The Incredible Giraffe Puzzle - Only two parts but impossible!?

Published on Apr 1, 2017
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  • Let me give one hint for everyone who didn't get the point. This video was release April 1st 2017.

    • When I found out I got April fouled... after years... I SCREAMED!!

    • No I got it good one

    • Where did you buy that, anyway?

    • Nooooooo way.

    • 523 replys????

  • The puzzle is Eunuch.

  • This is the most enjoyable impossible puzzle mysteries being solved that I have ever witnessed. I hope that I will be able to replicate this complicated puzzle. I have strong doubts! I am a great grandfather and enjoyed my children, my grandchildren and now my great grandchildren. Each have brought much joy in my life. I sincerely loved and enjoyed the humor that you and this child brought to an old man. Thank you, Signed: a devoted and undying fan

  • What a good specialist

  • The ending put a smile on my face

  • try putting it in rice

  • Instructions unclear: _Ended up in africa_

  • Literally for one split second i believed there is a other way to finish the puzzle, but i clearly was deceived.

  • What is this

  • Did you put the batteries in the right way. 🤔

  • How in the living hell is this impossible

  • this was the most wholesome recommended video I've ever gotten ❤

  • I am working on the banana puzzle

  • Have you tried putting it in rice ??

  • How? I cannot comprehend you're intelligence??? WHAT HOW???

  • The aliens at Area 51 might do it. They are highbrained green humans.

  • 152000 people have no sense of humor

  • What sorcery is this?

  • This is the most boring and shittiest video I’ve ever seen

  • Awe, I laughed thinking you were being ridiculous, but then you made me cry. That little babe is lucky to have ya!

  • Instructions unclear: i shoved a giraffe up my butthole

  • -German accent has entered the chat -

  • Stupid idiot

    • Maybe your the stupid idiot

    • _Its a joke stupid idiot_ Maybe check when this was posted and at the end he even said happy April fools day. You must be extremely boring at parties

  • Have you tried putting it in rice?

  • I love April fools jokes

  • i literally thought it was impossible till i realized i was being played

  • okay this guys waste a minute of my life

    • @ii_Axeron -IA dont be so serious im only joking hahah peace

    • No you wasted a minute of your own life by clicking on. That was totally your choice

  • This was heartwarming and wholesome

  • Really

  • Why is this in my recomended Enyone else 👇

    • Animation Reviews No, in fact I do not have OCD. OCD is a completely different thing. Also I was just worried about you if you don’t know how to spell Anyone, which is a pretty basic word.

    • @ii_Axeron -IA so who cares do u have ocd

    • Animation Reviews oh my god please look at a dictionary it’s “anyone” and who cares if I like my own comment lol. Everybody does that

    • @ii_Axeron -IA u probably liked ur own comment

    • @ii_Axeron -IA thats how u spell it.I made the e capital by accident

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I am DYING

  • Wow just wow, you amazed me. Wowwww

  • Stop wasting our time *Google's what the hell a giraffe is*

    • You have no sense of humor. Did you even watch to the end?

  • Put the 2 pieces together and bam you have yourself a giraffe

    • It's called a prank. It was posted on april fools. You my boi got APRIL FOOLS

  • W O W

  • This is like an ad for a cloned mobile game saying that only 1% of left-brained people descended from George Washington who have sacrificed a goat to Satan himself can beat

  • What the fk did I just watch

  • This looks so hard

  • Oh my God!!!!! How did he do that!!!???

  • god bless her :)

  • Can your specialist do a tutorial? This didnt really help, it was too quick. Im stuck at the part where you connect them

  • 10/10 hanayama giraffe

  • Im such an asshole i was finna flame him! Lmao

  • I normally like your videos

  • how do you have footage of me and my math tutor solving an equation

  • Unbelievable....I dont believe it can be done.

  • Anyone else just got this in their recommended for no reason?

  • i am first time in your channel BUT i already knew that you speak german because of the accent how your speak english hehe but this video is cute xD


  • This dude is legit mintol

    • I don't know if you're trying to say Mentos or mental

    • Lol you don’t even know how to spell mental

  • 11222244212431134213431242123 ÷12231133322124113=

  • give back my 2:54 min back?1

  • Man this specialist is some kind of wizard. There’s no way I could have ever figured that out.

  • I was like "what? 🤔" and then I was like "awww 😅" brilliant

  • I just got jbaited💀🥺😂😂

  • Bruh

  • Are you dumb man

  • I need to r/whoosh every single godamn person who disliked

  • Holy hecc this is impossible.i literally cant solve can u do that.THIS IS EDITED.NOBODY EVER SOLVED IT.EVER