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What I use to animate:
- 22 HD Cintiq drawing tablet (Any graphics tablet will do to be honestly. Just gotta know how to use it. Used a 15 dollar one when I first began)
- Adobe Animate CC
- A computer (duh)
- Adobe premiere (To memefy it and sync audio cuz adobe animate is sometimes weird)
-Adobe Audition (To record)
Business Email:


12:36Living on my Own
Living on my OwnViews 2.5M5 days ago
5:05Help (Official Music Video)
9:51Fame is Lame
Fame is LameViews 3.3M3 months ago
12:41I had my jaw wired shut for 2 months
9:12Just Be Yourself
Just Be YourselfViews 3.4M9 months ago
5:44My 'like a taxi but not' Experiences
7:29Video games changed my life man
Video games changed my life manViews 6M11 months ago
10:54The Scariest Dream I Ever Had
4:30A Comic I Made In The Third Grade
10:12VidCon Was Fun
VidCon Was FunViews 2.4MYear ago
9:28My Crazy Imagination
My Crazy ImaginationViews 8MYear ago
9:19Camping Unprepared
Camping UnpreparedViews 4.8MYear ago
11:51I Was A Weird Kid
I Was A Weird KidViews 14M2 years ago
12:18Starting Youtube Drama w/ Boyinaband
8:19Let Me Tell You About Billy
Let Me Tell You About BillyViews 7M2 years ago
11:54Conquering My Fear (Like A Champ)
11:42Poorly Drawing Fans W/ TheOdd1sOut
6:17Talking To Crazy People
Talking To Crazy PeopleViews 4.5M2 years ago
7:30Rip Offs
Rip OffsViews 3.8M2 years ago
9:57Music Is Awesome
Music Is AwesomeViews 2.7M2 years ago
7:38The Bagel Guy Card
The Bagel Guy CardViews 3.8M2 years ago
6:36In Lazy People's Defense
In Lazy People's DefenseViews 4.1M2 years ago
4:44I Just Wanted Food
I Just Wanted FoodViews 5M2 years ago
3:42I've Been Challenged To Eat Pizza
4:40Stupid Things I Do
Stupid Things I DoViews 3.9M2 years ago
4:09I suck at chess
I suck at chessViews 3.1M2 years ago
7:05James is a good butt friend
James is a good butt friendViews 1M2 years ago
5:30Peer Pressure
Peer PressureViews 5M2 years ago
8:38The Day I Got Arrested
The Day I Got ArrestedViews 6M2 years ago
6:21The Ocean and Why Orcas Terrify Me
4:46The day I almost freaking died
3:48Had to be there moments suck
Had to be there moments suckViews 2.3M3 years ago
6:41Running for Class President
Running for Class PresidentViews 2.7M3 years ago
7:23I Wasn't Allowed To Watch Egoraptor
4:57Working With Lazy People (Halloween)
4:24I Wasn't Allowed To Play Pokemon
5:15Man Broke Into My Backyard
Man Broke Into My BackyardViews 4M3 years ago
5:36Alien missile thing tried to probe me
5:24Someone Attacked My Car
Someone Attacked My CarViews 1.6M3 years ago
29:20My Journey on Youtube | SomeThingElseYT
HOW TO GYM GOODViews 278K3 years ago


  • Lucky my tooth hurts it’s bin there for 3 years

  • House tour??

  • Should’ve stayed that way you fucking loser

  • Adam currently I am scared to death that I'm going to get a serious infection and lose my hand please reply if reading

  • This song is of Eminem ? Kkkkkk

  • This is how many people are looking for terrences comment ⬇️⬇️

  • The grown up is my mom and dad!!!! lol

  • 1:25 I love how this is the first pro listed of all things.

  • Why does everyone make such a big deal about living on their own? This shit is easy, you clean way less often because one person dirtying shit up goes way slower than three people, washing dishes is a lot easier, doing laundry once a week instead of every day... this shit is like a fucking vacation.

  • Do you like fire or water

  • H He Hel Hell Hello Hell Hel He H

  • ............I love food 🥘

  • "M O T H E R. S A I D. I T. W A S. M Y. T U R N .

  • I Kia has food

  • Good thing you were James add ones out because he sucks at spelling no affence

  • Can i just say this version of the giving tree is so much better than the og version

  • Me:ok finally I’m done after twenty times Brain:o hell nah boi you staying up some more Gucci!!!!!? Me:y-y-yes sir wit I don’t have to listent to you. Brain:I will kil myself in your sleep Me:wash now let’s not get to serious

  • James: *yeets the rice at adam* Adam: O O F

  • Mondoloan grill lol

  • But Adam how high were you in the trees? Adam: I don't do drugs stupid! BADUM TING!

  • Nice toe Adam 12:28

  • I also had a jaw surgery a couple years back and i honestly just slept and played video games

  • You see, I cant tell, but I have this hunch, just a slight feeling that he likes chocolate milk.

