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HEY! I'm Molly, a typical sushi and makeup loving millennial girl who just so happens to be blind!
I was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa at just 4 years old and began public speaking at age 5. Even though I can’t see, I know that there are bright spots in everything we face. Let’s find them together!
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24:46Surprising A Newly Blind Subscriber!
24:52This Is How My Eye Appointments Go…
16:325 Most Awkward Blind Girl Moments...
23:43Trying Taco Bell For The First Time!
23:30I Bought My Subscribers Clothes!
29:59My IUD Horror Story (Super TMI!)
My IUD Horror Story (Super TMI!)Views 318K2 months ago
12:145 Things To Never Say To A Blind Person
30:51My Two Bedroom LA Apartment Tour!
My Two Bedroom LA Apartment Tour!Views 297K3 months ago
22:31Shop With Me At Primark!
Shop With Me At Primark!Views 163K3 months ago
17:50I Created ZERO Waste for 24 Hours
I Created ZERO Waste for 24 HoursViews 157K3 months ago
11:35How VidCon Changed (2019 VidCon Vlog)
22:07Date Night Chit Chat GRWM!
Date Night Chit Chat GRWM!Views 250K4 months ago
11:17How Guide Dogs Guide A Blind Person
36:01How My First Guide Dog Died...
How My First Guide Dog Died...Views 525K4 months ago
16:50I Haven’t Been Kissed In A Year…
18:40I Went Vintage Shopping With Tan France
11:09Living Like A Hypebeast / Insta Baddie
19:06What It’s Really Like To Be A Model…
22:08I Bought My Mom All New Teeth! (Veneers)
17:09The Worst Date I Ever Went On…
The Worst Date I Ever Went On…Views 411K6 months ago
16:4210 Worst Things About Having A Guide Dog
11:35I Tried to Swim with a Mermaid Tail!
12:17I Went To A Nudist Spa
I Went To A Nudist SpaViews 339K7 months ago
8:58I Surprised My Mentor W/ $15,000!!!
13:4710 WORST Things About Being Blind!
10 WORST Things About Being Blind!Views 371K11 months ago
8:06My Guide Dog Picks My Outfit! (so cute)
12:41Am I REALLY Blind?! (Lie Detector Test!!)
8:2210 Things I LOVE About Being BLIND!
24:09Blindfolded Skydiving w/ The Dolan Twins!


  • omg where is this store i need to go i literally live in london

  • re the taxi moment: Getting into the wrong taxi is NOT something only a blind girl would do. There are lots of videos about people whose only disability is attitude, who get into ordinary people's cars and persistently demand to be taken to their destination, or who get into occupied taxis and insist it's their taxi.

  • Holy cow your mom was right to be nervous on that date. That had creepy guy vibe written all over it.

  • how do you know visual things

  • I’m not blind, I just wear glasses. One thing that’s actually kind fun is when you and another friend who wears glasses switch glasses for a second to see how similar or different your prescriptions are. My boyfriend and I did this one time, and it was funny, ‘cause he’s only mildly nearsighted, whereas I am *VERY* nearsighted! His glasses didn’t even make a dent in correcting my vision 😅 and mine kinda made his eyes hurt a little

  • Gallup is so cute and has really good manners

  • How do you know what the clothing looks like

  • Such a typical lab walk into water and then rub and roll in the sand.

  • Those sunglasses are my absolute favorite

  • Never mind reading with the lights off, can you read braille in the car without getting motion sickness? For that matter, do blind people get worse motion sickness or less motion sickness than sighted people, since it's supposedly linked to sight? Trees are amazing to look at. And dragons, pictures of dragons.

  • Je suis francais aussi

  • This video made so happy! I can somewhat relate because I have also have Stargart’s disease!

  • I like dogs but I dont like owning one lol so I think a guide dog would not be fun for me, but they are sooo useful.

  • The ad was a literal eyeball surgery 😭

  • I’ll add one 🦄 per like 🦄

  • This was so cute but I just remembered like 8 months ago you went to do a laser hair removal session,what happened to that update video?

