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46:09Fantasy Focus Live! MNF Recap


  • Yep Walker D😎

  • KAT reminds me of Pat (Ewing), a great player on an ok roster of a team.

  • Being a cowboys fan, I’ve seen Eli Manning play for a lot years and without a doubt he should be a 1st ballot HOF

  • BI easy!!!

  • booker. ingram’s averaging only 1 more ppg than booker and booker’s team has a better record. when booker gets compared to a guard on a better team people dismiss his numbers and bring up team record so keep the same energy

  • Max is an analyst? Max has hate for Brady that I never could understand!

  • 300th comment 🐉🐲🌵✍🏼

  • If he made a joke about Jews on air. He would be fired the same night. And max wouldn’t be so quick too say it’s not that bad.

  • BI looks like that one kid in school who’s quiet but if you set him off he’s goin to violently attack you lol you can see it in his eyes 🤣🤣


  • As a QB you gotta have at least one MVP IMO

  • I don’t believe he’s a HOFer. He was average imo.

  • Meanwhile James harden gets away with 15 travels a game on purpose

  • Where was the outrage when Percy Harvin said : "Russell Wilson isn't black enough" or does that story live in NONEXISTENCE? 🤷‍♂️🤡🥳

  • Quickly pulled the sexist card.

  • Everytime we talking about the Bucks he brings up the Sixers🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Juan Rivera next coach of the Chargers

  • Let me get this straight... when the warriors are goliath it's bad for NBA.. lakers are the best and everyone is rooting for them.. just grow a pair and say you just want lebron to win.

  • 100th comment Ingram duke icon player too 🐩🦜🦡

  • Freak has officially become the best player in basketball. Hes 2010 lebron

  • Man stephen a hates mitch

  • The people always find a way to hate on the king...even when he gives his shoes away to kids.

  • So earlier these three talking about siakam for most improved again when him and Ingram are basically identical in stats this year. Ohhh the media smh. Ingram most improved this season

  • Cowboys will go 8-8 or 7-9 they will lose to the bears, bears 27 - cowboys 20 or bears 30 - 10 cowboys....

  • Haters gone hate🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Max trying to speak his mind without pissing of the SJWs

  • MVP is either Giannis or LeBron at this point. Daryl Morey says Harden? GTFO. This isn’t rotisserie fantasy league. Bring the wins, Morey. Both the Lakers and Bucks are 19-3.

  • Giannis is not about the hype but play basketball, humble guy.

  • Eli is a 2 time Super Bowl mvp with over 50k career passing yards of course he should be in the hall of fame

  • Jason sucks as a coach. No shame in that. Step aside and let someone else take over.

  • Imagine if harden shaved off his beard Hahahahaa

  • He probably has narcolepsy a chronic sleeping disorder

  • Max wife must’ve been banged by AB as much as he hates on him

  • No one in La is cooler Than my man Jared Goff

  • Good heart, God Bless you and all your family Michael! Congratulations.

  • „What happened next jalen?“ Dead 😂😂😂

  • Biggest douche bag of all time. Makes AB look like a saint.

  • 70th comment 🎄🍁🍄🐺

  • Today got my favourite sports car paid in caash thanks to, *FunOnlineWork .c o m*

  • Cara Dune is a really cool character.

  • Wow Molly has actually been doing a good job the last week or 2 , not interrupting and actually providing useful information when she does speak this show is so much more enjoyable now

  • Still hard to watch

  • Fear the Deer is real. This has to continue in the playoffs

  • The other players said he’s right! And yes those other dark skinned players made it difficult for players to see the ball! You are INTENTIONALLY taking his statement out of context. Pathetic. Free speech is a dying concept.

  • Rivera will enjoy Dallas next year.

  • I would like to see that experiment

  • Ddddwayneeeeee Wwaddddddeeeeeeee

  • No Karl Anthony Towns? The disrespect is unreal

  • The Klaw has left the Eastern conference, The Bucks have to come out best of the east. Why is Stephen not giving them enough credit

  • What donut team did Brian play for? Jk I actually agree with him 100%, if Luka was black he'd be in every commercial right now. Kid is a beast.

  • SAS stated it correctly: nice carreer with two great playoff runs.

