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14:04It is the first day of university
11:23I painted on a 12 hour flight
I painted on a 12 hour flightViews 2.4M15 days ago
I'M ON TOP OF THE WORLD!Views 1.6M24 days ago
10:31A day in my life in brazil
A day in my life in brazilViews 2.7MMonth ago
10:28I forced Brad Mondo to fix my hair
15:04I bleached my hair
I bleached my hairViews 6MMonth ago
12:46Flying to Anaheim on 2 hours of sleep
11:12How to Crash a Wedding
How to Crash a WeddingViews 2.4M2 months ago
11:09The same video one year later
The same video one year laterViews 2.4M2 months ago
10:14I graduated from high school
I graduated from high schoolViews 2.3M2 months ago
10:46The final week of high school
The final week of high schoolViews 2.3M3 months ago
8:30A day in the life: high school edition
10:36I DIY'd Prince's Blue Cloud Suit
I DIY'd Prince's Blue Cloud SuitViews 920K3 months ago
19:31Oops I'm in New York
Oops I'm in New YorkViews 2.3M4 months ago
11:24I went to prom
I went to promViews 4.3M4 months ago
11:34Study with me ft. Senioritis
Study with me ft. SenioritisViews 1.7M4 months ago
6:47I DIY'd Joana Ceddia's new merch
I DIY'd Joana Ceddia's new merchViews 1.2M5 months ago
12:07I painted for 24 hours straight
11:45Let's talk about school
Let's talk about schoolViews 1.2M5 months ago
5:20WeLcOMe tO mY wORkoUT rOutiNE
WeLcOMe tO mY wORkoUT rOutiNEViews 1.7M5 months ago
9:16Here's what I did over the weekend
11:03Come with me to a swim meet
Come with me to a swim meetViews 3.9M6 months ago
6:02Meanwhile, in Canada
Meanwhile, in CanadaViews 1.2M6 months ago
9:01I painted A Starry Starry Night
I painted A Starry Starry NightViews 1.5M6 months ago
9:1324 Hour Transformation: Shrek Edition
6:49Dear Mom, give me a dog
Dear Mom, give me a dogViews 1.7M7 months ago
8:50It is exam season.
It is exam season.Views 3.4M7 months ago
14:21The History of John Cena
The History of John CenaViews 3.3M8 months ago
A HOT AND SPICY Q&AViews 1.8M8 months ago
10:52I painted the Mona Lisa
I painted the Mona LisaViews 2.4M8 months ago
13:11Merry Chrystler from the Ceddia Family
5:40Brad Mondo, this is for you
Brad Mondo, this is for youViews 4.2M9 months ago
10:09I DIY'd my own Christmas tree
I DIY'd my own Christmas treeViews 1.2M9 months ago
14:24A week in the life of John Cena
A week in the life of John CenaViews 3.4M9 months ago
12:11Playing A Horror Game
Playing A Horror GameViews 2.3M9 months ago
1:34URGENT: Hair Tutorial
URGENT: Hair TutorialViews 2.3M9 months ago
10:39A second attempt at a self portrait
10:29A very productive weekend
A very productive weekendViews 4.7M10 months ago
9:09A (very late) Halloween Spooptacular
10:18Waxing and Ranting: ASMR Edition
Waxing and Ranting: ASMR EditionViews 1.6M10 months ago
10:20I DIY'd my own wedding dress
I DIY'd my own wedding dressViews 2.3M11 months ago
10:59Turning Myself Into the Cookie Monster
9:31Following a Rob Boss painting tutorial
12:35Waxing and Ranting: the sequel
WATS IN MA BACPAK 2018Views 2.3MYear ago
9:18A Jojo Siwa makeover
A Jojo Siwa makeoverViews 3.1MYear ago
GET TO KNOW ME TAGViews 1.5MYear ago
Homealone.exeViews 1.3MYear ago
12:36A nAtURaL gLoWY MakeUP TutORiaL
5:38Last-minute small town thrifting!
ROAD TRIPViews 751KYear ago
4:38How to overpack: a tutorial
How to overpack: a tutorialViews 583KYear ago
1:58I drew Tana Mongoose crying
I drew Tana Mongoose cryingViews 738KYear ago


  • My phone only had 16 totals gigabytes of storage and my parents got me an X and I wish I still had the six and that’s all I wanted to say

  • yOu ShOuLd DiE yOuR hAiR pInK


  • OMG ok so the casino scene in Percy Jackson is v relevant later in the next series you will see (if you read it though) also I did make the time limit shorter

  • Almost to 3 million! Congrats!

  • Please make a physics video I need help

  • uma belezinha ela, pegava facil =p

  • 🤣🤣omg Im sorry but “it’s cuz he’s adopted” really killed me I laughed for 10 minutes Ps: i also agree with u on the walking dead thing

  • When she said “because he’s adopted” I subscribed immediately

  • No one: Not a soul: Jenomy Cnicket: ariTZIA! (I apologize if I spelled it wrong)

  • What about soft girls 👀👀👀

  • oh Joanna if only you had added ASMR to the end of the title

  • My eyes are _brOkeN_ they focused in the wrong spot so all i could see was her face, hairline, and the brown part not the blonde and she looked like she was balding

  • "about $7,000 for undergrad school" -looks over, dead eyed at my financial aid letter listing tuition as $57,000 a year and feels nothing anymore

  • That was the best way to waist 15 minutes of my life

  • I'm sad that you didn't include my most interesting question ☹

  • You dare insult PERCY and Nico was there it was an Easter egg

  • *I-I'm in trouble?! What did I do wrong?!*

  • dont grow it out yet, you got so many colors that need bleach first to take.

  • Canadians: “just go to school and you’ll get into college” Americans: “first you’ll need recommendations then the SAT, ACT, and you’ll need at least a couple hundred hours of community service and you’ll also have to write a 20 page essay on why you should go to college.