  • Was that bakugo

  • "Is this what betrayed feels like"-adam 2018


  • That was wasteful some people don't have cake and I'm your biggest fan bye

  • Adulting is Hard

  • Bra... Stop that age appropriate stuff


  • Oof that poor coffee table can we get do rips in the chat😂

  • I was eleven; my parents kept a beach bucket in their bedroom with all their loose change. My bedroom was like, four steps across the hall so I'd sneak in there to steal the money so i could spend it on bubble gum I wasn't supposed to have b/c of my braces. My mom caught me; she took me to the police station and had me talk to an officer who explained to me why stealing even from my Mom was wrong. It terrified me b/c i thought I'd have to spend the night in jail (and being Autistic, I was upset I had not brought my teddy or blanky with me). In the end, I got a stern warning from the officer and i got grounded by my mom. But it worked, and i never stole money from that bucket ever again.

  • Rip table 😂

  • I almost died when I was born the In biblical cord was wrapped around my neck twice chocking me and then I almost died two months ago somebody threw a fire work at my table outside at a restaurant

  • I am from phx I remember this

  • you spread Vegemite in a thin layer over toast...dumb american "aren't you american?" hush little Jimmy


  • Me: *Presses video* Video: *markiplier shows up* Me:*exits video and presses the video again* Video:*markiplier shows up* Me: What the heck!!!!!!!

  • *Just be yourself!* It's never that easy for some people.

  • Thank God my school has clear touches. So now it's a digital white board.

  • Man this channel is something else

  • Naruto vs neji fight

  • 'go big or give me all your money.' *begins to have flash backs*

  • Vilonet dangous for you

  • Love animation colors and style good job dude

  • Hi, almost 30-year-old who still lives with parents checking in. If you still haven't figured out groceries, try r/eatcheapandhealthy. If you can't afford 2-3 meals a day, just tell people you're trying out this intermittent fasting thing so you can maintain your girlish figure.

  • My name is melissa

  • 1:15 literally everyone I sold cookies to 😂

  • Same my jaw locks all the time and sometimes I can’t even open it wide enough to eat food😭

  • I’ve somehow learned how to wake myself up from nightmares.

  • I like shadow the hedgehog too

  • It has been more than 5 years since I have had a nightmare

  • This is amazing

  • I love how much your animation skills have improved!!!! This is so well animated!!!!

  • Star Wars is better you should do a recap on it

  • People say to this day he still fights with his mom over chacey milk

  • T H E R E S N O T I M E

  • Lol computer

  • Ok dis is my mom God don't need a dam he walks on water!

  • 4:40 that looks the get out of my car guy

  • I enjoy nightmares because I like adrenaline.

  • I broke my leg and was in traction for a while. I watched a lot of roller coaster videos. Also my mom compared me to ET the alien. Because 75% of the time all I would say is ouch.


  • 0:20

  • 0:56

  • 0.36

  • 038


  • It took me awhile to realize that wasn't markimoo talking😅😂

  • I still do this to the day !!!!

  • 2:20 wasted

  • I like your dog

  • Make chocy milk mearch!!!

  • I will be your Friend Becuse im aslo sercming help

  • You look like markiplier

  • 6 dolphins riding on 6 dinosaurs?

  • Mongolian bbq

  • Adam: Vexing vicious vomit-inducing viagabonds Me: * Milk comes trough Nose* LOL

  • $MANGO$

  • There were 8 of us in AP Spanish my senior year in high school. We all collectively decided towards the end of the year that none of us were going to take the test so we messed around a lot. At some point, we would go on snack runs, but we had to ask to go in Spanish and we couldn't just ask to go to the vending machine (bc our new prinicipal was a jerk n they were cracking down on that). So our teacher deadass was like, do you mean "el baño?" We'd deadass be like "yo necesito un dolar para el baño." And she was cool with it lmao. Even gave us orders from time to time. Yes, we were her fave class.

  • 11:22 It sounded like he said "Oh penis"!

  • I might just be stupid but I’m pretty sure square feet can’t go up, square feet measures the area of the place when looking straight down onto it

  • Me; in car Mom: ok so we need blah and some blah Random guy; smoking in car Me: remembers the ad smoking is dangerous Also me: knocks on my window and some how that guy here’s it Him: rolls window down Me: rolls window down Me: BLASTS The song Faker love and Screams Stop smoking its kills smoking is dangerous Guy: throws his thingy away The guy grew up to be Logan Paul

  • Adam: Now let me weave you a tale... Jazza: I dOn’T rEaLlY nEeD a FuR sUiT 1:10

  • somethingelse YT somethingelse YT something else YT

  • who else thought that he would say u know wut word when the gf/ex said a privet place to go


  • Is she real?? Nobody knows. 1:Keep your door shut 2:Stay in with someone. 3:KILL YR FRIENDS NO-MATTER WHAT.

  • Adam in the beginning: oh yeah this game is pretty scary... blah blah blah Adam in the middle: just asking to be demonized

  • MA MA

  • SmethingElse: were frickin strong, beutiful, (I forgot the rest of wut he said) 18 year olds! Me: *Milk spews through nose*

  • Bakugo at 2:58, is that ur personality?

  • bakugo in the backround.... BAKUGO

    • 2:40 So you wanted an apartment near your Algebra teacher?

  • Final Space

  • Howtobasic?

  • if a draw a stick figure am I copying the person that made stick figures?

  • How tf he eating if his mouth wired shut

  • 7:07 *XD*

  • I think we all were

  • i good chess i can teach you