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Hi everyone! Im Olivia Jade and my channel is ruvideo.info ! I post videos talking about makeup, fashion, lifestyle, and occasionally ill do some challenges. I have a strong passion for makeup and fashion and I love sharing my passion with all of you guys here on youtube. Please subscribe if you haven't already and I hope you love my channel!


16:10Olivia Jade - Everyday Routine
2:01hi again
hi againViews 6MMonth ago
13:49Blinging on a Budget! l Olivia Jade
6:03NYFW Morning Routine | Olivia Jade
NYFW Morning Routine | Olivia JadeViews 1.1M11 months ago
9:23GRWM for a date ...
GRWM for a date ...Views 1.3MYear ago
5:30im done keeping this a secret...
8:36help me glow up in one hour...
14:39VLOG | work week as a youtuber
9:13reacting to my old videos...
3:16im sorry
im sorryViews 984KYear ago
MY NIGHT ROUTINE (vlog)Views 495KYear ago
12:34grwm FOR A DATE ...
grwm FOR A DATE ...Views 793KYear ago
11:52my transformation
my transformationViews 1.8MYear ago
11:31sorry mom & dad...
sorry mom & dad...Views 1.7MYear ago
5:28sorry for this...
sorry for this...Views 554KYear ago
6:29Room Tour 2018 l Olivia Jade


  • Next video should be titled: "how to hydrate a good BURN"

  • Not wishing bad upon anyone, but I am not sure why her parents are facing time and she and her sister aren't. They posed for the fake rowing pictures. They were in on the entire scheme to illegally get them into a college they couldn't get into. So why are they not being held accountable since they are adults??

  • *Fistbump!

  • Nobody wants to hear from you

  • So tired of seeing petty comments. How about you people leave this kid alone and attack me instead? 1- I like Lori Loughlin and have since the early 90s. 2- I don't care what "rich" people do. I cannot and will not say that if I was a young gorgeous girl with advantages, that I wouldn't behave the same exact way. And thats the thing, she is still quite young and is going to do a lot of things that she will one day regret. We ALL have. Stop getting your undies all in a bunch because you do not have the luxuries that she does. Its so humorous how quick each one of you is to judge, how easy that is for people who are "nobodies" to an obsessive and invasive media, that the world knows nothing about and can make a thousand errors and not have those errors picked apart by the media, day in and day out. The majority of you would be HORRIFIED if your lives became public and we all picked apart all the stupid shit you've done. Get off your high horses. This girls parents are human, money or not. No one lives a life without flaws and questionable choices. And have I mentioned that if I had the opportunity to help my children in any way that I could, I would do so to. The stories of "I had to fight so hard for my spot in school" yaddi yaddi ya are getting boring. I had to work EXTREMELY hard to get where I am too, it sure as hell doesn't mean I am going to sit around and bitch that someone with privileges leads an easier life. It will change absolutely nothing for you, or for her. All it does is show what an a-hole you are being to someone that you do not personally know with your half ass stories feed to you through the media. We are all given a path and are born to who we are born to. And you can bet your ass if I was this young lady I would absolutely be living the same. Don't like it? Tough shit.

  • What her and her family did was not okay but you can see she’s really been through it hope she becomes a bigger better person

  • Fuck yes you’re back, the hate is unbelievable at this point they just have to move on

  • Thanks for the funny comments that’s the only reason I’m here

  • this is...bland.

  • Girl, your parents might be going to jail lol

  • RUvideo fan bases are largely maintained due to the reputation of the RUvideor. A RUvideo career isn’t looking very promising for you, girl.

  • Get off RUvideo. Delete this account.


  • Please do us all a favor and get outta hear you privileged, rich white girl. No one cares about your life

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  • “I was just charging it all morning” And so were the courts.

  • No idea how someone can live lower than recruit difficulty but you were able to make it happen

  • missed u

  • your skin is so beautiful 🤍

  • So your family is still being dragged for the ILLEGAL admissions scandal, and you’re on here making useless videos? Loool sad.

