Billie Eilish - bad guy (with Justin Bieber) [Audio]

Published on Jul 11, 2019
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  • Y'all are just going to ignore how Billie dressed up in JoJo Siwa's vibe 🎀

  • Billie Ellish I went to the Hollywood bowl to see you!! I was amazing 😉

  • Why is the picture of a little girl? Aww is that you

  • sO iCy

  • I love it

  • Cool

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  • My bedroom used to look like Billie's

  • Billie: I’m the bad guy Bieber: I’m the bad guy Melanie Martinez: I’M NOT THE BAD GUY

  • Bruh. Justin Bieber takes peoples song. This just doesn't sound right. Billie Eillishs song is way better. Sorry :/

  • กูนึกว่าโทรสับค้าง-_-

  • Billie and Justin, my favorite. they was sang so 👍

  • Please listen "Bad Guy - Billie Eilish ft Big_Demian | Prod. Kremancho [Official Audio]"

  • Justin 🤤❤️ Billie 🤤❤️ my dream come true 🤤❤️

  • Justin Bieber is sliding into so many popular songs. What song do you think is next? 👇🏼

  • **So IcY** Lmfao 😂

  • Losiento si me entieden odio a justin Bieber perdon Billie😢

  • Summer glo ups be like this Billie Eilish photo to Sommer Ray's photoshoot.

  • Billie is waaaaay to good for Justin Bieber.

  • No one: Really no one: Justin Bieber: umm what are we doing

  • SIGN UP  ​bad guy Billie Eilish & Justin Bieber This is a remix of “bad guy” from Billie Eilish’s 2019 debut album, WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE… read more »  VERIFIED LYRICS BY Billie Eilish ​BAD GUY LYRICS [Intro: Billie Eilish & Justin Bieber] Hmm, da-da-da-da-da Da-da-da, hmm Da-da-da-hmm (Yeah, yeah) Oh, ah [Verse 1: Billie Eilish] White shirt now red, my bloody nose Sleepin', you're on your tippy toes Creepin' around like no one knows Think you're so criminal Bruises on both my knees for you Don't say thank you or please I do what I want when I'm wanting to My soul so cynical [Chorus: Billie Eilish] So you're a tough guy Like it really rough guy Just can't get enough guy Chest always so puffed guy I'm that bad type Make your mama sad type Make your girlfriend mad tight Might seduce your dad type I'm the bad guy Duh [Post-Chorus: Billie Eilish] I'm the bad guy [Verse 2: Justin Bieber] Gold teeth, my neck, my wrist is froze (So icy) I got more ice than, than the snow That guy, don't act like you don't know That guy, so critical (Skrrt) Tattoos on both my sleeves Yeah, I don't sleep, please don't wake me Loosen my tie up so I can breathe It ain't political, oh no (Uh-uh) [Chorus: Justin Bieber & Billie Eilish] Yeah, I'm a bad guy Ain't no holdin' back guy Come off like I'm mad guy Always got your back guy Yeah, I'm the real type Keep you full of thrills type Show you what it feels like Got an open invite I'm the bad guy, woah-ooh (Duh) [Post-Chorus: Billie Eilish] I'm the bad guy Duh I'm only good at bein' bad, bad [Bridge: Billie Eilish & Justin Bieber] (Ahh) (Ah) I like when you get mad I guess I'm pretty glad that you're alone (So icy) You said she's scared of me? I mean, I don't see what she sees But maybe it's 'cause I'm wearing your cologne (Let's go) [Outro: Billie Eilish & Justin Bieber] I'm a bad guy (Damn right) I-I'm a bad guy (Bad guy, aw, yeah, bad guy) I'm a bad... SHARE THE LYRICS “​BAD GUY” TRACK INFO Produced ByFINNEAS Written ByBillie Eilish, Justin Bieber, Poo Bear & FINNEAS Release DateJuly 11, 2019 EXPAND TRACK INFO MUSIC VIDEO  GENIUS VIDEO Is Billie Eilish’s ‘WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?’ Good Or Bad? TRANSLATIONS WHAT HAVE THE ARTISTS SAID ABOUT THIS SONG? HAS JUSTIN SANG ABOUT BEING A BAD GUY BEFORE? MORE ON GENIUS Billie Eilish On Tyler, The Creator’s Cosign: “I Would Be Nothing Without You” Justin Bieber Joins Billie Eilish On A Remix Of “Bad Guy” COMMENTS chronage 483 3 months ago I am happy for her cause she admires Justin but he doesn’t fit to this song +224 UPVOTES voui 186 3 months ago this is really bad +132 UPVOTES talea09 330 3 months ago i love billie but nO +115 UPVOTES Veetikkk 250 3 months ago this is straight up bad imo +114 UPVOTES Cidesui 264 3 months ago trash lol +96 UPVOTES About Genius Press AdvertiseEvent Space Privacy Policy LicensingJobs Terms of Use Copyright PolicyContact us © 2019 Genius Media Group Inc.


  • what was the sound *silence* justin: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah lolololol bilie: *sings* justin: So NICE!! what the hell was that sound wtf is happening!! I am literally in pieces lmao

  • Não creio! Pra que estragar a música assim?!


  • Alguien habla español aquí? :V

  • I am going to be the bald guy😢

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  • Melhor combinações de vozes!😻😻❤❤❤

  • Who's here because of Insatiable? 👋

  • Justin ruined the song

  • Let's switch this up! Like = Justin Bieber Comment = Billie

  • hermosa😍

  • I'm the Justin guy

  • So much pics of jb on your wall 😵😵😵

  • I heared this and now, I have cancer

  • Algum br?? Quem prefere sem o justin bieber comenta Quem prefere só a Billie da like Me:like óbvio ✧༺♥༻✧ Edit;to famosaaa

  • The song is the radio

  • I ain’t no Bieber fiever

  • *billie eilish:I'm a baaaad guy* *justin bieber:I'm a bAaAaaAAaAaAAaad gUy wOaAAaaaaAAAAAaaaaH*

  • Dogs: woof Cats: Meow Billie: Duh *Justin: wHOOOuuUuUu-*

  • just my opinion but bieber ruined it 😭😭

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  • Hey guys! I just did a cover of bury my friend ;) it is my very first song cover !! Please check out my acc for it!! Hope you have a nice day ♡

  • Justin bieber❤🔥👏

  • our school is choreographing to this version of bad guy for the dance competition:D

  • Eeh


  • Wow Justin back good song Eilish and Justin :p

  • Who is better Like for billie comment for justin

  • What did she did before she became a singer?

  • Yes yes yes oh my god (*´∀`*)

  • Literally no one: Everyone in these comments: "WHo sinGS BetTEr? 1 LiKE foR BiLlE, 1 cOmMenT fOR JustIN!!"

  • Friends? Buried Good girls? They go to hell What should you see me in? A crown Billie? She’s awesome Justin?....... *Woahhhawoohoowooo* Hotel? Trivago

  • 2019 ?

  • Falta que colabore con J balvin :v

  • Justin made this song tolerable for me

  • i’m the big guy

  • Billie : Can you sing as a robot? Hey Justin? Justin : where is my money?

  • eww justin beiber the dustbin cleaner