  • Wait I thought she was blind she can’t see. I’m confused

  • I couldn’t comment on yours so here’s my answer I don’t think I ever went

  • 20:00 Feaess ....omg im dead

  • Off the subject.. Gallup is an INCREDIBLE name for the dog! He's adorable! I watched an older video about what not to ask.. I must admit, I always seem to ask about petting the guide dog.. i'm an animal person... but what I wanted to ask... is about glasses.. do you wear them on windy days? dusty days? high pollen? For you know, eye protection?.... I personally hate when something is in my eye.. drives me crazy.. can't imagine not being able to see what's about to end up in my eye.. Have you ever asked someone to describe you/your smile to you?

  • To the girls that use a menstrual cup: WHEN YOU SOT DOWN DOESNT THE CUP TOU HJ YOUR STOMACH?

  • You did the title wrong here I’ll fix it: this is how my eye appointment goes

  • We usually dilate children with Cyclo, which can last up to 2 days. Adults don't need such an intense strength, so they used pilocarpine, which is a much milder of a dilation drop

  • I know you get told all the time but you're literally the epidemy of perfection physically and looks wise. You are truly beautiful inside and out and it's a shame you can't see what you look like but at the same time sight may have made you a different person and you wouldn't be able to help the blind community like you do because you probably wouldn't have had an interest and would have just been an Instagram model or something . Everything happens for a reason. Your face is perfectly balanced you have the best eyebrows ever, always very shapely and nice and big eyes but they fit your face you have very good bone structure and perfect skin ( no lines) your teeth and lips are the perfect size for your face and you have the cutest little button nose but not so little it looks weird lol. Your body is the ideal size. You are all around stunning and perfect. You're a 10/10. <3

  • Well I hate online shopping and I’m sighted! I can NEVER find a size that fits... Also for all you Brits, like me, size 5 is a 2/2.5... I’m 12 and the same height as Molly and I’m a 9.5 us and 7 uk... I gOt bIg aSs fEeT


  • I laughed inappropriately hard at that stuffed animal story 😂😂

  • Don't worry! I'm sighted (I wear glasses tho) I tried to open my car (there's three other EXACTLY SAME CARS) I got into the wrong car the person left there car unlocked and the car wasn't starting and I WAS LIKE SORRY SORRY SORRY SO SORRY!

  • Im beyond jealous that you are still allowed to go to sick kids, I had to leave when I was 18 and now I get dialysis at toronto general hospital which is RIGHT across the street from sickkids hospital :( Ugh

  • If someone on the street asked you if they could pet Gallop what would you say?

  • What a gorgeous video. My heart feels much warmer.

  • when i was younger I was cross eyed so I had a surgrey to correct them and then i had patches for the rest of preschool

  • You should do a 10 things you can ask a blind person

  • I'm so glad she's ok

  • You have freezing drops! My doctors (I live in Russia) never do them before the dialation drops. And those sting like HELL! Hte them. Also hate the eye pressure check, the one that blows air in your eye. Not fun at all.

  • i fully would wear those botched shoes im a size 5 and everything lmao also this video was posted 2 days before my bday aw cute also also converse wtf are u doing i like ur shoes but w h a t

  • Yes more mermaid videos and can you please come to Portland Oregon, Please!😊💜

  • Oh shit, this is a good question

  • I need glasses to see far away and my friend asked me if something that was far away on a TV, would I be able to see it? And I said no because if something looks far away on TV screen its smaller so it would be very blurry (+_+)

  • I laughed out loud oh my goodness. I would like to hear some of the more serious moments. I want to be able to be aware of the needs of those around me.

  • I’m about to get lasik!! Hell yeah! I go once a year for eye appointments 👍

  • If I get a tail can join your mermaid squad, lol😊💜🐝😂

  • I went legally blind in 2013 I finally accepted it and watching your videos has helped me I get questioned a lot of the same as you do I think you're a wonderful young lady and thank

  • She doesn’t even know how effin HOT these two are escorting her in her merch .....

  • Cool video! I also really like the outfit! :)

  • Your purple hair (which in itself is gorgeous by the way) with that brown coat and pants looks so amazing. You are as beautifully outside as you are inside. Thank you for being an amazing person!

  • Are you at mothers beach in Long Beach?

  • You should get a wallaby

  • Dr Mike looks exhausted through this whole thing 😂

    • Also I love that all these comments are how hot dr M is but she wouldn’t know. Believe me guys I’m sure she knows

  • Man when I was a kid the dilating drops would last 72 hours. Wonder what they've changed.

