iPhone SE 2 is Coming With a HOT Price Tag!?

Published on Oct 14, 2019
On Pocketnow Daily, we have some deals for the Google Pixel 3a XL on Best Buy. Nubia's dual screen z20 is available globally for a crazy price tag. A new patent shows that OPPO wants to take waterfall displays to a new level. It looks like Samsung is also planning on making a Galaxy S10 Lite. Of course, we have more leaks of the Google Pixel 4 ahead of tomorrow's event. We end today's show with more reports for the iPhone SE 2 which seems promising.
All this and more after the break.
- Google Pixel 3a Deals!
- Nubia's dual-screen Z20 is now on sale for $549
- OPPO wants to wrap the screen completely around all sides of the phone
- Samsung also working on an affordable Galaxy S10
- Google Pixel 4 retail box leaks ahead of launch
- ‘Oh So Orange’ Pixel 4 breaks cover once again, this time at a Variety event
- Kuo: iPhone SE2 coming Q1 2020, priced at $399
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  • 3 mins into this video I am still wondering where is the subject mentioned on the title?

  • Headphone jack?

  • When is the real launch of iPhone se 2? I can’t wait to get one 😍😍😍

  • Apple no longer cares about selling the $1000 dollar versions of the iPhones, yes, selling it as much as possible means profit. But they care more about actually selling large numbers now because it would push their services to more and more people. This is why it would make sense for them to start selling lower priced iPhones even though pro sales would go down.

    • They are doing that because there are so many brands that are giving much more for half price of Apple

  • iPhone 8s

  • iPhone 8 pro

  • iPhone 82

  • Then buy iphone 8 now. Why wait for iphone se2. Same design same price. Ridiculous

  • As long as it has that Portrait feature even though having only a single cam (just like in XR), ill definitely buy one!!!!

  • Yes I will buy Iphone se2

  • iphone 8 form factor is a mistake IMO. would love, love, LOVE to get that small box-edged 4in display just like the iconic original. except, of course, modern camera and enough speed not to be a dog. rumor is that the box-edge is what's coming to their iphone 12, though, so they probably want to save that surprise

    • michael p The reason why the SE is cheap is because it uses old phones that they have leftover. A small design would mean that they have to make new phones and that would cost more.

  • I’ll be getting one. I’m using the SE now.

  • iPhone se x

  • Still the iPhone se2 is overpriced as you can get an far better phone at tht price

  • would it support wireless charging as well that be cool as well

  • I'm torn. I really want to play mario kart double dash on the go but....

  • SE form factor is by far the best by Apple... With a better screen, more ram and a faster chipset it would be the dogs... Sales of the SE bucked the trend and surprised Apple and demonstrated that an awful lot of people don’t want oversized mobiles which are difficult to use with one hand and considerably more fragile... I’d love to see a super omoled and for them to make the chassis a little thicker to accommodate a larger battery...

  • iPhone 8 xs max pro looks lit

  • If the iPhone SE2 had two cameras, it will be a bargain A TRUE ONE

  • “I’m Jaime Rivera and i still complain about my job even tho I’m really bragging” 😂

  • More megapixels does not equate to a better camera.

  • Oppo software is garbage.

  • Don't need a bigger screen on the Samsung Fold, you dimwit! It is only for glancing at information, not to be used as the primary display of your desktop. Also, the small screen discourages people getting lost while scrolling their Instagram on a small screen. Opening the FOLD is a much more deliberate action.

  • iPhone SE 2 Plus? Come on Apple I’d upgrade from my 8 Plus to that so fast 😁😁

  • iPhone SE 2 pls have a headphone jack

  • it would be better if it has the same boxy design of the SE , not the design of 8 .. A lot of people are looking for the design than the Specs

  • Now at least we all know what is Apple doing with all those iPhone displays coming up from low sales from previous years.... ... damn, when I thought I was already tired of the Notch design.... they bring the Old School.... wich I'm even more Bored.... Whats happening Apple?... running out of good design ideas?. . .

  • Point of the SE was it’s size and weight. This is in NO WAY the SE.

  • If Apple release this at this price I will queuing at the door.

  • Omg this is 🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱

  • i'll just stick to last year's flagship

  • I would be interested in the se2 except it will only have 128gb... the phone I have now has 256gb and I already ran out of storage twice!

  • SE2 looks like crap with such outdated design, once again Apple is cheaping out...

  • its hell of a smart idea I WANT ONE

  • A13 and 399 bucks = take my money

  • Skip to 4:00 if you came for the SE2

  • “...from someone which was on the Pixel 3A ads”. You have an excellent command of the English language, Jaime. You mangle grammar in every video. I thought you went to school in the States. It must not have been past the fifth grade.

  • The SE2 is the new iPod...Apple is playing word games again.

  • I wonder the mAh on this ?!?!

  • They're making their phones affordable so more people can get in on their services

  • This iPhone SE is garbage I would rather keep the old 8. The design should of stayed as the SE was. Imagine it looking like the XR was in that same iPhone 5 design. That design was the best in my opinion.

  • iPhone

  • Pass again.

  • SE 2 is definitely Needed with thee Right price

  • Jaime: The official news today begin with deals... Me: 🙄🙄🙄 Duh! It's not just today, its everyday. Lol

  • Hype for iPhone se2!

  • 👍

  • Buying an expensive phone is a statement that you can afford it, most people don't even know the difference or what new features their new phone has.

  • Awesome! Keen for the return of compact phones

  • I’ll upgrade from my iPhone SE if the SE2 because it should be reasonably sized for a phone, and I hope that it has Touch-ID instead of making me show my face to the camera like edward Snowden warned us not to do.

  • I think the iPhone SE was a success because of it's form factor. A lot of people wanted a smaller phone option and Apple delivered with the SE. If they're going to release it in the iPhone 6 case style, i don't know if it will be much of a success. Though, if people out there want an iPhone but can't get it right now because of the high price, this might be the iPhone for them!

  • I never complain when a company comes out with different versions of a phone, whether it be a SE, Lite or Porsche Edition. Options are always a good thing in my opinion.

  • Sigh... The Galaxy Fold had the outer screen it does because of aspect ratio. They could have easily covered the entire side with screen but it would have been some crazy numbers. It also makes this phone the best phone call phone I've owned in a REALLY long time. The earpiece and mic just fall into place. To do what you want the phone would be an inch wider when folded, combined with the extra thickness... As it is, you have basically the same volume between this phone and a Note 10+. Personally, I think the next design may be more along the lines of a folio case with the main body of the phone being of "normal" thickness and the double "flap"\"cover" screen being really thin. That way you'll get an 8" inner screen and your desired 6" or so outer screen.

  • I guess Apple always overestimate their order on chassis, that they probably have tons of chassis they had to move off somehow...

  • Mobile of the year 2020, may be Apple SE-2

  • if it retains my current I Phone se design, it will sell like hotcakes.... if not you know its apple by innovation only.

  • This needs at least 4GB ram and 128 storage, which is still less than android phones at that prices who give you oled and 1080P, headphone jack, sd cards, and a larger screen and no notch or a smaller notch.

  • I like when he calls his name

  • Apple still sells the Iphone 8 for 449USD ... this will be a replacement. Sounds cheap but you get a really outdated design and display, which will become even more outdated in the years to come. The A13 processor is an overkill, which no one will need. If someone doesnt want to / cant afford at least the Iphone XR, I would rather choose a midrange Android device.

  • There are some who still prefer the classic iPhone, so I do think it's a good idea