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Hip-Hop on a Higher Level


1:23Stockz Freestyle | What I Do
Stockz Freestyle | What I DoViews 2.6K12 days ago
3:16Kash Doll's ABCs
Kash Doll's ABCsViews 19K5 days ago
1:39Rucci Freestyle | What I Do
Rucci Freestyle | What I DoViews 5K12 days ago
1:39FatBoy SSE Freestyle | What I Do
1:39Tina Brulee Freestyle | Flex Zone
1:09Slimesito Freestyle | What I Do
4:39Rapsody Brings Balance to Hip-Hop
1:08Lightshow Freestyle | Flex Zone
Lightshow Freestyle | Flex ZoneViews 4.6K25 days ago
1:16Yung Mal Freestyle | What I Do
1:04ShaqIsDope Freestyle | Flex Zone
1:25Blac Papi Freestyle | What I Do
2:10E-40's ABCs
E-40's ABCsViews 22KMonth ago
0:58P-Lo Freestyle | Flex Zone
1:12Steven G Freestyle | What I Do
1:06Blaatina Freestyle | What I Do
1:02Renni Rucci Freestyle | What I Do
1:33KenTheMan Freestyle | What I Do
1:25Mikey Polo Freestyle - What I Do
3:27Lou The Human Freestyle - What I Do
0:56D Savage Freestyle - What I Do
D Savage Freestyle - What I DoViews 16K2 months ago
2:01Marlon Craft Freestyle - What I Do
1:20Slayter Freestyle - What I Do
Slayter Freestyle - What I DoViews 13K2 months ago
1:23Millyz Freestyle - What I Do
Millyz Freestyle - What I DoViews 18K2 months ago
2:162019 XXL Freshman Show in New York
1:012019 XXL Freshman Cyphers Trailer
2019 XXL Freshman Cyphers TrailerViews 554K3 months ago
4:20Yk Osiris' ABCs
Yk Osiris' ABCsViews 770K3 months ago
1:18YK Osiris' 2019 XXL Freshman Freestyle
6:59Tay-K's Murder Case Explained
Tay-K's Murder Case ExplainedViews 523K3 months ago
1:40Blueface's ABCs
Blueface's ABCsViews 2.7M3 months ago
2:42Blueface's 2019 XXL Freshman Interview
3:47Roddy Ricch's ABCs
Roddy Ricch's ABCsViews 1.4M3 months ago
2:13Lil Mosey's ABCs
Lil Mosey's ABCsViews 484K3 months ago
2:29Lil Mosey's 2019 XXL Freshman Interview
0:50Lil Mosey's 2019 XXL Freshman Freestyle
1:53Tierra Whack's ABCs
Tierra Whack's ABCsViews 224K3 months ago
3:18Gunna's 2019 XXL Freshman Interview
2:10Rico Nasty's ABCs
Rico Nasty's ABCsViews 538K3 months ago
1:31YBN Cordae's ABCs
YBN Cordae's ABCsViews 733K3 months ago
2:16Megan Thee Stallion's ABCs
Megan Thee Stallion's ABCsViews 2.1M3 months ago
2:43DaBaby's ABCs
DaBaby's ABCsViews 3M3 months ago
1:28DaBaby's 2019 XXL Freshman Freestyle
4:02DaBaby's 2019 XXL Freshman Interview
1:31Malachi Freestyle - What I Do
Malachi Freestyle - What I DoViews 63K3 months ago


  • I feel embarrassed watching this like I'm the nigga in front of the camera rapping this bullshit. I couldn't even make it all the way thru. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Haha he p is for pussy and ♒️ gang

  • Lil mosey was trash af

  • Humble, this man is so genuine and humble!!

  • X was doing a poem to summon Scarlxrd

  • Does designer have tourettes

  • Vic Mensa such a pretty boy lmfao

  • Most definitely he murdered that shit

  • It is written that as satan can transform unto an angel of light, his workers too, just because it seems good, does not mean is right or correct, satan deceived eve unto believing that the fruit was good!

  • Desiigner speaks his own langauge.

  • Yk did good why y'all cappin?

  • Rico snaps

  • Background beat?

  • Desiigner: (Does worst XXL Cypher Ever) or worst rap ever, fucking terrible.

