Sooubway 4: The Final Sandwich

Published on Oct 19, 2019
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Song used: Eneide - In The Chains Of Sorrow (Epidemic sounds)


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  • RIP in rest

  • Yeah I've worked at Sooubway and I can attest that it was a wild time working there

  • You need to make more vids with your dog on yt because so i could think of it because we are going to put our dog to sleep she was 11 years old

  • sad nigga hours

  • im speachless 😂😆

  • He's just flexing on us bigfoots I don't even have any Sooubways out here in my woods




  • Maybe this is his nice way of saying, “STOP ASKING ME TO MAKE SUBWAY VIDEOS!!”

  • The moment you realize that James Has Just Been in a New SMG4 Video And He Just Uploaded A Video Of His Own. AWESOME


  • James Burying sacred food since 2019

  • I work at a subway lol the American cheese is almost impossible to separate with the gloves they give us

  • 4:50 Wait, REALLY?!

  • Okay I subscribed.

  • This got 10 million views and #1 on trending in less than 48 hours.

  • Congrats on Trending! #1 4 Life


  • No entiendo nada🤔🤨

  • I’m not crying your crying 😢😖😭

  • tHaT #1 sPoT trendinggggggg

  • He was so heart broken he didnt extend the viedo to be 10 minutes long? (What a man)

  • But do I wear my seatbelt still?

  • 10 million views in 24 hours? The fuck?

  • Yay one on trending

  • The waiter looked like the pringles logo 😂🤣🤣

  • But now we need something just as good to keep him at #1 trending. However that will never exist... Except a funeral for sooubway to say goodbye

  • #1 on trending

  • #1 On Trending

  • 0:09 That guy wants his onions on the side

  • 1 on trending

  • I just walked in my house with subway open youtube and see this, perfectly timed

  • ok lol

  • OMG #1 on trending NOICE JAMES

  • I live in arizona i saw your book at walmart!!!

  • #1 on trending!!!

  • Can yall please just watch my montages with some of your favorite songs. Their good. I hope. I think. I dont know. Just PLEASEEEEE😭....... and let me know.

  • This is technically sooubway 5

  • DID HE JUST BURY A SANDWICH ???!!!! #wasted

  • I can't to see a video titled: I FOUND THEODD1SOUT SUOOBWAY SANDWICH!!1!1!!

  • F

  • When was this????

  • Mother I’d be most grateful if you let me consume something with high levels of carbohydrates OK nerd go get something at Soouaway 😅😂🤣

  • No one: Absolutely no one: James: WaNnA WaTcH mE BuRy A SoOuBwAy SaNdWiTcH?????

  • Was that the Sooubway on Tenth Ave and Mill in Tempe? The one within walking distance of ASU Hillel? Uh, yeah. There is a non-negative, some random number percent chance that I may have ordered a sandwich from you and you made it. Oh, it closed down a few months back, but some small chain sub shop is now in its place. Also, I remember when that sooubway was across the street, and what's now an art exhibit hall used to be a pizza shop. When the place the ASU SDMB (Sun Devil Marching Band) used to have their after game pizza parties at closed (A pizza hut on Rural Ave), we moved the parties there. (Yes, I'm FLIPPIN' OLD!) Also, Don't go to Mill Ave. It's now mostly bars. Even the Graffiti shop closed because the lease came up for renewal and some bar outbid Lawrence for the space. Another fun fact, around the same time the "Sooubway Spokesman Scandal" broke, Some of the Jimmy Johns had job or franchize recruitment posters in their windows win the name and number of the guy to call. His first name was Jared. I shit you not. I'm pretty sure (Again, some non-negative, really large value, double digit percent of a chance) it's not THE SAME JARED... but it could be.

  • GUYS Keine schwäche zeigen


  • 100% relatable because my subway is also closed down. I know how you feel. Same boat brother

  • 2021:sooubway part5 finding the old sandwich that was buried.

  • This is trending

  • It’s crazy how far this channel has come. I remember when he had less than a million subscribers.

  • “Don’t tell anyone the password” #1 on trending

  • I was going to look on trending and the first thing I saw was this video good job James! Sorry I didn’t watch ur channel in a while 😕 love your Chanel bye!

  • the grave digging at the end is sad until you realise that he is using a toy shovel

  • They can't ask if it's a support animal. You could have sued them if he was a support animal.

  • Anybody remember when they first came out with the five dollar footlong commercial on TV?

  • LOL😭😭😭