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Hello Internet! I'm Matpat and welcome to GAME THEORY! Do you ever wonder what secrets could be hiding in your favorite games? So do we! From piecing together the complete FNAF timeline to figuring out if Toadette is REALLY a young Princess Peach, we cover it all! If you want to take a deep dive into the world of nerdy theories, join the Game Theorist's community today!
But hey, it's just a bunch of theories. Game Theories! Thanks for watching.
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18:14Game Theory: No More Games
Game Theory: No More GamesViews 1.9M3 months ago
25:29Game Theory: YouTube is Ruining Gaming!
15:03Game Theory:  How Does Kirby Fly?
Game Theory: How Does Kirby Fly?Views 2.1M8 months ago
19:27Addressing Game Theory's Biggest Problem
14:21The $1.7 Million Lie
The $1.7 Million LieViews 3.4M9 months ago
23:16They stole $1.7 million
They stole $1.7 millionViews 6M10 months ago


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  • I'm 12 and I'm watching this.

  • me at the beginning: this has a lot of lore Me now: SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • I'm lucky that I'm 13 right now almost 14 so I'm good to be on this website but this really sucks that if you are 12 or under you can not be on this website

  • When I first heard about COPPA I was devastated I don't want my favourite Channels,RUvideors and GachaTubers Channel's to be gone :c I literally cried .

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  • Now talk about the woodland mansions. They have been forgotten about in your videos so far.

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  • Gotta get the game theory night light to scare off the hate monsters! Like if u agree | |

  • Omg thats sooo cool!!! Its awesome you guys know oregon my home state ❤❤❤❤ i wish i was able to make it for this live stream but happy you all made such a huge amount for these families and children its gonna make a difference

  • Are they literally forgetting RUvideo Kids?

  • I consider that a big part of this theory sounds ridiculous knowing that Kirby is basically a pink baby puffball. He is not yet conscient of his acts until he understands they're wrong. However, I think it is vissible that Kirby tries to be kind in ALMOST EVERY game (except Kirby's Avalanche) but commits HUGE mistakes. The fact about the enemies is your choice, not Kirby's. It is like destroying brick blocks or letting Yoshi die in Super Mario: define yourself as psicotic or hero, you manipulate him.

  • If violent games cause violence, I guess farming games cause agricultural growth. Need for Speed created world-class professional racers. Mario Party creates Vegas-level sports betters. Super Smash Bros pioneered wrestling. Pokemon created invented illegal dogfights. Animal Crossing INVENTED the stock market. Minecraft inspired a surge of coal miners to join the workforce. The fact is 6 years of Mario Kart drifting is all you need to pass the DMV test. Oops, I forgot.... that's total bullshit! It almost seems as if 100% of these statements are false. Oh well...

  • Why do they get hurt by water

  • I can’t say I’m playing Star Wars to my friend anymore cause they can’t tell which one I’m playing so I say I’m either playing Dark Wars or Star Souls


  • 1:51 MattPat isn’t subscribed to PewDiePie

  • Games cause violence just as much as cars cause drunk drivers.

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  • Just to support the stronghold idea, skeletons, creepers, zombies, and spiders can all spawn inside strongholds, so they wouldn't be very effective against those mobs. It had to be something other than those mobs.


  • Thank you everyone! I am so happy to be part of this community and the things Mat and Steph do... I can't even put it to words! You two are some of the most genuinely wonderful people I have ever seen and you have been my role models for years. Thank you!

  • I hope he does one on elytra wings, the hard shell wings of beetles. So at one point there were giant beetles living in the end dimension. Hunted to extension or evolved into shulkers.

  • I'm so mad at mark rn, the knock on his video scared the crud outta me

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  • Honestly I thought he was gunna reach googleplex

  • I have a theory; since the funtimes all have illusion disks, I think William used them to be the nightmares. In fnaf vr the funtimes are in the fnaf four house acting like the nightmares

  • Yo people are gonna riot...for real

  • ...kaaayy, but where's your actual proof? The pokedex entry for Alcremie in Sword reads as follows: "If it trusts a trainer, it will treat them to berries it has decorated with cream." That... doesn't exactly sound predatory. Sounds more like the pokemon wants to show its trainer that it cares for them by giving them a sweet treat. In fact I'd say that's the equivalent of an orchid mantis willingly giving up its days catch to another mantis. Just makes no sense.

  • So, basically, we stole from Gods? Great. We're all going to the Nether.

  • I think my niece has probably added a VERY good amount of views to baby shark.

  • Why did people even dislike like this?

