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2:18Apple Watch Series 5 hands-on
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5:32This could change Facebook forever


  • Upgrading from an 8+ and no watch, to an 11PM & Apple Watch 5 in a month or two!

  • If I have a 10s should I upgrade? I wanted to get the 11 because it’s cheaper a month than I pay now

  • Will older models (iPhone XR, XS) get updated with the “new” Smart HD adjustments? Assuming this is an iOS level computational photography tweak to reap the benefits Nilay explained with the iP11.

  • I really wanted to buy it but I’m still waiting for third party support for watch faces, a bit larger battery and most importantly sleep tracking.

  • I think you underestimate the powah of the galaxy watch

  • Which one would you buy now: iPhone XS or iPhone 11?

  • The guy in the video reminds me the Beagle Boys....just imagine it with the black mask ...😂

  • im going from the se to the 11 ahahahaaaa

  • Great review 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Does S-Pay only use NFC or does it also have MST like the Galaxy phones do?

  • The idea of putting phone inside a computer to power it and act like a mouse pad at the same time was a pretty neat idea actually

  • I’m upgrading. Been wanting that always-on screen for a while. Besides the obvious reasons, this will be great while you’re riding your bike or swimming and can’t turn your wrist. I’d like to see apple implement more workout features that you can find on a Garmin. Following planned workouts, metronome, lap pace, etc.

  • Who else came here from the yiay playlist

  • So your FBI agent can watch you better

  • 😭. Watching this on my perfectly functioning and fast 8 Plus wanting an 11 Pro Max for no good reason other than being a victim of marketing. 👌🏻

  • How about the phone doesn't edit the photos 100 times and keeps it raw? I want it how it was shot not their edits.

  • I kinda wished you had tested the p30 pro in the nighttime mode test it’s supposed to be able to hold its own in the dark as well but still good review overall!

  • I have iPhone 8 and now I want iPhone 11 hehe

  • P30 pro is the phone of your forbidden dreams....

  • 6:55 why didnt they include the note 10? it takes way better night pictures than the pixel was this just so the 11 pro would look better? cmon verge we all know you have apple sheeps but atleast be fair with the test

  • Neah..still gonna buy the active 2. Better battery and it works with Android.

  • Lets make more homeless people in sanfrancisco!

  • I’m getting my first one waited till this one dropped wondering which one to start with. Since u said it’s not much of an upgrade


  • How can the WatchOS be in highschool and the rest on seventh grade when it is now adding features that exist on WearOS? I am not saying it is worse. It has the best experience but I believe this is because as you said Apple knows her CPUs and how to integrate with their rest ecosystem! It is time for a Pixel watch! The only companies taking watches seriously is Apple and Samsung...

  • Is the default answer for Android to get a Samsung smart watch? Or the Fossil Series 5? Sounds like Huawei is out of the wearOS game.

  • Wel i keep my serie 4 i dont see any huge upgrade

  • Dieter is the only reason I'm watching this.

  • I just bought a series 4 and feeling relieved that the upgrade just isn't worth it. Can't wait for OS 6 though.

  • Iphone: We've invented thee BEST camera in the WORLD FOLKS. Samsung: Lol HISTORICALLY... What else? 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Aluminum or steel or titanium I don’t know what to choose

  • I feel bad for the Google Pixel

  • In the video Nilay mention one difference between iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro is better LTE-performance. What is the reason for this difference? 🤔

  • Is that pro 11 or pro 11 max

  • So what back pack are you using at 4:53 ?

  • I’m confused, why is this in the yiay playlist?

  • who else barely noticed the difference?

  • The small screen seems to be good for 1 hand use

  • How do you want to track your sleep if you have to charge it every night? 🤔

    • You don't. That's my main problem with this, as you can usually last 2 days with it fairly easy. Even if you couldn't, you could always sleep with it on and then charge at some point during the day lmfao

  • what are the options for android users?

  • Too less privacy

  • You know why are they using recycled aluminum ? That is less expensive Lol

  • I’ll get an Apple Watch stainless steel AS SOON AS THEY GET RID OF THE RED RING!

  • Is it out there yet? Where to buy this phone and the dual case?

  • iphone 11 screen resolution the same of galaxy s2 😂😂 but still LCD 🤣🤣

  • What do you mean by the apple watch is the only one that can do that? Replying to imessage of course! Because is imessage! But if if you meant replying to messages is not true! Android watches can do that! Also the Samsung Watch can do that too, it can also do always on on color too! I get it it's a great smart watch! But It only works with an iPhone! When the other ones work with both!

