My Childhood Obsession with Animals

Published on Sep 22, 2019
i cannot be stopped (jk my parents stopped me)

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May you find a creature that brings you as much joy as I do to Ari


  • Well im the same right now i have a fish one cat 3 dogs and a bearded dragon but.... I want more ... Pets

  • if i was her pet i would be able to talk

  • Good job for the #1 place on trending

  • #1 on trending in Australia!! Good job!!

  • Hey do you still remember that you were in an undertale animation?

  • moogle xD

  • Jaiden is a furry confirmed

  • Her parents: how's dinner Jaiden: can we get a dog Her parents: UwU Jaiden 5 hours later: I don't want a dog anymore Her parents: Great! Jaiden: I want a zoo Mario: here we go again

  • 7:20 and 7:30 the continuity of the broken computer being fixed is a nice detail. I don’t know if anyone else cares but I just thought that was cool.

  • I have a sugar glider

  • At least you never had an obsession with the one eyed trouser snake like most girls.

  • These are not real parents. Shoo.

  • I am actually scared of mouse but I am year of the rat though hmmm... That's why I am scared of them

  • i have a racoon pal his name is trash panda.........


  • Your bird faze is my snake faze. But I managed to get one before moving out. After a good 8 years of asking. I'm holding her right now, nagini says hi. Also, I had a rat when I was 10, her name was vanilla. I've had at least two dogs since the day I was born. I currently have 3. I've had at least one cat since I was born. And I currently have more chickens and ducks then I can count. My family likes animals...

  • I love the animals but my family don't like a animals you know we are Syrians

  • This battle going on between small jaiden and her parents is hilarious 😂😂 you want a mouse? Here you go 😂

  • congrats on #1 on trending🥳

  • My aunt has 2 fish called Fish and Chip

  • Y E S 1# ON TRENDING B) EDIT: "Lots of love UwU~"

  • I am just like you I am still 10

  • Sugar gliders aren't made of sugar? I've been lied to my whole life ( 5:20 )

  • Jaiden, If you put a goldfish in a dark room, it becomes white, Idk if it's true or nah, but maybe that's the reason Goldy became white

  • Omg 4:41 are homestar runner birds

  • How much money did Jaiden pay to get #1 trending?

  • "Disappointment is immeasurable and my Christmas is ruined." Was that a tribute to report of the week.

  • Jaiden said when she gets kids that means.... 🤔😱

  • "I wll be personally offended if you dont let me play with it for atleast 3 hours" I have a giant land crab that pinches alot tho

  • Mc chiken nugget

  • I can just go to every video this person makes and say no one gives a single fuck because there’s no evidence at all that you even exist! How fuckin annoying that literally anyone can choose to be a boy/girl and make a personality, make money and actually think that anyone gives a godamn single fuck. You can call me a hater but does anyone here say that they can relate?

  • this was a great video I'm so happy the old goofy jaden is back

  • Trending tab is lookin’ clean today.

  • Oh??? Maximum ride fan!?!?!?! AAAAHAHHHHG

  • 5:51 _kids will do anything in their power to get a pet even if it means _*_ripping the second dimension apart_*


  • Hah you can't play with my pet, because I only keep ants.

  • Jaiden could start a zoo

  • *_B i r b_*


  • *#1 ON TRENDING*

  • heheheh... I got a snake... 3 of them.

  • I was exactly like that 😂 I wanted to get a dog and I begged and begged but my mum was like: No, darling, forget about that. So I downgraded my wishes and went for a cat. It was still a big fat nope from my mum. So the size of the "Mom, I want that"-animals steadily decreased, until, one day. "MUUUUM, CAN I HAVE MICE?" "Yes" That was the best day of my life, I guess. And so we went on and got two cute little mice. I loved them dearly and my vet told me that she'd never come across mice that had been that tame. They lived happy lives and both died when they were old. After that I was left without a pet but the knowledge that my parents could be persuaded. The war was on. I begged for budgies and guess what: I have two now and they are mischievous, loud, lovely balls of fluff, I love them and I'm never gonna give them away. At age 18 I just went and got myself a hamster. My parents loved her. I still want a dog though and I am planning on getting one when I move out. And quails, I love quails. Totally gonna get some at some point.

  • Well when i'am a kid just one Mouse is just 10 Penny's i lived in the Philippines

  • if you liked flying squirrel and racoons so much, maybe it's good that you didn't know about domesticated foxes. But you know now, happy googling!

  • 4:37 But isn't that a doggo?

  • Your animation just keeps getting better and better Jaiden

  • I have a sugar glider


  • My friends name is Peyton huh

  • Yaaay 1# on trending goo jaiden yoouu iz amazing keep doing u. ❤😊

  • Nobody: Jaiden: MOM CAN WE GET A-

  • Maximum Ride!?? I read that when I was a kid as well!

  • What is with all these bullshit animation videos?? YOU LIKED ANIMALS!?!? OMGWTF no one gives a godamn single little shit. How does this help you in life? To the viewer or the content creator does this help you achieve your goals or get a degree? No don’t waste your time someone needs to exploit this bullshit

  • Komodo cool, they have venom

  • Jaiden’s fishes: *”Why’re we still here? Just to suffer?”*

  • Tarantula

  • I sadly have a obsession phase with snakes,especially Hognose snake...I mean,JUST LOOK AT THEM- But I'm aware I can't have that....ever....because the only pets my mom allowed are Fish....and I'm at my second one rn,I had a betta Feather tail and Half moon hybrid,and he was amazing,and I loved him. He passed away in July at the age of 3,probably 4 tbh,more than normal betta live. And now I have a pure CrownTail betta and his nake is Cobra because he looks like a cobra....because he expands his gills when we annoy him lmao

  • Me: Obsess with pets, eh? *shows a cute elephant* Jaiden: Oh no...

  • Ari breaking stuff in the background is a tad bit too accurate to him