  • I don’t appreciate being touched

  • I can see Joan Cereal as a standup comedian in the unforeseeable future.

  • Omg do a room tour please 🙏

  • Did u ever get a RUvideo plaque for 1 mil?????

  • There's this shirt I want that has Dr. Phil as a M&M

  • Dear james Charles , have you received your eggs yet? Sincerely mail sellers

  • Wait 4 words/second, 60 seconds per minute, that's 240 words, no? But you know what if Jerena Williams says it's 400 I'm not gonna stop this Wimbeldon match

  • "It's cause he's adopted." I WHEEZED.

  • Do you know bts

  • Dad: haven’t seen my daughter all day, wonder what she’s up to? Daughter: 4:56

  • omg i loveee youuuuuuuuu

  • I kinda want to hear youre parents speak portuguese😂

  • u should get airpods there way better than a headphone jack

  • HARRY POTTER!!!!!!!!!

  • After reading the title all I could think was “what did I do?!”

  • 9:35 I wish I had small boobs 😂😂

  • One of my teachers is Canadian and I just realized you and her sound exactly the same. I’m flabbergasted.

  • I got in a fight with this girl and I got soo scared when I read this cuz i thought it was my mom

  • *We’re not doing this crying business, use your words*

  • Smol boubs teim

  • i feel like ur my mom

  • Couldn’t you just play the edited video and talk over that and play it back instead of writing a script or does it not work like that?

  • Were did you get your jumper from? I want one!

  • the title made me genuinely scared

  • i love you

  • Can I have a senior quote?

  • ilysm Joana

  • 10:43 literally the complete opposite of me🤦‍♀️

  • Without tomatoes your all poets were right

  • Omg 18 to drive in Idaho where I live you only have to be 14 1/2 to take drivers ed 😬

  • 💕💓💕

  • better prepare that body for those three million cookies

  • Okay the casino thing pops up later in the story Johnny. Read the series then judge. No offence

  • 3 million... Almost there...

  • i just realized she doesn’t have any ads

  • Pls dye your hair shrek green!!!!


  • "I have to create 4 words of script for every second so a minute of footage would need 400 words" 60x4=400???

  • The title: “You’re in trouble and we need to talk.” Me, a sensitive bitch: *starts crying because I don’t like getting yelled at/being in trouble*

  • bruh i know i recently got rid of my iphone five for a seven and like wtf theres no headphone jack how am i supposed to listen to music and charge at the same time, what happened to the smart people at apple.

  • I got scared when I read the title....

  • Why does the title sound like a tik tok POV


  • I have a Canadain friend her mom was in the Olympics to cheer her on they gave her a poster of a goat

  • Why would anyone have anything bad to say about Joana? She's literally the most awesome youngest RUvideor I have come across.

  • i am from the future, joana ceddia has dyed her hair pink

  • it doesn't tickle your pickle... ummmm you have a pickle? and if so what tickles it.

  • You remind me so much of Entrapta from Shera (Netflix Series)

  • 4 words per second, 60 seconds per minute... I don't get how that adds up to 400... (if it was intended, i'm sorry, but you said that so enthusiasticly)

  • Oh shitz what did I do now mom?

  • how did u know i was crying hun

  • Question: Homo? No Homo? Joan of Cedark: I'm guessing you mean homogenized milk, in which case, No homo.

  • you and Portuguese is exactly me and Spanish

  • Why was I so sad she didn't answer mah question xd

  • Once I brought an avacado and a tortilla to school with me so I could make an avacado tortilla for lunch. My mom told me to PEEL THE AVACADO AND PIT IT ON THE TORTILLA SO I DID. SHE DIDN'T EXPLAIN ANY MORE THAN THAT AND I ENDED UP PUTTING A WHOLE FREAKING AVACADO ON A TORTILLA. Please make a video on how to correctly make these so others don'ts make my mistakes

  • What, why, when,and wear?

  • The thing from Percy Jackson in the hotel is from mythology when heroes would get trapped on the island of the lotus people. It was part of the odyssey i think.

  • I'm legit struggling with physics at the moment...any tips..? Please?

  • Lol I’m literally so obsessed with your mini microphone I went to chapters and got my own

  • joana i totally forgot to ask this, but you said you like michael jackson. so what’s your favorite michael jackson song?

  • The fact that Jemony Cnicket tried avocado in her bootleg macaroni just because we asked

  • 11:39 it set up the fact tha Nico and Bianca (the daughter and son on Hades) were stuck there for 70+ years. It was something set up in the plot wayyyyyyyy in advance.

  • I love this channel 😂💯

  • *re creates a masters work* “I paint for a hobby”

  • “Why don’t you look anything like your dad?” “Because he’s ADOPTED.” Omfg.

  • I was watching this in the kitchen and my grandma was in there and kept laughing at the video 😂

  • I'm sicc and tired Of your BULL- jk I love you

  • This is so funny

  • great point about living at home for college, it definitely starts to get hard to wipe your butt with all thats going on...jk but actually tho

  • I have never been able to fully watch a Q& A but john cena's I watched and wanted more. I was very disappointment by how short it was.... i am now off to binge watch john cena's videos

  • But I thought I was being good this week... :( 😭


  • “why are you a literal clone of your mom but look nothing like your dad?” “it’s cuz he’s adopted”

  • Uh oh what do you know

  • “I have two friends... both of which are my parents...” I have never related to something more🙂

  • If you need to learn how to drive, I heard that GTA is a great way to learn

  • What is your favorite thing to put on a avocado 🥑 ... it a avocado thanks hahah and thank you

  • Me after I see title: she knew I took the cereal

  • Here before viral. 🐢

  • Your soo funny 😆