  • What’s the fascination with “always on” display? Whenever I raise my hand it shows the time anyway. Display of time when I’m not looking, I don’t get what’s the big deal about it

  • P30 pro can take better low light shots than iphone 11 in auto mode now deal with it....

  • Just wait the update from Google camera

  • still 720p cheap LCD screen for 2020 !!!!!

  • Really good review man. This video helped me alot! Thanks :)

  • why is this on Jacksfilms yiay playlist

  • What is the best smart watch for Android OS platform... (overall) ???

  • I just bought the series 4 gps/Bluetooth yesterday for 295 dollars new !

    • @Kah Zhoy Low Best buy matched Walmart price

    • Where did you get that great offer?

    • Jason Stroud I did the same lol

  • Ok this is really weird he sounds like nilay Patel in this video

  • Nice review Dieter. I have the Apple Watch Series 4 and love it! Looking forward to the new watchOS 6. 💪🏼 I upgraded from the Series 1 earlier this year, it was a great step up.

  • maria is so beautiful

  • compare with p30 and mate 30 !!!

  • wait... buy it because there is nothing else better though it is marginally better than series 4?

  • Samsung galaxy watch had the always on feature since years!!

    • Anand Mohandas any screen is always on until you turn it off. The apple one is cool because its so power efficient

  • iPhone 11 or iPhone xs which should I buy now

  • Doesn’t support international roaming -> useless for any serious border crosser. Pretty sad.

  • Can someone explain why this was in the YIAY folder

    • This is the best yiay yet.

  • why every verge new ios device like endorsed video :(

  • My favorite part was the Mastodon shout out.

  • The iphone promax maybe worth the price tag after all, said no one ever lol.... still a beast of a phone.

  • Why is this in the YIAY playlist?

  • $700 iDumb phone or $669 OnePlus 7 Pro?

  • Seriously, we need a long and detailed review for the Galaxy Watch Active 2 because i believe that it is the best smartwatch on the android side of things. It lies somewhere between the Apple Watch Series 3 and 4 but closer to the Series 4.

  • Does the iPhone 11 have better battery life than iPhone 11 pro?

  • the iphone 6s is good enough for me

  • this is actually the iphone10 if you think about it

  • why is this in the YIAY playlist?

  • If you have an iPhone, get the Apple Watch If you have an Android phone, get the most rechnet Galaxy Watch It's that easy.

  • Will the new faces be available for the 4?

  • I’m on an iPhone X you think I should upgrade or wait for the big upgrade next year?

  • Apple is declining!

  • Note 10 is beating apple in every shot it's like your paid by apple to lie in public. Plus you only Compared night mode with pixel try the note 10 does a much better job.

  • Worst review ever 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • My 200 dollar galaxy watch active is enough for me (don’t really take calls or text that often plus it has sleep tracking built in). Th Apple Watch really looks great though

  • iPhone :Best camera on the market Huawei: Oriwachinchin hold my beer Samsung: Naw naw you hold my beer

  • I’m not agree with this review, cause the reviewer sats AW ahead of other smart watches: the main feature of series 5 is always on display, while Samsung watches had this feature for several years till now, could work for up to 5 days, what AW can’t still achieve. So, the statement that AW ahead is really arguable.

  • يخلق من الشبه أربعين نواف السويد

  • Note 10 wide Image had much sharper in true tones. I'm a photographer btw I love apples camera but the note 10 has it. sorry

  • What camera and lens was used for this video? Great video but as a film nerd I was so intrigued by the quaility of the video

  • Is it worth to upgrade from iPhone 7 32gb to iPhone 11?

  • All I care about is battery life how long can it last if I turn off the unnecessary features?

  • The next step for the Apple Watch is Android compatibility.

  • Had a series 3 broke within two months hated it ever since I bought it won’t ever be buying another Apple Watch

  • Hmmm... think I will stick with my X

  • All right Google, give us that Pixel Watch.

  • Verge in 2018: pixel 3 has the best camera Android fanboys: woah Google is the best.... Verge in 2019: iPhone has the best camera now Same Android fanboys: I always knew that Verge is an Apple based channel....

  • Watched video just for the way it's been shot.. Class cinematography

  • Last year I paid for my norelco shaver $150 and this year $1000? No way norelco

  • Why is this in Jacksfilms YIAY playlist?

  • The "pro stuff" joke killed me 😂 Great review!! 👍

  • My Huawei Watch 2 has been doing always on since last year!?

  • I use Wear OS but this makes me want to switch. Can you disable the screen raise to wake to save battery life? Also, can you see the AOD in bright sunlight?

  • 1:06 that windows looks far more better than windows 10.