  • Sooo can she see or not?

  • Even if all of this is fake it shouldn't matter because if it makes molly feel better then that's all that matters.

  • The most aesthetically pleasing thing to me is my boyfriend he's gorgeous haha😍😍😂

  • you should do a vr video where you put like a filter on it so we can see what you see!

  • Molly, you're such an inspiration to all of us mermaids in the making. Keep being your adorable self and make your own waves! Give Gallop hugs for all of us! <3

  • 💜💚💙❤💛🐬🐳🐟🌞🌊🌈🐠🐙🐚

  • This video had me ballin. Omg

  • ppl who distract service dog are just the worse ... I always gets sooo mad when I see someone doing stuff like that

  • My eyes started watering in sympathy when she got her eyes dilated

  • YOU WHERE BULLIED!!!K!!!'!!! !!!!!

  • Hey I have a learning disorder and siezures and ptsd at 22 years old I watch you because I see that I'm not that bad off but I do love watching when always want to kill I watched your video

  • lmao

  • The most aethetically pleasing thing to me is, personally, the human iris. Up close, you can see each dignified color band, and it's truly mesmerizing.

  • But she can’t see her doctor.... 😎

  • I believe you but I HAD my doubts

  • The sky, any moment the sky is so beautiful

  • I’ve always known how to swim like a mermaid. I don’t have a tail yet

  • Gallop should be a comedian 😂

  • Oh I’m going to start using that blink in trick! Thx.

  • That’s not fair you have like numbing drops for your eyes where I go here in Florida there’s no dark room or those freezing drops and we just have to endure the pain and headaches of that stup dialating drops 😂

  • Where does a Mermaid shop? At the MERcantile. What is a Mermaids favorite kind of wine? Its MERlot. What is a Mermaids favorite car? A MERcedes.

  • I remember as a little kid I had a hot pink eye patch with a butterfly on in that fit over my eye glasses. I also used to hate getting my eyes dilated because i was so sensitive to the drops. I remember my vision getting so blurry i couldn't even see well enough to press the call button for the elevator

  • If there is blind mermaids they would probably swim with service dolphins 🐬 or fish🐠

  • What's is your favorite color? Mine is Yellow 🌻💛⭐🌠✨👑Yelove🤣lol

  • SIZE TWO AND A HALF??? I’m 12 and I’m size 7 uk.... and I’m the same height as Molly...

  • Glaucoma runs in my family, and my eyesight is extremely poor already! I mean I got a new optician recently and she assessed me and just out this b i g puff and I was like 'worse?' 'worse, yes.' 'I've never stayed the same it's fine.' I get blurry, double vision and have super strong glasses, but god I'm scared if glaucoma decides to punch me in the eyeballs, you know? I'm scared to lose my art! I love to draw. I'm scared to stop seeing my family, I'm scared to never SEE someone like Molly! But when I watch her, I breathe and I go, 'if I lose it, I lose it. I'll still be able to smell fresh cookies, feel my mothers hands when I hold them, and hear my friends bursting out into song'

  • Why do you need sunglasses 🕶 if your blind? I don’t care if you don’t feel like answering.

  • I feel the whole “cure“ thing because I am blind in my right eye and my vision is getting worse and worse in my left eye and I get people saying to me “isn’t there a cure or surgery?” Like. No there isn’t lmao. And I hate that when you tell people something about you they immediately go for a cure thing. I have had people tell me in the future that there could be a cure but like, I doubt it, at least for me because it has to do with my optical nerve not a disease. -_-

  • oh! i have a perfect vision, but i see these bright coloured lights too! when I close my eyes (without pressing), and if i concentrate, I can even see them with my eyes open, and they've always been the same, all my life, but they're purple, blue and orange! also only three colours.

  • Love u Molly!!!!!! 💗hope you are having a wonderful day today.

  • Would you be cool riding coasters?

  • I thought you were swimming in Marina Del Rey for a hot minute. LOL Newport is much nicer. I used to row for UCLA in the Marina and that water is unsafe!

  • I watched this right after the “I tried to swim with a mermaid tail!”

  • He is a though, you know you are going to met someone......Tell them you blind, your friends don't know your blind?

