Watch What Happens When You Puncture Easy Cheese

Published on Apr 21, 2019
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Today we're throwing the warning labels out once more and checking out what happens when you puncture and play with easy cheese.
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  • 11:34 Cheese Vase™️ coming soon to a block party near you!

  • I bet your neighbors are so confused about what goes on in that house...

  • 3:14 the music reminded me of the music in the Nintendo DS icarly game😂

  • cheese laminar flow 9:51

  • Callie: ...Fight dragons! Nate: Uh... technically, that's a WIV-ern Me: No, technically it's a WHY-vern Pronunciation matters, folks. Like people who pronounce the "River Thames" "Thames."

  • Laminar cheese flow

  • Nope I've never hade easy cheese before.

  • Americans are weird

  • They should’ve put a while can in the vacuum chamber. With cap and without

  • Cheese in a can? What the f...?

  • Nobody eats cheese with celery wth?

  • Not on celery!!!! 😱😱😱😱

  • This video is sponsored by Raid Shadow Legends *iN tOdAy’S vIdEo We ArE eXpLoRiNg SpRaY cHeEsE*

  • Me a 9:17 when calli is on screen

  • Cheese cheese for everyone no no cheese

  • So I can't be the only person who's never eaten this stuff, right? 😂

  • Rest easy brotha

  • 3:32 shark puppet's dream

  • Love seeing adults playing with cheese

  • Imagine if a random person was passing by and suddently just got hit by a lot of cheese. Yes i liked my comment. No one else will ever do it, so, yea.

  • I'm sorry to hear about your loss he was an idol to me as well as many others I pray for you and his family ❤️🙏 and I hope it doesn't effect the channels future but take as long as you need

  • This video is very cheesy

  • Rip

  • At the very beginning when he said what's in it?(then other questions) I just said lmao not cheese

  • rip

  • It burns bc there isn’t any cheese in it

  • Rip

  • It has gas all over it

  • Freeze easy cheese, make it into powder, and then Cotton candy it!

  • Me jUssT LIk3 Calli mE lik3 buRn STuuFfff 🔥💥☄️🔥💥🔥💥

  • i lived in america my whole life and i never had spray cheese

  • When they froze the cheese it reminded me of noodles ( when they’re not cooked )

  • I wanna eat it

  • for best results remove cap, naah i was planning n keeping it on xD

  • wait hold on excuse me wait is a **wHiVeRn** i only know whyverns

  • Well this is the reason there is a food shortage

  • I wish these two would become a couple


  • What if you freeze cheese and then put it in a cotton candy machine

  • What if I've seen the latest video and the one that RUvideo think i should watch

  • Half of me: I am a millennial, I only want to put fresh foods in my body. Other half: I AM A CHILD OF THE 90s ALL OF THE FOODS I GREW UP WITH WERE MADE OF PALM OIL AND PLASTIC AND THEY WONDER WHY WE ALL HAD HYPERACTIVITY PROBLEMS

  • Who thinks that Nate and calls are married

  • 9:04

  • Me when they say made from real cheese: -_- sure

  • This video is sponsored by easy cheese

  • Ask the neighbors what they think of you guys

  • Eat some easy cheese with sprinkles!

  • Proof tha tthe moon is made of cheese

  • Have you ever been yelled b the neighbours?

  • Can you get skyrim/Bethesda to sponsor you?

  • Here’s what you can do with it: Have the veterinarian reward your dog with it. (Not kidding!! My dog’s vet actually does!!!)...

  • The tower of cheesa

  • For BEST results remove cap Lol

  • raid shadow legends is sponsoring so many youtube channels so i decided to download it and its horrible it also crashed my pixel 3

  • Shark puppet: *Cheese!!!*

  • The cheese when it was squirted in the measuring thing it looked like a kind of Chinese noodle

  • If the cheese doesn’t melt it means its processed is what the internet says..

  • No reference to the cheese Lord from the goofy movie????

  • The leaning tower of *CHEESA*

  • F*** f*** f*** f***

  • Could you try hair die that can be sprayed or whipped cream

  • Shark puppet approves of this

  • I never had spray cheese because my mom only buys organic food

  • That video was cheesy

  • What happens if you put wiped cream in a vacuum chamber?? What about other wiped stuff in a vacuum chamber??

  • It's 23:31 and I'm watching people see what happens with string cheese........... Do I regret a thing?........ Nope

  • The King of Fromagedom

  • watch the move 'UHF'. They use spray cheese in the oddest way.

  • Nothing is free

  • I actually just got raid the day before yesterday from one of your more recent videos and I’ve been playing it so much and it’s the best rpg game on my phone I’ve ever seen. The graphics are amazing and the story plot is just awesome

  • Roses are red violets are blue There is a ruby play button I know you didn’t know that

  • It burned because its artificial real cheese would melt

  • Do You Know The Best Person In The World? Its the second word in my sentence.

  • the way he pronounced wyvern he said it like wivern its pronounced wai· vrn sorry i love dragon and wyverns alot so sorry bout that i still love your stuff

  • Pretend that cheese can that they chopped with an axe was a body

  • Will this comment get 1000 likes No ok 😢

  • easy cheese is wierd and disgusting

  • hay jimmy ....... yes john ......... wats in pray chees cans ......... cheeeeeeees you ideot

  • 9:36 golden ratio?

  • Never eating easy cheese again