  • So your family is still being dragged for the ILLEGAL admissions scandal, and you’re on here making useless videos? Loool sad.

  • Does anyone know what brush she used for blush ?🙇🏻‍♀️

  • Why is everyone calling it 'privilege'? It's being rich and famous

  • A part of me is like, should i come back to youtube? No. You shouldn't.

  • *rich skinny white girl gets upset because she's a spoiled brat* *rich skinny white girl wants to become youtube famous again*

  • Narcissism must be heriditary

  • Take care of your health sweetie, you deserve everything in life. Everyone makes mistakes, God loves you and your family, you're loved.🌸🌿💕

  • the sad thing is no matter what she does she is going to get hate. not sticking up for her actions or her parents but i mean it’s like all expect her to be apologizing 24/7

  • Now they are going to let you help put your parents away

  • She just misses getting attention.

  • she’s just trying to be famous again. girl ur an embarrassment to everyone who works hard for their education

  • wow all these comments.. i mean yess the whole thing that happened was bad but do you really need to leave such mean things... wasn't it the parents that paid her into college. like what did she actually do? idk i kinda feel bad. she doesn't look healthy. she looks drained, looks like she has lost some weight. she just wants to move on & not talk about it. yeah she has money or whatever & may look privileged but she's no other that a person like us. don't be so heartless & be a bit more careful with you're words. btw i know i might get some people that don't agree with me but idc that's just the type of person i am. i never leave hate on anyone's content. i'm a compassionate person and don't just look at things from one side.

  • Can’t wait for those prison vlogs

  • We all know your family is in trouble Girl. Stop frontin 😂😂

  • Can we all just unsubscribe to her already ... then she’ll never come back

  • Go to jail...go directly to jail...

  • Man I feel bad for this girl .....her mom might be going to prison for a long time ....y’all savages in the comments

  • so um nice to see again

  • Her*

  • You know what, i read through the comments and you guys are horrible people. Yes she made a mistake. Yes she’s not perfect. And you are? If you really hate her that much why do you watch her videos? Why are you taking time out of your day to comment? You are awful. Everyone deserves a second chance so instead of saying her career is done and she needs to get a job and she needs to get off RUvideo, maybe just unsubscribe. She has been through enough so get over yourselves. I am so sick of people who are mean and bringing others down. It takes courage to post a video knowing you’ll get hate and i know none of you would have been able to do it if you were in het position.

  • She’s being an awkward skeleton

  • Congrats on you 1.2 million views, youre doing something right with life, keep it up

  • Guys, she's 20. Whilst I'm not excusing the scandal, and I don't really care about her content - she is still a young woman whose brain isn't fully developed yet and I highly doubt she is behind the scandal itself. I think she deserves a second chance and a clean slate on this platform. So I hope this is a lesson learned for her.

  • Yall haters are the most rudest ans snobbiest poeple EVER she has literally been through a lot and yall are making it worse she was brought into be a rich person so if u cant take that dont watch and DONT HATE! if u cant take the fact that she is actually famous then idk but she isn’t the one who did wrong it was her parents. Like geez what has the world come to 😒 her parents did this so hate in her parents not her!

  • What Olivia did is 100x worse than what Epstien did to those young ladies on that island, shame on her.

  • What Olivia did is 100x worse than what Epstien did to those young ladies on that island, shame on her.

  • you better tell the truth when your on the stand

  • Once the case is over and she can speak on her side of things, I'd definitely be interested to hear what she has to say about it all. I believe people can make mistakes/bad choices. But It's how they come out of it, that speaks the most.

  • You should just stop. I guess you are so out of touch with "normal folks" that you dont see how privileged u r. Hollywood is dying, thank god, its a cyst pool of peodaphilles and narcissistic cry babies.

  • What room is this?

    • Olivia moved out of her parents house in May 2019. She has been renting her own apartment.

  • Hi again I’m a fucking idiot

  • This is a make up video. Stop being poo heads 🙄

  • She is such a sweetheart 💗💕💗💕💗💕💗💕💗💕 ILY OLIVIA JADE💗💗💗💗💗 💗💗 ruvideo.info/watch/KLVq0IAzh1A-video.html

  • who's here after watching college admission scandal movie?