  • I found out at 22 that not everyone sees giant starburst/star things from lights at night (think lens flares on cameras) and that I only saw that because I was near sighted. I thought my whole life everyone struggled to see on the freeway at night because of oncoming traffics headlights turning into a bright blob

  • How did you know there was a jellyfish light?


  • I cried, this is soooooo cute💕💕

  • To everyone that is reading this comment Your beautiful the way you are You are special If you are blind... You are awesome! Awesome and I mean it 👏 😎

  • 1) when I close my eyes, I see specific patterns of colours, of very small cubes and nets. it's very difficult to describe, they're very bright and always change in the same order. But I actually specifically asked other people to find out if everybody sees the same (before your question, long ago, because i was wondering) and most of the people didn't even understand what I was talking about! 2) your eyes look grey to me. Eyes are not one solid colour, they change wave-like from the centre to the edge. and also they might look different colour at different light. 3) I can see wet and dry 4) pores are very different on different people, it';s usually a sign of an illness if they're _very_ big and visible. 5) the most common pen colour is violet, dark purple. that's in Russia, in other places it might be different. 6) stars are very different depending on the light pollution - say, in a city or away from all lights. in a city they are twinkling, shimmering dots of different colours and different brightness. in the countryside... oh... that's just incredible. it's not just glimmering dust. you can actually feel the depth of the Universe. you can feel they're billions of them, and the space goes incredibly deep. and the Milky Way is like a shimmering road. 7) actually, freckles might be very much like stars! they are actually different on different people, different types, sizes, colour, number. on my face they practically melt into a brown milky way on my cheekbones and nose, but everywhere else you can see them as bright dots, especially on my arms and shoulders. and they are much brighter in the summer, in the winter they are pale. how common freckles are depends a lot of the country, nationality, race, etc. they usually go with very pale, milk-white skin. they can be orange or brown (like mine) orange usually go with red hair and are pretty rare in most countries (except, say, Ireland) brown are more common, but generally more people don't have them. or have them only on their faces. but some (like me) have them even on their fingers. 8) about overloading. you don't get overloaded with all the sounds you hear all the time, right? or with all the sensations in and on your body? that's how we aren't overloaded. we just don't really register most of it. at least I don't.

  • This is super useful to know! I’ve traveled by plane loads by myself, but I’m getting my first guide dog soon and don’t know what to expect when it comes to flying with guide dog vs cane.

  • My vision is correctable to normal but I have face-blindness, meaning I can't recognise faces, and like some but not all face-blind people I also struggle with things like reading facial expressions. And obviously that is way easier to live with than actual blindness, but since I've always had this difference in perception I get these moments too sometimes. I always knew it was possible to look at someone's eyes and work out what they're looking at. But I always assumed it was a thing where you had to like, stare at them and work it out. Well into adulthood. Until I read about how babies do it instinctively from a very young age and realised, this is another one of those things people can just *do*. Likewise, I knew that deaf people often learn to lipread and always found that rather impressive. But gradually I've come to realise that almost all sighted people lipread a little bit. People expect me to be able to understand if they slowly and exaggeratedly mouth a few words at me silently. Spoiler: you might as well just be opening and closing your mouth like a cartoon. You can even put audio of a person saying something over footage of them saying something else and a lot of people will mis-hear the sound because of it.

  • Did anybody notice she was looking at them both when she was talkin

  • 4:01 can you feel pain in your eyes if soap got it your eyes?

  • I get my eyes dilated all the time and my eyes started stinging when she put the drops in

  • you are one tuff girl! my grandma has been slowley going blind for years! its very scary

  • I remember wearing my eyepatches as a really young kid and you’re right the patterns are such a good idea 💖

  • McNuggets dipped in caramel

  • the most aesthetically things to look at for me are sunsets, cats, trees, rocks (I live in the Urals, we have these amazing-looking pillars of layered rocks. nice streams in the forests. fresh, deep, fluffy snow covering every branch of every tree - the winter forests are enchanting! about night vision - I've always had extremely good night vision, but I've always been amazed at cats, just like you at people - they can clearly see in what's a complete darkness to us people!

  • Each part of this video makes me happier than the last! I think my favorites might be the name Merman Calimario, and Gallop not wanting to swim - "I love you Molly, but it's cold!"