Meet Galarian Ponyta in Pokémon Shield! 🛡️

Published on Oct 9, 2019
Meet Galarian Ponyta, the Unique Horn Pokémon! Galarian Ponyta have been found in a certain forest of the Galar region since ancient times.
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  • Aw that's cute Internet: LET'S MAKE PORN OF IT!!!

  • Now I have the my little pony theme song stuck in my head....


  • Galarian Ponyta literally just looks like a unicorn and I love it

  • Starlight glimmer broke time again and created a new timeline where they’re Pokémon now

  • OMG its soooooooo cute!!!! I LOVE THE COLOR CHOICE!!!

  • You should have make it a fairy type it deserves to be a fairy because if the look

  • Is this real?

  • She's/he's so beautiful!

  • I love how they made it a little game before where we would all try to figure out what pokemon was hiding in the bushes!

  • *Floofy*

  • I'm picking sword and nothing is going to change my mind Game Freak!

  • Looks like it's hair is made of cotton candy. Plus it looks more like a Fairy type than a psychic type.

  • Sword players: I have sirfetch Shield players: well we have a ponytail.

  • This is one reason I want to get shield

  • I'm team Sword, Its okay I have friends who are getting Shield. They can trade me the Ponyta ❤

  • Anyone wanna trade? I'm getting pokemon sword but I really want this pokemon

  • Who else can feel the my little pony fanart forming?

  • I wish this could be my starter Pokémon

  • I was going to buy Sword because of that cool sword dog,but my Brony side is now forcing me to buy shield because of this.

  • 1900: we will have flying cars! Flying car pre-evolved form:

  • This is the only thing that the new games...well game, since it is in shield...have got goin for them/it. =/

  • Of course, they put the cool and cute Pokemon in the crappy Legendary game version.

  • Its a unicorn


  • Sobble is a spy (Nod to Sherlock Holmes), Scorbunny will be a soccer player (soccer is huge in the UK), and Grookie will be a musician.

  • P R E C I O U S

  • Why does the shield has the flag of my country

  • too many mlp fans in here bunch of weirdos

  • I want Galarian shuckle


  • *Vibrates with excitement*

  • Well that settles it, I’m getting Pokemon sword.


  • You a fool: I only got one version, dang it! Me a genius: hahaha you utter fool *pulls out my recite for both of the pre ordered games* now I get TWO DIFFERENT GAMING EXPERIENCES!!

  • It looks kawaii

  • Ooooh a shiny pony from my favorite tv show ...wynaut?

  • canceling my sword preorder

  • Looks cute. I hope to get this game!!

  • Boycott until they give us a real fully completed game that they put effort into! Don’t buy sword and shield! Hold out and show them their mistakes!

    • nah sirfetch’d and trans rights ponyta makes up for dexit

  • The shiny better be actually good or I’m gonna kill somebody

  • dont buy town its a flop nothing but repetitive game mode that isnt interesting at all you dont even leave the damm town you play in and yet half the pokemon are left out for this .............srsly gamefreak stick with what you know dont make anymore flops like town again or side projects its and yet you a gamefreak wonder why your fans are at ends with you even more and numbers just dont lie

    • So they went to develop another thing hoping to have another basket to put their eggs on, and now they ended up with neither of the two baskets? Predictable. Seriously, they should never neglect Pokémon, one of their best selling games, for some other side project like this. They should have waited to complete the other project to give their undivided attention to Pokémon Sword and Shield, or they should have entrusted their main title games to a trustworthy but separate team, so Game Freak has time to develop whatever it is that they want and not have that affect Pokémon. They split their team to develop two games at once and look at what happened. Now both games are going to flop really hard. One of them already did, apparently, and judging by those leaks, Sword and Shield don't look promising at all. X and Y and Sun and Moon will look like outstanding games compared to that even though they are actually mediocre games in comparison to previous Pokémon titles.

  • I agree with one commenter if the evolution doesn't look like a pegasus but a unicorn Rapidash with that kind of color and style it's going to be so cool it's so gorgeous and it's going to blow anyone's minds

  • "The unique horn pokemon" I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE GAMEFREAK

  • Kinda annoyed that GameFreak isnt posting more videos and it literally 10 days left why are making us wait?

    • Because they have a(n ugly) surprise for you, and they want to make sure you give them your money first. That's all.

  • Omg why tfq i have bought a 3ds


  • Wait a minute pony’s ,lions, corgis,tea cups Oh no I know we’re we are we’re in London or somewhere in the Uk everyone !!!!

  • Times up buddy, your games leaked, show the world what sacrifices you made for this game

  • What is going on? How have we not had the starters evolutions revealed yet? Games like 10 days away.

    • It a(n ugly) surprise. They want your money first, and they won't get it if they show you.

  • Lança mais trailer

  • Well, I just checked the pokédex leak and it seems I can't have my favorite pokémon in the game, no Bulbasaur, nor Mareep, but we can have plenty of Charizards, Charizards everywhere. I'm refunding my pre-purchase and I wish you guys from gamefreak lose the pokémon franchise so someone who REALLY are interested in making a good Pokémon Game can do a better job, cause now I'm sure that in Gamefreak nobody wants to really work. F* you Gamefreak.

    • I agree, and the advertisement for this game looks like a sham. They are showing us what looks presentable, but past that, it's shit. This is why they haven't revealed the starters yet. I think they are self - conscious and know exactly what they are doing. They were trying to create an expectation, that isn't real, just so they could get the money first and have that reflect on the first month of sales. They did that two times in a row, but they have gone next level. This is negligent, low, scummy. I don't like this, and I don't support it.

  • You cowards would never make this Pokémon fairy type

  • Beautiful cotton candy horse ponyta

  • I'm hyped! Let's see what it looks like shiny!!!

  • Furries and bronies are gonna have a field day with this

  • Look at how they massacred my boy.

  • Hi Arnab

  • Me: Awesome! I can't wait to- Game: *shield exclusive* Me: *wants sword because sexuality meme* Me:

  • Will we have a Galarian Rapidash? (I wish it was a Psychic/Fairy type... Or something else, ya know)