ReLoad Part 2【 Frans - Undertale Comic Dub 】

Published on Nov 18, 2019
ReLoad Part 1【 Frans - Undertale Comic Dub
► We would like to give thanks to keary who made ReLoad comic and gave us permission to dub.
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► Video Production: David
► Casting and Audio Production: StarMan Studios
►Dialogue Editing: Michael Night
►SFX Editing: Trent Killjoy, Chris Thurgood
►Mix and Master: Kim Morton
► Cast:
All the sanses are Jordan Beckman,
All the Frisks and Charas are Kya Impax
Papyrus - Curtis Pen
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  • 10 Minutes of The Final Part will come out tomorrow, So Hope you like it. Thanks for watching!

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    • Hello everyone❤❤❤

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