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No movie is without sin. We exist mostly just to remind you of that.
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1:46SinWeek - A CinemaSins Fan Event
15:59Everything Wrong With It (1990) Part 1
16:50Everything Wrong With The Dark Crystal
14:09Everything Wrong With Paddington 2
12:53Everything Wrong With Spider-Man 3
20:14Everything Wrong With Return of the Jedi
20:45Everything Wrong with Men in Black II
12:34Everything Wrong With Aladdin (1992)
1:04CinemaSins & Mental Health America
16:07Everything Wrong With Citizen Kane
10:43Everything Wrong With Dumbo 1941
Everything Wrong With Dumbo 1941Views 904K6 months ago
14:17Everything Wrong With Crazy Rich Asians
17:21Everything Wrong With What Women Want
16:14Everything Wrong With Christopher Robin


  • 3:28 I don't think Pennywise takes any shape he simply makes the kids see things that aren't there. I would say it's how he could disappear and reappear at will but then he made the one kid fall through a hole in the floor that then disappeared I do not know.

  • It's not an English army! Another sin!

  • This is a perfect example why the movies didn’t a good job of adopting books 😩

  • I cringe so hard at all the people in the comment section trying to be astronomers

  • Not a medieval Battle! Give yourself a sin!

  • Chekov: Still looking for a planet with zero life. Venus: Right here, buddy. Earth: Is it too late to make the joke about no intelligent life on me?

  • i loved this movie.

  • This movie is great. Scary when the kids see the alien coming out of the bushes!!!🤪

  • #103 - also, rain at a funeral cliche! I mean really, can there be any funeral scene in a movie without it pouring rain? Just once can we see a funeral scene with halfway decent weather? **DING**

  • all i hear is Sheldon


  • yep hes just a asshole

  • The Emoji Movie Deserved Every one of those sins

  • 116 was my favorite 😄

  • This is what you call a “wanna be cool movie”

  • I stopped the video when he said the Confederate Flag is racist

  • Dragon Emperor time

  • I cry everytime

  • Rains of Castamere? Really?

  • the sound?????

  • I went to see this movie for my 8th birthday with all my friends No clue why

  • I got an Ad Astra trailer.

  • Someone needs a "PREDICURE" omg I almost spit my coffee! hahahahahaha

  • This movie sums up radical feminism and its destructive potential.

  • Zombies climb a ridiculously tall wall and throw themselves from the top, but don't break any parts of their bodies and incapacitating them? From that height they should practically explode. But the biggest sin of all is that the only similarity this movie had to the book was the title.

  • That's $50 bucks of weed, tops. And that budget has the opposite problem.

  • Logos:* exist * Cinemasins: *now this is an avengers level threat*

  • No,this movie is a masterpiece it should have no sins

  • tiddies @ 7:42

  • Who would make a movie about characters only speaking giberish? Pokémon: yes... who?

  • Plus twenty sins for all your Eggleston comments this episode . . . . " That's Scottist !"

  • Laughing at someone who wears sunglasses in the rain

  • Just one sin and no taken sin for the tomahawk trow?

  • You sound like an annoying goofball.

  • "F*cking Storm Shadow can't kill him but I'm sure Thug #8 has a great chance of success." I had to pause because I laughed waaaay too hard at that. ;P

  • Every single mention of the Wicked Witch of the West confirms Wicked's theory was right😂

  • This film is like a bad parody of Team America 'World Police' ..- A bit dissapointed that you didn't sin the sinking ice...

  • U did 1 wrong thing here, HENRY BOWERS AIN’T DEAD!

  • i was frustrated while watching it. somewhere deep in my heart i just want the bad guy to win, cause the plot armor is so thick.

  • Everything wrong with your videos, 19min or less but the video is 21mins

  • I like this movie but it bothers me that David Dunn somehow needs Elijah Price to find out who he is. Elijah just basically says to him: "go to where people are, you won´t have to look very long". I get why Elijah is looking for a superhero, but would´t David easily find out his powers and calling by himself? :D

  • This should easily be a top 3 sinned movie ALL TIME. It’s likely they weren’t even trying here

  • Lol everyone is so butthurt in this comment section. “It’s explained in the book!” Yeah, but we are talking strictly movies here, so if it didn’t explain things clearly for all audiences then the films failed in certain areas and warrants the sins given in this video, satire or no satire.

  • Someone hasnt been Keeping up with the Kardashian’s YOU SAID THATS GOOD JESUS CHRIST

  • This movie was trash!

  • What!? No mention of Zira's "You're so damned ugly." scene? ;)

  • well because israel is used to steal others people land ,backstabbing and nuking them. as far as for information that' would be so easy.