  • This could be just a game feature, but then why are their multiple monuments? Last time I checked there is only one Kabaa

  • I don't want to diminish the work of these people, but please, let it be stressed as hard and loudly as possible, that cancer CANNOT BE CURED. it can't be cured because it's not a disease, it doesn't develop, and the immune system can't possibly fight it, because it doesn't have antigens that the immune system can latch on to. PLEASE. all those people raising funds for "curing cancer" and "developing a vaccine" or "a treatment" are simply SCAMMING the patient, their families, and everyone else! PLEASE LET IT BE KNOWN. and if you want to know WHY it can't be cured? here's why: cancer is the abnormal replication of cells, cells which replicated based on DNA, DNA that reacts with it's immediate environment, an environment that can't be guaranteed to be free of anything that could cause that DNA to react improperly to elements with similar behavior! simply put: there is no intelligence in DNA, DNA reacts with what it has available based on simple chemistry. It can't tell an atom of oxygen apart from one of hydrogen except by binding with it and working with the resulting molecule.... if it is meant to react, it will. and that works for both adequate elements, and inadequate elements that just happen to react the same way! the only way to "cure" cancer, is to prevent it, by making absolutely sure, 100%, without a doubt, that the environment one given human being reacts with over the course of their lives is 100%, absolutely, without a doubt, pristine, clean, free of any elements that are not meant to be there. if there's an element that exhibits a similar reaction to organic elements, and can stand for an organic element when being introduced in an organic reaction, IT WILL. and DNA can't possibly tell the difference! from there, the element binds with DNA, is sent down the line to the replication process, and it may or may not perform adequately depending on the expected outcome. if the reaction is meant to duplicate a cell, and one of the instructions (one of the molecules, of which, one might carry the wrong element) isn't what it's supposed to be, the copy will turn out wrong. THAT, is cancer. in order to cure cancer, you'd have to go into the DNA sequence, find that atom that's not supposed to be there, and take it out. and, HOPE it will turn out ok.... because even then, you can't be sure. *PLEASE* stop supporting "fundraising for cancer research" because there's nothing to research, I just gave you the explanation. there's no way you'll ever pick off the single atoms of a molecule that makes up the DNA! *PLEASE* dig into that, and into the very definition of the concept "cancer". it CAN'T be cured, because it's not a disease! it's a condition! it's environmental! you can only prevent it, by making sure you're not exposed to what you aren't supposed to be exposed to. *PLEASE* thank you.

  • I feel like the old Game Theory is better. My opinion tho😂

  • Am I the only person who noticed Bob looks like Bob from Stranger Things? (R.I.P Bob)

  • how bout coppa list the VIEWERS, not the VIDEOS about being a kid, so if there 13 or younger, their info wont appear, and they wont get as many targeted ads

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  • i just feel bad for all the child who got killed. Like ALL OF THIS FNAF IS BCZ THE FATHER OF tHE CHiLD

  • Can they just make up there mind kid content adult content no content the law is having mood swings

  • Who dislikes a video where they are raising money for cancer research

  • This is just a thought that I had but what if the pigtailed girl from FNAF 4 is Henrys daughter. I mean we know that she looks like baby but isn't Elizabeth, and in the books Henry created baby to resemble his daughter after she was killed by William Afton.

  • Hot Wings

  • It to mat seven minutes to get to the point

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  • I just had a friend with suicidal thoughts, and I didn't know what to do or say...! Luckily, just talking with her and reminding her of how much she ment to me was enough for her to reconsider and seek help. But I feel deeply about this... And I know how hard it is, when suicide is not in your thoughts, how incredibly hard it is to understand how someone can get that low... But they can! And they should have a voice. Because their pain matters.

  • it like a parent buying their kid a bloody game like mortal combat and then suing cause its bloody

  • 8:40 genuinely makes me cry. I’ve never felt such trauma from a game.

  • I'd either be *Hamburger Sand* or *Graphic Attitude* .

  • In leaf green i breeded my charizard with ditto a lot

  • Ah yes, my favorite fnaf character, William Dave Maybe Purple Guy Springtrap Afton 8:41

  • I don't know if this will help but there's a petition going around to save family friendly content if y'all wanna sign it.

  • 21 4 sided shapes I think

  • You forgot gacha life It has lots of goods and children related things but lots of grey areas Grey area Gacha: S*x vids Alabama kinds of vids Hate vids.

  • I don’t think presidents are meant to reign for 20 years, regardless of whether or not they still have a body. This country is an autocracy of some kind, probably.

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  • My theory is that if Minecraft is to be taken seriously as a legitimate Video game then Lego's are a real time strategy tabletop adventure Role-playing game. That's all I'm saying you guys, Jet fuel can't burn steel beams! Stupidity is an inside job!!!

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  • I accually played fire red with charizard only and won but i had a hard time on first gym and elite 4

  • I have watched your videos for five years and I think this donation is the best one😄

  • 1:54 I just love the way he mocks the game and not realising that Golden Freddy's about to jumpscare him

  • Like minecraft guardian is scary comment if botw guardian is scarier

  • That moment when Austin started to talk about death stages and Danse Macabre came up

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  • shameless plug at the end

  • When you use force slow and jump you don’t come down slow in the game even if your reaction speed and all are increased you can’t increase the gravity of a planet

  • I re-watch this and thought doesn't the water slow you down

  • Ftc can't do jack **** to people who upload in mex, just fyi

  • Hi. I think the new characters are going to be like :retro freddy :retro bonnie :retro chica :retro foxy/mangle


  • 11:55 Omg Matpat predicted RUvideo Rewind.

  • "Matchats" -Matpat 2019 May we forever remember the very first fnaf theory, forever hold your piece . . .

  • Picachu. All the way. I don't care if it's not a team. THOU WILL NOT CHANGE MY MIND!