  • You’re so beautiful, I love your videos!

  • Are you experiencing anorexia because of all the scamming that happened?

  • She still looks great, but the events of 2019 have exacted a toll on her and it shows

  • This girl has been through a lot. She sounds a bit hoarse and not well organized in her presentation. I suppose the family lawyer, or her attorney, advised her to say as little as possible. If so, that's a shame for she has missed an opportunity to explain her side of the story. OLIVIA JADE, I am glad to see you are well, stay strong and persevere. Adversity breeds strength. Perez Hilton is a pig of the worse kind!

  • I bet half of the people talking shit are subscribed to this channel lol

    • @Alberto Espinoza not really worried, just don't follow why you get so upset because people voice their own opinions on facts.

    • @DonkeyKongGamerJr why are you so worried about other people that obviously don't give a shit because if she did, she would've muted the comments. what she and her parents did was wrong, yes I agree but the situation is gonna be justified through court. Let's move on and focus on yourself.

    • @Alberto Espinoza and? I'm not following your point. Is no one allowed to voice their opinion?

    • @DonkeyKongGamerJr and that's lame.

    • And?

  • So tone deaf.

  • Welcome back to my youtube channel...today I am going to show you how to prepare for a trail and become a rat and send my parents to prison and then we're going to have fun not growing up and pretending that we're smart and self entitled and then we're going to visit mom and dad in jail and talk about how to get read for that. Oh boy, I think from all this talking my brain is starting to hurt. Excuse me while I go ask someone to make me something to eat and take care of me because IT"S ALLL ABOUT MEEEE!!! I'm Olivia Jade and I should shoot myself.....time to make another selfie vid@@

  • y’all are mad dumb

  • Why is everyone mad she’s “casually” coming back to youtube? She was off entirely for months and made an apology video. Do you want her to talk about it in every video and keep apologizing? I’m not even a fan of hers but y’all for real need to get a life. She’s obvs not gonna sit and cry on camera shes gonna put on a fake smile and make her regular content. But her moms looking at prison time and the internet hates her and her family I don’t care how much money or fame you have that shit will get to you. She’s not just gonna stop living her life she handled this fine. People really need to learn to put themselves in other peoples shoes. And if you say I can’t imagine being in her shoes because I would never do that, shut up. If you hate her stop commenting shit everyone’s already said, unsubscribe, leave her page, don’t give her views. If all the people hating did that your points would be far better proved but instead she’s profiting off of you.

  • Go to class. Oh wait, you don’t care about school. My bad 🙄

  • Leave the girl alone! Totally understand what happened and why people are mad BUT it’s not like she’s left RUvideo for a week and come back. Everyone has done wrong at some point! If she wants to do RUvideo let her do RUvideo. Don’t roast her in the comments. DAMN. People preach about bullying online and how bad it is, yet here you all are. You don’t know how the situation has been handled in the outside world. Leave it be.

    • Karrie Louise Twyford !

  • Sorry I had to report as spam and misleading...

  • Only thing that can salvage her career is a sex tape.

  • All these high schoolers defending her obviously have no idea how hard it is to get into college. Smh

  • The like to dislike ratio is shocking. Not because of the dislikes, but because of the amount of likes.. who is still supporting this girl?

    • Emilia W more pathetic than following and liking a privileged liar? Get your facts and priorities straight and find a fav that’ll help your growth as an honest and humble human being. You obviously need it.

    • It’s is different, what you’re doing is far more pathetic.

    • Emilia W watching the first ten seconds to comment is a little different than someone watching the whole video, liking it and continuing to actually uplift her. 🤨

    • Matt B you are by watching and commenting...

  • She’s cute, like her voice: sucks she has to go through all of this, folks are looking at jail time. There’s worse crimes being committed and the media is focused on this college scam🤦🏼‍♀️

    • Exactly! This girl doesn't deserve all this hate for the schemes her parents allegedly got her and her sister into

  • Do your prison outfit routine

  • She still looks great

    • Yes, but she's looked better. The events of last year took a lot out of her.

