fun to watch

  • Congrats Texans but how do you beat the Pat's but lose to the jags 🤔🤔🤔

  • Skins still in the play off hunt

  • Gene Upshaw and Art Shell should've won the co-MVP award in this game for the job they did against Alan Page and Jim Marshall

  • ima Free Agent NFL Wide Receiver im TaLent i Might Sign Up For NFL FootbaLL

  • Cam Newton StiLL Aint Out There He Been Out Since Bout Week 4 He Gone Be Back He The Best PLayer On The CaroLina Panthers An Been Since He First Got On That Team NFL FootbaLL

  • 1) The Bears defense on third down was horrid on the Cowboys' first drive. 2) Who was Trubisky throwing to on that INT?!? 3) The rest of the game Mitch was throwing darts out there. 4) It was also seeing Mitch back to using his legs, although there were probably three more plays where he should have run and didn't, including the pick. 5) Robinson is a beast. 6) If Miller could stop dropping balls he would be unstoppable. 7) That block in the back on Wims was bullshit. Not only that but there were TWO separate facemasks on Miller that play that were ignored. 8) On Montgomery's fumble his knee was down AND forward progress was stopped and should have been whistled dead a second earlier. 9) The Roquan and Wims injuries did not look or sound good. Roquan appears to be done with a torn pec but I hope Wims' knee isn't that bad. I really like him getting more playing time. 10) Is that two weeks in a row with a sack for Mack? 11) Floyd non-existent again... 12) That TD run by Mitch was awesome.

  • “What a throw by Trubisky!” As he throws a screen. Of course Joe Buck is hyping up the white man as a patron saint of a quarterback. Disgusting racism shown by Joe Buck, he would never praise him like that if it was Lamar Jackson.

  • This game was played on February 6, 2011.

  • Bla Bla Bla Bla in other words this team sucks balls an not footballs.

  • First off WHO DAT!!!! And SAINTSNATION..... WHEN THE SAINTS GO MARCHING IN.... Much respect to the 49ers but we have home field advantage... Remember brees sat out while Bridgewater won a few... Our #1 is back and he just got warmed up.... We got this Game 11-2 Saints I'm a die hard Saints fan! Win or lose its gonna be a damn good game!

  • Thx DHop and DW4 #NFLFantasyFootball #NEvsHOU Happy Sunday Night from Me and My Lady Kathleen "SWEET trick play. thx Corporal for sharing my take" #PraiseSisterKate #NFLFantasyFootballPartner #SaintsLady "i'm wearing my nun's habit" Credit #SNFonNBC #100NFL #HoustonStrong

  • #29 did a backflip after the game.

  • Wow at 4:40 if it wasn't for that horse collar tackle... 300+ yards easy

  • "He can catch better than Brady we found that out"🤣

  • I Chose The Underdogs Philadelphia Eagles And The Rest Of My Family Chose The Patriots And They Said Really?

  • This was epic! Probably my favorite half time performance.

  • Why does the "model" predict scores with combined totals less then 45 points.

  • mannn I miss philly brown 😭

  • 49ers have no idea what awaits them in the Voodoo Dome. Ramsyck going lock bosa down just like how he did to watts, barrett and mack

  • Bills haven’t even beaten anyone there sked is as weak as the patriots

  • I'm a Steelers fan and he has to be high

  • Texans:45 Broncos:23

  • Titans:37 Raiders:28

  • Packers:27 Redskins:14

  • Vikings:34 Lions:17

  • Trubisky throwing like he wants to keep his job, all these trade rumors have him locked in 🤣🤣 we dem boys

  • Chargers:35 Jaguars:24

  • Falcons:32 Panthers:13

  • Browns:26 Bengals:12

  • Nobody gonna talk about how he said "Luck" at 1:05?

  • The guy infront of him looks like Jason Garret mixed with Bill Clinton.

  • As a non fan. This game I will remember forever. Prime time game, just unique. This game is just different than any other I've watched.

  • Football game's results are planned by Las Vegas 😒😒😒

  • Seahawks:24 Rams:20

  • We miss you please come back

  • 13:19 'O fosho

  • Got 'em BOTH in My #NFLFantasyFootball Como Estas, Lady Kathleen "i miss Kenny Stills in NOLA (2013 - 2014) Beautiful pass from DW4. thx Corporal for sharing my take" #PraiseSisterKate #NFLFantasyFootballPartner #SaintsLady "i'm wearing my nun's habit" #NEvsHOU Credit #SNFonNBC #100NFL #HoustonStrong

  • I remember seeing this on TV for the halftime show I think it's the best halftime show I ever saw or will ever see

  • Allen Robinson is elite !

  • Fire cynthia

  • Lmao, Garrett

  • My dude Cordell always making plays for a new team every year.

  • That wasn’t a fair fight it was like a chuihuaha against a kain corso lol

  • when mic'd WIlson does his hype speeches before games in his Thug Accent...i cringe

  • It would be hilarious and incredibly stupid to see the Cowboys or the Eagles host a playoff game against the 10-3 49ers/Seahawks. -Eagles Fan

  • I can smell losers right nearly 80/100. Sigh 😔

  • Seasucks should be an easy win for the rams.

  • Billz Mafia in the house taking no prisoners.. NOT IMPRESSED ..JACKSON is talented we have a way better defense then the 49ers.. Bills Got a GREAT CHANCE this game was SLOPPY .BILLS GOT A 10 day REST) Omg that crazy this late in the season..... .BOTH teams GAMBLED like they were at Vegas.. THE RAVENS had HOME FIELD,,had the Niner's out of there element in the cold ,,, managed to almost loose ... Grapalo good due..49ers running back is really good .. 49rs almost won thank you for losing .. ..Baltimore feeling great and tired,, Get ready for Plane ride ... Josh Allen has Singletary Gore Beasley Brown and a crew of great TEs .. And the best Defense I have seen on the bills sense 1990.. You may have forgot ??? You don't come to Buffalo in DECEMBER and feel anything but pain .. , Niner's make the first down its 49rs Win ..Glad BALTIMORE won ..WE ARE HUNGRY.. The elite are picking Baltimore 7 point spread.. THE FOOTBALL OPPORTUNITY can not be any better for us to WIN . We win we turn this league on its HEAD..

  • packers fans be like: "bruh that fumble didnt count lmao"

  • 42:25