GOTTA SEE IT: Alex Ovechkin Takes Blatant Slashing Call Then Gets Ejected For Taunting Official

Published on Apr 23, 2019
A heated Alex Ovechkin takes a slashing call late against the Hurricanes then taunts the referee for the call and gets ejected as a result.
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  • Stupid call

  • Out first round hahaha. One trick pony.

  • As much as I dislike crosby. ovi talks smack on him but lol hes very similar on his bs..

  • I guess that’s what happens when there isn’t a kid on site to concuss.

  • Dislike Alex Ovečkin

  • he is the funniest person on the planet period

  • I want the sharks to take it all the way but cant help but root for ovi

  • Vymaštěnej rusák prostě ....

  • Great captains move right there...

  • gotta love the playoffs

  • Let’s go canes!!..Knock these pricks out tonight

  • Somebody needs to break ovechkin’s ugly face

  • i hope that gray ladies taint retires soon


  • Now I really hope Carolina wins the series

  • A bad loser? YESH! I think so

  • #43 on trending street

  • Not sure how that is worth throwing him out of a game but ok

  • Never been a big fan of Ovechkin. But I am here. Tell 'em OV! Refs can't be replaced by robots soon enough. What is their union doing to prevent it? Haven't convinced the fans. Fans know that robot refs will be able to accept on-ice criticism and sarcasm without breaking down emotionally. The current Refs in North American pro sports aren't man enough to take it. Even when they deserve it. Too bad. Robots will.

  • What a great decision to make him captain. Setting a good example for the rest of the team

  • It’s hockey nobody cares

  • Maybe its me, but the Zebras seem to be biased .

  • Damn Washington is getting wrecked lol

  • 🐑🐑🐑👎👎👎

  • What an ass. Ovenchicken.

  • Canes have Ovi on tilt

  • Giving attitude is game ejection worthy? Come on really?

  • I live in d.c. So obviously I like the caps. GO CAPS!!! BEAT THE CANES!!!

  • It wasn't an ejection, it was a penalty that lasted longee than the time remaining.


  • Not.sure that OV deserved to get booted.for what he did , just a bit of frustration from OV. I FEEL a.2min minor for unsportsmanlike, would have bin suitable.

  • Не чего сказать долбоёбы

  • Wonder why the russian didn't fight this opponent?

  • Ovi is a piece of human garbage. Most overrated player in the league.

  • ejected for sarcastic clapping? it was the most minor slashing you will ever see too - just a tap

    • He wacked him with stick! A slight tap???

  • this oevechkin guy has been on a roll lately

  • Throw him out he is so violent and the refs ignore it!!!

  • He got a 2 minute slashing penalty with 1:08 left in the game. Ejected?

    • Check the box score. There is a 10 minute misconduct but i see your point.

  • No Ejection, with a minute left and your team down 5-2... its off to the dressing room.

  • Earning the hate. Just like kutcherov.

  • Idk why he was just saying it was a good call and clapping for the official doing his job

  • Think that's bad, Leaf players get a Penalty if the dont say Sorry after getting Hit!

  • I don't think it's right leave Ovechkin alone he is the best hockey player ever

  • That's what s true sore LOSER is!!!

  • Dam. Carolina fans are cocky. Lol cute.

  • А может они уже доебали Очечкина всей командой за эти 6 игр, поэтому он и сорвался? Может он и не такой плохой как все тут галдят, а тренер королины черт? Ну хули напали на парня, он что всю жизнь свою кого то пиздил? Нет! А то что малолетки провоцируют, это их проблемы когда опиздюливаются. Овечкин уже не ребенок там 18 лет, а мужик с устоявшейся психикой. Пиздец там все такие культурные, по вашему? да там подлости и лицемерия столько что лучше в это говно и не лезть. Орут всякие кони тут, иди нах со своми миллионами, не место в сборной и т.д. ну вот долбоебы сказочные. Ему можно уже на пенсию уйти и нихуя никому не доказывать. Олимпиаду еще только выиграть ему надо, а на остальное вообще похуй уже должно быть.

  • This does not bother me all the greats have always been this way when they are loosing from sidney crosby to mario lemouix to alex ovetchkin and tbh he gets off the ice fairly quickly i think the refs were just tired of him showboating

  • ayy lets get it, get the hell outta here ovie


  • Who cares about ovechkin

    • Like really who cares about ovechkin

  • Ovi is a boss

  • Ovi's thinking: "Goodnight everybody" 🤣

  • Caps Is this your leader?.....Houston we have a problem

  • Good riddance. Ovi is trash.

  • I nevet liked ovie

  • Ovi-rated

  • Wow what a crybaby...

  • Ha ha

  • Title should read overchicken-capitals finally get called for slashing and he cries about it to the dressing room.

    • @Palidan v4 Wood nah, dont need him. Not worth it.

    • brandon ferrell you wish you had ovi on your team don’t lie

  • Fkin cry baby ovi knows he and his team getting the first round bust 😂😂😂

  • Boohoohoo Ovie..........enjoy your summer

  • Idk if y’all saw but ovi picked up an icing and then left if behind him so the red had to go get it. Funniest thing

  • El Douche' move. Showing up playing surface officials is bs in any league of sport.

  • Go back to one ref, these idiots are killing the game.

  • What are the caps good at, falling apart, what time of the year, the playoffs. A+ for the whole class.

  • What a Captain. You wear that C on your chest for a reason. Lost tons of respect for Ovi on this one. Caps are sore losers. Take the L and move on.

  • ovie looking shook

  • Ovechkin was a giant baby all game...

    • playing a small violin for you rn

  • Ovi is in savage mode this series. The most Canadian player in these playoffs by far!

  • My islanders are waiting

  • I Wish Ovechkin Is Out For Game 7 (☆_☆) GO CANES

  • what a loser this guy is

  • дурак

  • Not a caps fan but come on refs?

    • @Evan Judy it's the playoffs, but I've been a hockey fan since 1981. Back then it was tougher, less diving etc.

    • Darick Holler come on what? Explain yourselves

  • Canes in 7

  • Rooney is a tool. I've never seen NHL officiating drop to such a low quality level in watching the NHL for 51 years now.

    • Aaron I I couldn’t agree more I’ve been watching the NHL since 87 these guys are a bunch of incompetent clowns simply ruining the game.

  • Wouldn't of gotten kicked out if it wasnt a 3 goal game with a min left ppl lol at that point in the game hes gonna do that ref will toss him

  • Not surprised

  • "Ovi gives the refs a round of applause for a great night on the whistles and sits the rest of the game" ~washington capitals twitter 😂😂

  • The referees were in the Canes pocket all night.