  • I LOVE this movie

  • I cant even watch this, it's too 1920s critic logic, wanted everything to be the same as the good old movies and not considering fandom for the direction of movies

  • 11:04 best Jeremy laugh that wasnt from sincast when Chris or Barrett make him completely lose his shit

  • For a movie, _Tron: Legacy_ was rather meh. But if this was intended to be a continuous music video, then it would be the the longest Daft Punk music video since 2003's _Interstella 5555_ , and thus pretty cool. Also I am convinced, that the directors told Michael Sheen to take inspiration from Jim Carrey's Riddler, from _Batman Forever_ and to lay the foundation for MCU's Loki.

  • tears falling in zero gravity? dude you saide it your self. its spinning to simulate gravity, and he clearly is not floating. you do alot of mistakes like that. in each video there is at least 1 or 2.

  • Wait you mean the Last 20 minutes of Man of steel was a Bad thing?🤔🤔

  • Suped-up*

  • They Should Hire This Guy To Review Movies Before They Even Release

  • I dnt wamna b with you Ur nt the right girl for me...

  • All I am hearing is the narrator complaining about a cinematic masterpiece like a bitch. Those 20 sins looked really desperate.

  • How angry do u get when i ignore u for like 2 hours? U go ape shit and close my whole account down...... Uv ignored me for years..... U cant handle being me.... Im gonna fuck u up

  • Jim halpert, Phillip was better then this kid with a airplane 🙈

  • He reminds me of Mr. Aizawa ( from my hero academia, and idk if that’s how you spell his name)

  • 9:00 Baloo seems to be a local sloth bear who are quite smaller than their North American counterparts. They would get bodied left and right by Bengal tigers.

  • I love this lmaooo. This movie is so so bad. Shittiest thing ever

  • U know i would have let u in my phone if u said "Harvey im real clingy...i need u all the time..n i dnt trust u..n im jus real i wanna be on your phone ....always... cus i always need u with not telling put me in youe phone..." I would have said ok....u can be here.... But no.....u just...ignore me 24/7 N wonder why im so fuckin violent

  • Nothing this film perfect

  • I thought this was going to be 3h video

  • I thought lex Luthor loss his hair when he was a kid when meteorites kal el superman crash in Kansas.

  • The village. An analogy of the harms of religion and how you have to keep up the lies or your followers will become atheists and leave your sorry lying arse.

  • Where the f*ck is Avengers:Endgame ?????

  • I think you just like to hear yourself talk! Have you ever written a script or made a film?

  • i hate it so much that the croc is a copy and pasted version of scp 682

  • Where is the sin about cable being a discount terminator

  • Movie sins hahahahaha this is a mini series idiot

  • I may be the 1% that found this funny oh well

  • Quit saying “In 15 minutes or less” Your videos are never less than 15 minutes

  • It's.......Blank!

  • Bravo!!! One of your funniest and best videos.

  • Oh damn, I didn't know this Doctor was doing the voice of Scrooge too. Neat.

  • I loved this movie

  • Peep the avengers end game spoiler


  • In civil war spiderman's spidey sense was introduced and it was also in homecoming in the fight on the boat

  • Matthew is great

  • "Detroit is not a real place" hey dumbass have you ever been to Michigan

  • Sweet Jesus Stephen what the fuck man

  • That "Middle" reference tho 😂😂

  • Anyone else randomly got this in her recommendations?? Just me.... plus why is Jeromy so nice haven’t watched a video in like six months but it seems unreal at how calm he is.


  • Beginning to think they put bogus sins in movie to generate comments and discussion

  • The note he left for Mr Duncan had the Plaza hotel on the paper. That’s how he knew where to find by asking what room the Mccalisters were in.

  • Porky Pig stutters, not Elmer Fudd.

  • 16 minutes... hmmm

  • Stupid shit Movie sin counter: 24 He didn’t play him outdoor drum kit Movie sin counter:25 What kinda stupid reason is that and thats not the only one

  • When I first saw this movie, I laughed my way through it from beginning to end. It's SO incredibly cheesy. They could have easily made it WAY more gritty than it was and still maintained the essence of G.I. Joe. Even when it was just a cartoon, there were some pretty hardcore themes, especially the Scoop arc.

  • The Moops!

  • Three actors that starred in the mummy are in this movie O Connell Uknah And ihmotep.

  • when you said "shreck sucks" you crossed the line i think im gonna unsubscribe now

  • You are so ANAL!! Shut the f*** UP

  • 8:50, the "unnecessary" volcano in the background IS Blackrock Mountain. The reason why it is erupting is because idiot dwarves awakened Ragnaros. Basically, the entire battle is taking place on the Firelord's front yard.

  • And after all 3 movies his daughter never became a dinger which probably meant her tryout bombed. I wonder if Simon Cowell was her vocal coach

  • Well in the endgame we know who took the scepter it was shield/hydra and now when they know that shield is hydra then they search for scepter