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0:31Pokémon Masters is available now!
7:20:412019 Pokémon World Championships-FINALS
11:55:012019 Pokémon World Championships-Day 2
1:18Pokémon GO Invitational Recap
11:44:172019 Pokémon World Championships-Day 1
0:32Spread summer cheer with Gifts!
Spread summer cheer with Gifts!Views 125K2 months ago
0:36They’re in our world now…
They’re in our world now…Views 318K2 months ago
0:29Dance in the rain with Pokémon GO!
4:09Pokémon Masters | Trailer
Pokémon Masters | TrailerViews 3.2M3 months ago
1:31Pokémon 3: The Movie | Trailer
Pokémon 3: The Movie | TrailerViews 362K4 months ago
36:222019 Pokémon Press Conference
2019 Pokémon Press ConferenceViews 529K4 months ago
2:41Don't Mess with Machamp!
Don't Mess with Machamp!Views 2.1M4 months ago


  • Mr mime are you kidding me

  • Reminds me of when Bianca forced Zorua to wear stupid clothes.

  • Wth wrong with ash'es eyes

  • Pokemon creators:lets create a pokemon that his hands are swords The guy that give ideas:mongraal Pokemon creators:you are a fking genius

    • The name of the pokemon is gallade

  • I keep seeing a po,emon masters add except so many things are misspelled and i think its fake because the title of the game is different. Even though the add says its called pokemon masters

  • I had that blastoise and rayquaza

  • Man this trailer really showed everything in this game. They better not do this with Sword and Shield

  • Shopping is not fun.

  • what are you eating exactly that's just a plate

  • 1:12 Me:😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒 I DONT GIVE A DAMN

  • 0:09 Someone is overcompensating

  • Ponyta on Acid

  • So majestic

  • Guys I know this might seem weird but I thought Mimikyu was released in like gen 5. I don't know why I'm having this mandela effect thing.

  • Mega sbelay

  • Mega blasiken

  • They have seriously run out of ideas. I suppose it’s easier to just remake old Pokemon and use objects for new Pokemon instead of creatures and animals

  • Mimikyu: Mi-Mi...kyu ;) (Happy Mimikyu month 😉)

  • My little pony shit

  • Did they change Jesse’s voice actor?

  • Watching this while waiting for the SwSh starters' evos😭😭😭

  • Ugh, more version exclusivity on top of there not being a regional dex? I might have to stop buying Pokemon games in general. I used to love this series and played for quite awhile but I just can't keep supporting the direction they continue to take these games. It has been feeling like "status quo" even though it shouldn't have to be this way. Why do I have to buy two versions, or even interact with another individual in a game that is primarily 1 player through most of your journey? I always enjoyed more playing these games alone and comparing the end resulting teams rather than ever "trading" Pokemon, because most of the time people that I've known never cared for that aspect of things. And that's if I have friends in town or something. I guess I'm ultimately not the demographic they are targeting which I suppose just means I've "grown out" of Pokemon in some aspects. For me Pokemon was about going on a journey and catching, then training partners that would persist throughout my life. Yet they keep restricting the amount of Pokemon in the games, and I feel like I should have a lot more choice if I'm forking over 60 dollars for a Pokemon game. It's basically becoming the Madden (No offense to sport fans or Pokemon fans.) of RPG's. Same game, slight tweaks and QoL stuff that sometimes only persists in one region/game to the next! Why aren't Pokemon always able to follow us after we had the ability in one of the games, why did they make it "exclusive" to certain games? I don't understand that. They had the ability to make at least Pikachu in some of their first set of games, and we see it again in Heart Gold and Soul Silver. Yet why is it only those games? We have a secret base system that would be hella fun in other regions yet it's constricted as a "charming aspect" of one version to the next. There's a lot of things like that, that feel like they are there not only to make certain regions feel more unique, but essentially force you into getting that version of the game. Guess I'll just let everyone else enjoy it and take my leave. Sorry for the rant but as a human I can't help but throw my thoughts to the Internet. I'm curious about other people's opinions too.

  • You bastards. I dont want shield...

  • The weakest to the strongest

  • Honey and Pecha Berry destroyed the flavor LOL

  • the small screen makes it look like pokemon is afraid of being copyright striked by itself

  • なんか腹立つなんでやろw

  • I remember thinking Incineroar was butt ugly when it was first leaked, but man Tony the Tigger grew on me over time. Those hands are still weird as hell tho.

  • It wouldve been funny if she suggested a tea pot

  • When i went to look down at the comments i mostly saw my little pony happy🙂

  • I don't like this Jessie voice. It isn't pitched right.

  • Red

  • I love Giovanni's design in Generations more than in the anime. He truly looks like a mafia boss and that hat is so damn awesome!

  • i dunno why i laughed when i saw that weezing

  • in sword and shield can we be fat

  • I watched one pokemon clip and now my recommended is full of Pokemon vids.