  • Fenix getting kinda big

  • 🐐🐐🐐

  • Anyone one else seen that vape commercial

  • Meg n tabby seemed uncomfortable 😂

  • My "Bitch" to anybody who can make lyrics out of everything they Said

  • Can you add subtitles for the first nigga rapping

  • Dababy murdered this

  • That nigga was in pc🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️👎🏽👎🏽

  • Designer said the same shit 5 times in a row wtf😂

  • But ohgeesy wasn’t on the cover smh

  • Nigga got no views


  • Who’s here October 2019

  • ok da baby tha goat

  • Every comment I see have like buncha likes but I’m still on zero

  • Better than the migos

  • Half white half Aztec

  • Wack rapper smh I wishSPM was 20 years old

  • 2:07

  • 2019 LLJ.

  • Ski mask really like jid

  • Izzy drunk af lol

  • Nigga stopped the song to pray to the devil

  • Da baby snapped 🔥

  • Megan snapped 😂😂

  • we use to hate on this until we realized this is the best we were getting for the next 5 years

  • Crazy how in 2019 Troy puttin out heat and getting more paper than all these others y’all were dick riding. Duck riding ain’t no form of transportation!!!!

  • You see 21 Savage when Kodak said “This a lame beat”

  • It honestly sucks that desiigner’s verse was so long and lil dicky’s verse was so short only because desiigner spent like a whole minute of rapping adlibs

  • Awww rain makes such ah cute nameee 😍

  • Me: tripping Blue face: stupid

  • 21 had the best freestyle

  • Roddy Ricch "u for you" hmmmmmmmmm im pretty sure that you starts with a y

  • Denzel feel like the older brother who’s forced to hang out with the lil kids.

  • Y u self snitchin 😭

  • “When you work like how I work you take the boss’s position . HUGH, I’m going off like 106, gotta cancel all these niggas they sensitive than a bitch.” Made me think of Rick Ross not dropping the version of “movin bass” with her on it.

  • Who is Lil Mosey and this random Osiris dude?

  • Shit make me cry frfr. She too real for this shit.

  • Before he was a blood

  • Still love this

  • bruh X killed the whole vibe

  • Boss Shit 💰 🏃💨

  • I’m with you blue face, Everyone needs a kimpossible to play with their rufus

  • Yo this on Spotify?

  • 🇯🇲

  • Megan and Da Baby in that Order

  • Snitched on him self buh ok...

  • "Money never sleeps, check the bags in my eyes," FR FR

  • And I mean DEEP

  • X went deep

  • Turn on subtitles 💀

  • About time you acknowledge the best rapper in the game 👏sorry he ain’t black 🇲🇽‼️

  • When Osiris said “I syhfyuefujdhjfkyjrujfhjrfjuigikgtgj, yea yea yea.” I FELT THAT

  • Lil Mosey and Osiris were the openers for Megan and dababy

  • Denzel the heat

  • this whole thing was better than 2019 xxl

  • these 3 rap like they best buds holy shit

  • Imagine being so ass you can single handedly ruin the effort of three people Rest In Peace X but damn that nigga was ass at rapping

  • YK Osiris singin in cursive fr

  • he look high no cap

  • Dababy's part was my Favorite. YK Osiris tried to change the whole flow but he still the goat though

  • Who watching this in 3047

  • Damn no cap remember when I was a sophomore jamming to this

  • ;

  • How can people find Rico nasty scary? she is legit the most soft, warm hearted person

  • This how many times 21 savage 21 👎

  • Tokyo jus made a Hook of the dome and he killed it

  • Uzi was so happy 🥺💔

  • They need to do this again no cap all of them together


  • Pretty good

  • You will be lucky for the next year, subscribe to activate

  • 2:14 My tongue just kept going...PAUSE

  • 💩🚽🧻

  • Why is her eyes puffy like she just got into a fight.

  • 😂😅😁😍😜😝😛😳😳

  • Tierra wack tho 🔥🔥🔥

  • Y’all said this was trash when it first came out, I ain’t forget

  • Like:dababy Like:megon Like:yk orsis Skip:lil mosey

  • I feel you nle choppa

  • Comethazine: I'm shittin in his pants pass him a huggie DJ:ಥ_ಥ Tierra:ಥ_ಥ Roddy ಥ_ಥ

  • Mosey: thinks he dropped some heat Literally no one Megan and Baby dropping a whole mixtape Mosey:(╥_╥)

  • Uzi’s verse was🤯

  • What in the actual hell did the first two entirely wack ass rappers say , do or mean? Holy shit. Literal retards.

  • Literally no one was good except da baby

  • Wish Kyle rapped today like he did in this Cypher