my battle..

Published on Oct 9, 2019


  • 3:35 you should have Gavin a ocd wanrnig bc now I’m fucking mad

  • Dude mr beast is going to plant some trees but he needs some youtubers to join him. Maybe you should go

  • This is how much likes there are I V

  • LazarBeam: I’m in a movie Me: searches up movie to see what it’s rated. Rated R Me who’s 12: tears

  • Lazerbum, I got a good video idea. But this wouldn't be seen in a million years. My friend and I looked it up a few months ago no one did it, so it might have been done but yeah.

    • No popular person has done if not anyone.

  • You should make some mémé references in the movie.

  • Gg


  • Congrats on the new house and sorry for your rough times good luck

  • My thoughts: "hes gonna get copywrited soon..." Lannan: MoNtH ReViEw!¡

  • 0:21 indeed you are just a pewds rippoff

  • were here for ya lannan anxiety does suck

  • i got anxiety too. it’s ok ✌🏻

  • Love this guyyyy

  • I’m with you bro I have stage 2 depression and anxiety it’s tough

  • I can really feel your anxiety in the content lately.. I hope you feel stronger and beat it asap. Stay well and stay strong bug L

  • Play fortnite

  • It’s a phone case look at the video about bad photo shop battles

  • Make a temporary yeet tattoo and code lazar

  • Why don’t you get tanner to pay her editor to edit your videos instead of paying rent.


  • stream lannan lachy is boring

  • Lazar thinks and worrying about lumps in his neck?? I believe drugs

  • I love you even more now. Anxiety is a nightmare as I have it and I know. Big hugs. Some days are better than others and some people do take the mick. I tell them I hope they never have to have it.

  • I’m subbed to Sam Dubs

  • Hi play fortnite

  • Real Gs remember madden

  • LazarBeam/lannan: Suck my ______ RUvideo: Prepare the coffin

  • Ww1 not ww2 btw

  • I got yeet tattooed it’s on my insta

  • \__(^_^)__/

  • LazarBeam I will always have ur back. Ur my favorite RUvideor. And I also have anxiety

  • I here you mate

  • WAIT! Lannan (Lannon?) said that he and Elliot are brother-in-laws... So he and Ilsa (Elsa?) are engaged.............(BTW I'm sorry if I misspelt the names I'm fairly new)

  • just make sure u dont get demonotization to ad to that anxiety

  • 8:21 um Lazar .... That's the 1st world war not 2nd🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Cut the bum hair of your lips😈

  • Hey dumbfuck ellipses have THREE dots NOT two. I would rather have my wife give birth to an schizophrenic egomaniac than have a son who plays Fortnite for a living and can't use ellipses correctly.

  • Bro I know your pain I am 15 in Greensboro Georgia and Mann is anxiety hard, it has been the most stressful and difficult thing I have ever battled and it is not fun having those little panic attacks because it almost feel like your dying well that basically what you feel like.. your body feels week,headache, dizzy,heart race speeds up but turn out your fine and all type of shit But yea I know your pain bro

  • damn i have anxiety, depression and some ADD.. dont worry your not alone :)

  • Great job on making it on actual trending

  • Yeet use code lazar for season11 battle pass

  • Because of the title I thought he was going to have cancer or something

  • .where is the queen and u should make Make kids yeet tattoos

  • Don't die or cray will steal ur bitch

  • Just know Lannan, I will always wish the best

  • Ay yo, Anxiety checkkkk

  • I actually searched up yeet god lannan did show but also a bunch of random S**t did to

  • Lazarbeam: *says a cuss word* RUvideo: I see you have chosen death as your option

  • I’m so proud of you Lannan. 😭❤️

  • Are you having a giggggleeeeEEeEeEe

  • Fortnite dies: lazarbeam: f**k why did I get this tattoo saying codes Lazar I knew it would die soon I knew it

  • random person in fresh s stream: every kill lazer beam gets i will donate 10 dollars lazerbeam: gets 3 kills

  • Hh

  • I know how u feel I have anxiety and depression but u always make my day. Thx so much.

  • hello

  • who loves lazer beam at least 20 likes

  • Bots be like: LIKE IF U LOVE LAZARBEAM 👇 Don’t you fu dare press the Like button

  • Did he get copystriked?

  • Bring back madden please