  • This was so good. Was on my seat the whole time. Much better than the sam-ey wars of attrition we see everywhere

  • Nice

  • Just happy to see brok Nd Mishty's face.. We are 90's kids😁😍

  • im gonna cri mimikyu looks so great, you go you lil poke you

  • I wish Ash has his Sceptile Mega Evolution and Charzard Too.😔

  • This cartoon is a joke now


  • _she's perfect_

  • Huh, I am extremely aware that I'm not the only one who was expecting a Fairy typing out of this guy, but Psychic works too.

  • why there is no mega gardevior

  • Waiting for the final forms of the Galar starters.

    • Not gonna be revealed before release, even the first evolution reveal is doubtful.

  • nice video😍✨

  • Imagine bringing back the "Gotta Catch 'Em All" slogan only to have to ditch it again two generations later.

  • Honestly I feel a bit more motivated to try out the SM anime after this.

  • I wanna see how they would animate Gengar using Destiny Bond on another Pokémon.

  • I'm Super Hyped about Pokemon SW/SH!

  • We're both the Pokemon at the start shiny there were two different sparkle animations?

  • Hmm me llegó la recomendación, s-será posible(?

  • Is this game still worth getting in October 2019, I know Sword/Shield is coming out but it looks terrible, and I want to play through a Pokémon game

  • One of my friends won one of these

  • fapped to jesse's feet. worth it

  • Pokemon = kidnapping animals Sometimes feels creepy!

  • Wigglytuff sounds like Ash with a cold.

  • Pokepark copy

  • Ngl, Mallow looks a bit like Miyuki from Smile Precure 🤔

  • Whats its Next Evolution gunna have, wings? hahah...

  • I love Eve sings it's so cute 😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘💞 i love Evee

  • Why's Jesse not dead right now?

  • In game may is daughter of professor birch on Pokemon advance May's father is the petalburg gym leader

  • Smh this was so hard to watch.. the FINAL and you get these clowns?.. "Slow play" Gtfo literally the deciding hand and secretly I think both the judges knew what was about to happen AND his top card was welder.. seriously smh 🤦‍♂️

  • The Unova was one of my favorite series ( please don't find where I live and kill me)

  • Why does this legit look like candy floss on a horse?

  • I need a plush of this. NEED it dang it.

  • What is the name this game?????

  • Why the comment is just 120

  • 6767 0731 2715

  • Gengar said "Go Arbok" not" go ekans.

  • The gimmick for this gen is wasted. So much potential and this is what they go with? Guess I'll be skipping these games.

    • What else could they have done with it?

  • 0:13 F-word

  • If you don't add the national dex in any future patches for Sword & Shield i'm going to create a facebook event saying to raid GameFreak HQ like what happened for the Area 51 Raid except I'm going to force people to actually go inside.

    • Good luck with that. The national dex is gone. The cut is forever now. They've also confirmed every Pokemon Will be in generation 8 just spread through 2 or 3 game's

  • Why so many legendaries? My team used to mop the floor with legendaries in triple battles. My Skarmory, Mega Blastoise, Scizor, Ninetails, Jolteon and Mienshao or Breloom

  • Please tell me regular Ponyta/Rapidash is still in this.

  • Getting shield !! Or both

  • Just now, I got the pun in Galarian Ponyta's species. Unique Horn sounds a lot like Unicorn.

  • I just want to hug Mimikyu all day everyday 😭

  • Let me guess the version exclusive for sword is galarian Growlith?

  • Gen 6: Wouldn't it be nice to try 3D? Gen 7: How about some island trials? Gen 8: BIG BIG BIG POKEMON!

  • I wish there was an after game where you could do the league like in the show

  • I like the Sword legendary but I want Galarian Ponyta I guess I’ll get both -\/(• ~ •)\/-

  • It's super cool

  • So cute!!!!

  • Even mimikyu felt fear from jessie

  • Me the entire video: CUTE


  • 破壊光線?

  • Say what you want about this anime, the animation is frickin great

  • 1:15. Shaymin was trying SO HARD.

  • Obviously Jessie closed her eyes and dressed Mimikyu by feel. She can already change her own clothes in the blink of an eye, so dressing her Pokémon can’t be that much harder

  • could he have won

  • Can u make a Pokemon mystery dungeon movie plz Pokemon

  • Que pedo we

  • Oh my gosh. This voice acting and animation is amazing. This is how the pokemon anime should be. This gave me chills

  • All I gotta say is Cooking Mama: Pokémon We actually can feel things Apparently we are all idols (If you got that good job) Pokémon Camping, upgraded from Animal Crossing And....I am slowly becoming more of a coordinator/performer/or breeder with every new game. At this point, being a battling trainer should be optional and just make Pokémon a MMORPG

  • You made history by cathing giratina son or daughttrr or it 😅sorry mimiku what you are ?