  • Paul pierce punching the ref 😂😂😂

  • Graduate of Ca$h University 😂😂

  • Bro I been noticing Rachel likes to cut people off a lot

  • It was dumb

  • 144th comment ⛩🏛🏨💤

  • Im definitely with paul on this one fr. He's in his second season , nobody was calling bron the best in the league after he won ROY , he's having a crazy season but he's not in the convo as "best player" my g. Facts

  • Someone get Brian another burger

  • The "right now" accounts for the "having the best season" argument

  • Max Kellerman says A LOT about nothing.

  • dabo > finebum

  • Irving you have a lot of people around you farce of show that you are better than them when you play and that in the cetlic of bostos your ase farta and in the nets you are the best shut up everyone's mouth

  • Paul: ive never seen a blown call like the james harden dunk Le bron: watch me

  • Why he never talk about Westbrook an James harden

  • How you compare Eli to Dak tho lol Dak don't got the chips or playoff wins to be comparable

  • Patrice on O and A, anyone? Only took a decade.

  • If the cowboys win the bears are under 500 so it still counts as beating a team under 500

  • my guy does realize giannis served in the greek military.

  • Bo Jackson

  • 400th comment 🏥🏩🕍

  • What the heck is Paul Pierce talking about? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hi

  • Stephen "Rob Pelinker"" A. Smith

  • Kyrie gonna shoot 3-20 in his return to Boston.

  • This is the dumbest thing my Panthers have done since they released Steve Smith Sr. the year that we went to the Super Bowl and needed his competitive spirit in the locker room to get us over the edge. This is just moronic.

  • 5:17 you here for

  • Why is this dude so LOUD!??! Also, DW, is that a spray on fade!!??!!

  • I truly believe that people from the hood actual have no clue how much better their lives actually are compared to people from third world countries. People in the hood here have it made free public housing, free food, still have access to free education. America’s projects are truly nothing compared to the things people in third world countries go through.

  • Honestly, I think Zion Williamson is going to be injury prone his whole career. I will not be shocked if he gets injured and sits out of games for weeks again. It's sad, really.

  • I'm a dark skinned man and I'm not offended by the comments this is just more PC bullshit

  • Pistons are CryBullies. Giannis has you on his list and is checking it twice. Expect 50pts next time.

  • We’re suppose to feel for Rex after he bashes other people

  • He's a puppet too!! That man said what he said and meant it!!! If he says that in front of an audience.. just imagine what is said at home!!! That's sugar coated!! S A S taking up for him.. white folks say and do what they please!!!! SAS sound like a fool!!!! He has to fix it for him... The only sad thing about it.. this will only get worse!!!

  • I was saying this before he got washed. Man is horrible. Every time he played, I saw a drunken quarterback. He was garbage but blessed to be on the other side of elite defenses twice. But he beat Brady twice, one time he was undefeated, & he has 2 SBMVP’s so he’ll make it 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Stephen A stfu!! I wish I would catch u at a cookout Stoopid fool!!

  • Yo you guys are not right it’s not cool what he said and all of you know it .... I’m dissapointed... Lamar keep your head up

  • Lebron travels every single game.. and so does the rest of the league.

  • Ohhh pleaseee ingram take like 25 shots to get his points...i was hating that while he was with the lakers.soooo glad he got trade!

  • Max shows his nasty ignorance daily lol... Brady vs Rivers is a joke, put Rivers with this Pats Offense and Rivers would get booed out of Foxboro. Belichick never won as an HC until Brady The GOAT took over. The Haters and blind Pats fans "Me Now" who worship Belichick are clueless.

  • Great job troy

  • Imagine a 2009 Melo in todays league.

  • are u hurt are u out of shape lol

  • Blake trying so hard to shed his soft image

  • Stupid

  • The second fun guy

  • I cant stand Brian Windhorst.

  • He should be fired. Racism is not a "mistake". People say racist comments for a reason. He is aware of his behavior, and we should not give this man a pass. We have the right to criticize his character because of his racist comments.

  • Kendrick's laugh 🤣🤣😂

  • You can actually find 23 - Michael Jeffrey jerseys in China.

  • Why is this being made a big deal? Like come on. This is why people hate sports media