  • Your channel is done time to get a job

  • Keep doing your videos girl I love them

  • Get into porn

    • Your Gay porn is not doing it for you anymore.

  • You should be in jail. Not making profit from RUvideo. Who actually respexts or gives a fuck about this family anymore? The entitlement enrages me.

  • ROFL looks like you are being ordered to testify against your mom!! Better brush up on that rowing knowledge!!!!LMAO ... enjoy your makeup while you can!!


  • The funniest thing about this video is that there's someone named Troy who's been defending Olivia in the comments ever since she uploaded this video It's funny because it looks like he's trying to get Olivia to notice him But sad at the same time because he WASTED almost a month playing a white knight 🤷 Troy you're a joke and I hope you see this 😂

    • @Margaret Langford he's desperate for Olivia he proved that for a month 😂

    • I quietly express my non-threatening, non-violent issues with this RUvideor and Troy invariably appears like Where's Waldo all filled with irrational insults. He does that to everyone. He's a funny spectacle.

    • @Richie Richardson I don't care what Olivia and her mom did, I don't even have an opinion on the matter I just wanted to prove my point about Troy 🤷

    • @Troy you're the one I was talking about! 😊 Now everyone will see for themselves, I was actually hoping you'd reply too because you would prove my point 😂 I might be ugly but at least I show my face, what about you? 😂 Also why defend this girl? You're nobody to her 🤦

    • Olivia's family will be eventually done with the the court trial but you will still be an anonymous unknown person. All of the parents involved in the college admission scandal was sought out by the mastermind of the scandal William Rick Singer who had a legally licensed college admission consulting business. The parents paid Singer who then paid the bribed college athletic directors and athletic coaches that worked at the various elite universities involved in the college admission scandal. Also all of the elite universities involved in the college admission scandal have programs that allow students to be admitted as athletic recruits with no previous experience in the sport the student is applying to be an athletic recruit. Maybe in the end you will realize you wasted time hating on a person that did nothing to personally affect your life since I doubt any of the trash talking haters could ever be a student at USC because of the expensive cost of tuition and the lack of academic achievements to be accepted as a student at USC.

  • HEY 'no i wont aknowledge the fact the half of RUvideo now only knows my Name cuz my parents fucked up and i am to rich and privileged to talk about it' HOW ARE U??

  • Het girl looks like you might be going to court. Remember NO LIES tell the truth. Interesting family far too privileged and wants us to know they are above the law.

  • Boiiiiiing!!!!!

  • 2million subs/ 1.2+ million views. So who is the fool?

  • She’s a real person. A human being. Don’t act like every single one of you would have done the same thing if you had the money. Why do people find pleasure in being mean behind a screen

    • Class-warfare has been on the rise in this country since the Crash of 2008 and in the aftermath no one was punished for it. I believe that Olivia and her family are getting some of the backlash.

  • Fugly Ass

  • White, rich and unapologetic. I wish I had empathy for you and your family, but your actions are revolting.

    • Again seek mental help.

  • I really hope you get a cell next to your mom because you were just as guilty as her when you posed for the picture

    • @Troy making a comment about hoping that she gets a cell does not mean she was charged. The attorney say that the daughters may still be charged. Stay up-to-date and quit acting like a damn moron

    • @Troy www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7914209/Lori-Loughlins-daughters-Bella-Olivia-Jade-called-testify-college-case.html This is going to be interesting

    • She is not charged you idiot .

  • she looks like shes aged like ten years wow

    • She does look like the event of the past year has exacted a toll on her

  • All these comments are too much. She did a terrible thing, no one’s saying she didn’t; but I think she suffered enough and boldly put herself out in the public again. I know being public means accepting both criticism and praise, but salty comments, written just to get a few likes, are just rude. They got caught for what they did, be the bigger person.

    • Giovanni Modugno tell that to the kids who got waitlisted if not denied acceptance into USC and other schools because of unintelligent dishonest people like her and her family buying her a spot she never even wanted....