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4:00Tyler Childers - All Your'n
1:48Happy National Bosses Day!
Happy National Bosses Day!Views 77K2 days ago
4:18Balloon Boy - 10 Years Later!
3:14Jimmy Eat World - Love Never
Jimmy Eat World - Love NeverViews 19K7 days ago
6:09Trump is Handling Crisis Very Badly
6:44Jimmy Kimmel Guesses 'Who's High?'
5:21Stand Up Comedy from Gina Brillon
3:48Black Pumas - Colors
Black Pumas - ColorsViews 21K11 days ago
9:46Second Whistle Blown on Donald Trump
1:19This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
2:39Lunay - Fin de Semana
Lunay - Fin de SemanaViews 84K15 days ago
2:44Yehya Reviews Joker
Yehya Reviews JokerViews 142K16 days ago
12:14Trump Going Crazy Over Gatorgate
1:09Newscasters Shocked it's October
1:27Commercial for SAP with Guillermo
4:19Gary Clark Jr. - Pearl Cadillac
1:22Do You Look Like Guillermo?
Do You Look Like Guillermo?Views 89K22 days ago
12:13Trump Lashes Out at Whistleblower
1:43This Week in Unnecessary Censorship
3:52Gary Clark Jr. - When I'm Gone
Gary Clark Jr. - When I'm GoneViews 32K22 days ago
10:19When It Ukraines It Pours
When It Ukraines It PoursViews 1.1M23 days ago
4:22James Blake - Are You In Love?
James Blake - Are You In Love?Views 92K23 days ago
3:00Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #12
4:09Morgan Wallen - Whiskey Glasses
8:38Trump Faces Impeachment Proceedings
3:11Cage The Elephant - Ready to Let Go
3:45Cage The Elephant - Social Cues
Cage The Elephant - Social CuesViews 107K24 days ago
5:49Trump Talks to Ukraine About Biden
4:26Maren Morris - GIRL
Maren Morris - GIRLViews 36K29 days ago


  • He's such a lovable doofus 😂

  • Whoever keeps liking my comments your a goof

  • Extra bowl of kibble 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆

  • When Europeans say "Americans (from U.S.A.) are ignorant", I think they're joking. Actually they're right. Come on, seriously? South Africa in North Africa? Americans have the sense of direction of a bucket.

  • Not a DC fan whatsoever But she is damn beautiful ❤❤❤

  • Meanwhile.. tRUMP is being led on a leash ‘lap dog’d’ by Putin.. Republicans continue to look away as they continue to support his actions while grappling with the insanity of it all. That, as unsalvageable as tRUMPS actions have been for America, he’s continued to be allowed a WH occupancy to further weaken our Democracy and Security. “Since, apparently all roads do Lead to Putin”. The WH chief of staff admitted to a Quid Pro Quo with Ukraine. YES Mulvaney, we’ll all “Get over it”!!! When this lawless POTUS/administration are all out of office. Specifically, for complicity to corruption, not limited to foreign voter meddling, by allowing tRUMP/family to utilize the WH (through federal taxpayer dollars) as a wheelhouse for personal gain. While the GOP/Senate, idles by and does nothing? now holding the G7 summit at his personal resort while Americans pick up the tab?!? America is being ‘TAXED’ while continually hearing about this process of impeachment, while republicans attempt to save face by pretending Our laws mean nothing. tRUMP and his cronies need immediately stopped, and escorted by officials out of the Oval Office/DC (reminded they are all civil servants) and imprisoned for corruption!!!

  • Video editor: This is how I interpret Thom Yorke's music

  • We have weed over here in Ireland why do you think it's full of grass were not just farming it were rolling it aswell

  • Yes, we do have bad allergies in NM !

  • i really like how she cant make facial expressions anymore. (this comment is sarcasm americans)

  • The server is going to serve him a prison sentence.

  • Wow, did you give your viewership cancer kimmy?

  • Hey Dumbshit...you won 2016.. trumps tombstone will say something about Hillary.

  • im surprised he didn't walk out after how kimmel was

  • Next flying saucer confessions?

  • Yet.. Heath "The Joker" Ledger! is "The Best"! 💐

  • Cameron Diaz looks great

  • Hannity is a fucktard Jr looks like he’s gonna cry

  • I'm so howard Happy is her!

  • Unfortunately for Captain Adderall they don't have servers at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

  • wow, kids in tears....... so funny.

  • You are not married anymore .....


  • i love matt damon

  • Who cares?

  • trump makes me so happy and proud that to be """""""""" canadian.""""""""""".

  • I loved this, absolutely hilarious. But Jimmy needs to be careful about saying that Dems are for sure going to beat Trump. If you've looked at the polls lately, it's actually going to be a pretty tough race. Don't get overly confident about winning 😥

  • People say Paul Rudd doesn’t age. He undoubtedly looks great but go watch Clueless. You’ll see he’s aged 25 years. He’s just a kid in that.

  • The whole American make themselves fools by discussing, talking about the fool president. What a stupid county now! Some states will even step out from US due to false leadership. Laws has now no power in the hand of this president. So, without laws applied all will be in chaos. Pray.


  • Mulvaney didn't get the memo...

  • Wow, I haven’t seen two people work so hard for a long time.

  • I'll be laughing all the way thru election day when trump wins with 400 electoral votes


  • God I just want to throat punch Jimmy everytime he laughs


  • The rats are jumping ship... that's how you know it's sinking

  • My favorite spot in philly on Thursday night. Love me some Liza Liza and Tina.

  • -No reason at all I personally kind of like Donald Trump, I truly have no reason why but I just do 😊😎😆

  • I love her goofy face , great actress.

  • did pence demand a taller chair than erdogan's?


