Every Team Makes Its Case to the Lottery Gods for Zion | Game Of Zones S6E6

Published on May 16, 2019
Game of Zones Season 6, Episode 6: The Lottery. Teams make their Zion pitch to the lottery gods...and LeBron is drinking through it all 😂
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  • “Beanie Melo” after the credits 😂

    • @Habeev07 How did GOZ disrespect the Blazers and Paul Allen? So giving them a cave is that disrespectful? Well, the Nuggets didn't even get an episode.

    • "But it's merely a pump fake..." is honestly the best joke this year

    • yo, that was lowkey the funniest thing in this episode. "Merely a pump fake ..." insanely funny.

    • FoshoTheOne 😂

    • But it’s a PUMP FAKE

  • "do us" "no" LMFAO 😂

  • LeBron: who wouldn't wanna play with Dwight Howard Lakers: signs the Superman in 3 months

  • 6:01 Lmfao. This is even funnier now dwight is a laker.

  • Who would like to play with Dwight Howard. Dwight is on the Lakers

  • Flashback to 2003 "And the winner of the LeBron lottery is....."

  • 6:00 Who wouldn't want to play with Dwight Howard? I can't wait for the GoZ where Dwight shows up.

  • That darko reference

  • “The got laid poop on the floor” Lebron :”excuse me?” “No not you” 😂

  • What if the lottery was for what city will be the next expansion team

  • 7:07 the face of going to the lakers

  • "Who would want to play with Dwight Howard right ?" GOZ is the new Simpsons

  • Milwaukee Bucks????

  • Karma hit lebron. He playing with Howard now.

    • the Lakers didnt know Lebron was being sarcastic

  • The way lebron says high to Anthony Davis

  • Mark: great. The goat made poop on the floor. LeBron: Excuse me? Mark No not you. Kobe Excuse Me?! Mark: Not you Either Michael: EXUSE ME?!?! Mark: HOLY POOP NOT YOU EITHER!

  • L

  • Did they use deep fakes for the faces? The animation and script is really impressive👍

  • 6:00 “house wizards, who wouldn’t want to play with Dwight Howard?”

  • " Who doesn't want to play whith dwight howard "

  • 6:00: Who wouldn’t want to play with Dwight Howard Now Lebron and Dwight are teammates

  • Lebron: "who wouldn't want to play with Dwight Howard?" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Again great episode pelicans got Zion Lakers got AD great draft

  • LeBron: Who wouldn’t want to play with Dwight Howard, apparently he does😂😂

  • Kinda ironic that lebron says sarcastically “who wouldn’t want to play with Dwight Howard” and the lakers are gonna signed him lol

  • "Who wouldn't want to play with dwight Howard?"

  • 6:02 Well that didn’t age well

  • “Who wouldn’t want to play with Dwight Howard?” Oh the irony.

    • I were just looking for this comment.

    • Ik right

  • Guess you really wanted to be the one to play with Dwight Lebron :p

  • "I mean, who wouldn't want to play with Dwight Howard?" Speaking of that, LeBron...

  • 6:01 Anyone here after Dwight’s back on the Lakers?

  • Why didn't the Heat go

  • "Alright the goat", Lebron james comes in "Excuse me" no not you goat. 😂😂

  • Stephen A Smith should have been the Knicks representative

  • - Hey do us -NO

  • "You're banned" 😂😂😂😂

  • Who is Sacramento guy ?

  • Lol I just now got the Kyle Kuzma pushing LeBron 😂😂


  • Tatum: great the goat pooped on the floor Lebrun: excuse me? 😂 that was brilliant

  • Do an episode on 'The process'

  • Kevin love clapping was hilarous

  • House keltiks

  • David Stern with the frozen card 😂 0:35

  • And I am Dirk’s hometown XD.

  • Which is better Like: game of zones Comment: gridiron heights

  • I just got the Kuzma pushing LeBron reference

  • James Dolan saying Lebron's banned in the background

  • “Read this and we will trade you to House Lakers” Well looks like it worked

  • “Arrogant Lords” YOU’RE BANNED

  • My favorite episode of this season.

  • “Knights only meetings”😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Will there be a season 7?

  • Trae Young seems lost 🤣

  • Glad the Grizzlies got rid of Chandler Parsons!!

  • Dear Bleacher Report, Please make a special episode about this free agency period. It was truly the most wildly historic NBA event in recent memory. The people shouldn't wait until April to enjoy your comical interpretation of it. Please give us this gift! Sincerely, Faithful GOZ fan.

  • where is chandler parson's rib? UwU

  • The roasting of Vlade Divac at the beginning around trading away draft picks was priceless lol.

  • I think Trae Young.....Trae : huh what? 😂😂😂😂

  • Great The GOAT make pup on the floor. LeBron: Excuse me? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