  • Lock him up

  • Lock him up

  • I’ll always know him as Mike Hannigan aka Crap Bag

  • 🇹🇷As a Turk, I can say that we did not take this letter seriously. I think in this letter Trump has disparaged the American people. You have a leader like a joke.🇹🇷

  • I’ll be so glad when I don’t have to see Trumps dumb ass everyday. Sheesh

  • I can't believe he says to Erdogan, "You don't want to be responsible for slaughtering thousands of people, ...." Erdogan has every intention of being responsible for slaughtering thousands of people. He sees the Kurds as terrorists threatening his people and his country. Of COURSE he wants to be responsible for killing them. He believes he will be hailed a hero for doing exactly that. Erdogan is a murderous dictator who already has plenty of blood on his hands. And our "stable genius" thinks he can just suggest that might not be the "right and humane way" to respond? And threatens (LOL) to look upon him forever as the devil??!! Whoa, I bet Erdogan was just scared silly to hear THAT. What a great comedy this would be if it weren't such a horrific tragedy.

  • All coming from someone who stood on a corner with a microphone and cameras and ask ladies to put their hands in his front pockets . I think he's P O be cause the government wouldn't pay his hospital bill for his son.

  • I love her

  • It’s no longer the famous deny, deny, deny something took place. Now it’s ignore the initial question and ask but what about what they did. It’s like a big brother and sister when they get into trouble. Well what about what Sarah and Daniel did. You let them do it. Lol, people have lost the mental ward and the clients have taken over lol.

  • 4:37 G. Stefanopoulos? We got G. Stefanopoulos' pizza?!

  • the way he looks at him, seems like he still on that joker mood, for a secound i was expecting a gun

  • Trump got his millions from daddy too.

  • 5 outta 6 now it’s Matthew Perry’s time to join Instagram 👍🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🤗🥰‼️

  • Can I get Kimmel out of this interview? 🙄 It would be so less intrusive tbh.

  • Realease the clown

  • Jimmy you're the best

  • I LOVE the tiny trump at the table waiting for the "server"!!!!

  • Republicans, before you get too mad, Trump did every single bit of this to himself. He’s an idiot, and what does that say about you all for choosing him? 🤔

    • As a republican I dislike him. Wont stop me from voting for him though, what other choices do I have LOL.

  • What a sleazy family.

  • Mike Pence is one creepy looking mofo..

  • Pence as president is just as bad, don't want that crazy bible thumper as president no thanks. Remove religion from politics

  • It looks like Donald is paying off his business interests, looking for that Golden parachute as he runs his company into the ground for his own personal benefit - What! Donald a conman!? ☢

  • For an ant, he's a pretty big guy.

  • At the end of the day he’s rich, policies won’t affect him. Go off ye

  • Well.. little did anyone know! GHOSTBUSTERS tuned out to be the Worse Dam # MeToo / # Anti White Male / l recognize 1Thousand plus # Genders inspired piece of Sh$t in history!. Stick to playing a Friggin Super Hero Ant next Time Rudd.

  • My personality!!!!! Wow

  • Bigfoot Instagram hahaha nice one bro

  • 1:11- 1:22 So the entire trump administration didn’t ACTUALLY KNOW what “QUID PRO QUO” MEANT... And that guy just explained it to him. And THEY. DO. IT. ALL.THE. TIME.

  • top class actor joaquin. I respect you

  • The Devil loves to tell on himself....it's self gratifying.

  • It's apparent that Trump and his kingdom believe that they will wriggle out of responsibility and continue with their law-breaking activity as they are planning the next G7 at Trump's resort. That criminal must know that he has truly bought this gov't and his followers. Scares me cause he has gotten away with so much already.

  • Jimmy neutron Jimmy butchel Jimmy chad

  • And the server???

  • I know where the server is. He sucking Vladimir Putin's ass...

  • Dear Mr. President. THE SERVER WAS WIPED IDIOT! Thus the contraversy. Are you DAFT?

  • "I wouldn't ask you to take care of me ooh and I wouldn't ask you to take care of me"..🐏🎼🎶

  • she used to be so pretty. I preferred her natural. now her upper lip doesnt even move XD

  • Trump is finally realizing that he isn’t in a TV show, now he doesn’t care. He hates reality.

  • i got a copy of the data from the "missing server" : 000000000000000000...........000000000000000

  • He is not really a very brilliant comedian like Carson, Leno or even Letterman. More on a sophomoric level. I guess it makes sense; he cut his teeth on the "Man Show" which is quite rudimentary.

  • Take a drink each time idiot says Server

  • Haha🤣😂

  • The rock has lost weight 😕😕

  • Johnny wouldn't survive a minute in the wild.

  • Tom York deconstructs & reconstructs Eric Satie ... EROCK!!!

  • Pathological Liar

  • Thom is GOD

  • Man. RUvideo really tries to push its agenda on its viewers by recommending these weird videos. RUvideo leaders are disgusting

  • Where is your server where all your crimes are hidden???

  • This is how us Aussies see Americans. Sorry guys, just how we feel

  • Pumpkin spice spam??

  • He has broken the Emoluments Clause repeatedly over the years with his state funded visits to Mara Lago, along with all of the family self dealings on state trips to foreign countries by him and Ivanka and Jared Kushner and Don Jr. Of course he sees corruption everywhere, it's his administration and all of his lackies in congress and the senate. Doesn't help that the corporate democrats are just as corrupt. Thank goodness we have the small, but powerful Justice Democrats trying to take over the party and remove the corruption from within. I wish the Republicans were doing the same, but corruption has become their party platform since the advent of Reagan.

  • More bullshit spinning

  • What?she's british!

  • Hi Lauren did you like India and Indians

  • Benedict Donald

  • Did dt ever care?

  • He doesn't even bother with alternative truths