Millionaires vs Minimum Wage: Did You Earn Your Money?

Published on May 15, 2019
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  • Money can't buy happiness but it can open the door wider for happiness to enter. I've been in situations where I had to use a credit card to take care of life needs. Fuel oil during horribly cold winters etc. I had to make the choice to find something different. And that I did. I'm like the guy in the black hoodie. I don't ever want to be there again. I started working in the oilfield making six figures and paid off a lot of debt. My wife had over $8k in credit card debt from before we got married and I had built up nearly $10k on another since our marriage. I was able to pay that debt off completely, pay cash for a new $8500 metal roof, and even treat my wife and I to two very nice vacations to Alaska and Hawaii. When I lost my job due to unforeseen circumstances, I had money saved up to carry us through. Not having enough money to be comfortable scares me. And my next venture will be real estate investments once I learn how to do so intelligently. I'm not going back to a paycheck to paycheck job.

  • If you want to hear a practical explanation of how to implement minimum wage checkout the congressional candidates take on my channel

  • Literally No one: Graham: *rEaL EsTate*


  • 8:32 what the HELL is that scary ass noise

  • I learned about Graham Stephan from this video. Thanks for that! His content is amazing.

  • Christiana kinda looks like cardi

  • Grant: "oh yeah let me talk to you about credit cards"

  • Working moms vs. stay at home moms

  • Tim is a loser

  • I think it’s important to do something you love. Like I post videos of my video game play on RUvideo and Twitch and if it gets me somewhere then that’s awesome, but if it doesn’t then I enjoyed the ride and I love it :)

  • I think you should do ballerinas vs football plays

  • It's good to know what the barriers to reaching monetary success are, but knowing them we should work around them if we need the money TBH. We gotta try man, we gotta.

  • Best intro...

  • That Target employee is very ignorant and simple minded 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Social life is OVERRATED! Conventional fun is not everyone’s kind of fun.

  • Jesus Christ Tim. You psychopath.

  • Where do people think connections come from?? You MAKE them by going out and meeting people!

  • Eat the rich.

  • If these people are individual stocks, I'd invest in Tim.

  • I ship Tierra and Graham

  • Graham and Tim even though they are fundamentally different they both have one thing in common. They made me not want to be rich

  • It's easier to become Rich being single coz you not dealing with anyone else but yourself and your goals. You stay focused. Many college drop outs make it big, college definitely doesn't guarantee Riches nor success. I am in love with the Millennial Warren Buffet. I love me frugal men but love to travel and see the world. Wasteful peeps not sexy.

  • Graham has so many fans in the comment section 😂

  • Interesting, Tim has a true socialist/communist utopian dream thats only possible if the collective consciousness had the same paradigm and didnt act on the ego to have more and more. Its a state of paradise that doesnt exist in todays countries that believe and label themselves as communist or socialist.

  • That poor black girl has been hurt and utilized by black men

  • *Graham's mindset is mindblowing compared to others*

  • Graham Stephen lmao love this guy.

  • What a great episode

  • was is everyone working at Jubilee asian? Unsubscribing bye

  • i cant with these white men feeling the need to interject everytime one of the minimum wagers spoke,

  • Tim is one of those people who complains how life isn't fair for them, but proceeds not to do anything to change it.

  • ayyyy!stephen graham is on here!!! i watch his youtube videos xD

  • 12:30 you’ve met billionaires have you?

  • 2:24 Tim is obviously a communist, in the literal sense of the word, and communists can and will never get rich legally because they have a scarcity mindset. He has adapted himself in the role of a perpetual victim and is just waiting for a revolution. Oh, and people like him are threats to the western civilization.

  • just let graham talk all the way :)

  • Tim seems bitter

  • That one girl in the pink shirt is shutting down her true potential, we live in a country where you really do have the opportunity to build yourself up from the ground.

  • 6:54 THANK YOU. I mean, everyone was just acting like systemic oppressions don't exist.

  • Seeing two rich white cis males talking about the fact that they earned everything they own is quite funny. I mean, yes, some people start from the bottom and make a lot of money, but we all know that systemic oppressions and opportunities work in favor of white cis males. Yes, you made money and worked hard. But you definitely benefit from an economic and social system that was created in YOUR favor.

    • Stopped taking you seriously at "cis male"

    • @Thor I'm white, so I benefit from this system, actually. But I'm curious, what kind of productive things do you do ?

    • Here we go again... NEVER stop being a victim. We have plenty of lives to do something productive anyways.

  • They should do a video with people that grew up with parents earning 6-8 figures versus people who grew up paycheck to paycheck.

    • Just say grew up rich vs grew up poor lol

  • I liked Graham the most. He’s always sparking up the conversation and has such a great mindset.

  • I would like to see the bald guy get a real job as a carpenter, electrician, or something else and still go on about the socioeconomic barriers. Seems like he just wants to whine since he is making minimum wage doing a job where it is clearly not meeting his needs since he needs to get food stamps. Stop whining about how you don’t make enough doing one job, find one that makes you more money if that the one you have doesn’t pay enough.

  • saw Graham in the thumbnail and clicked ))

  • When I see black lady, I get the feeling of her being my sister, she has grace in her face.

  • "you don't need connections, and here's how I succeeded by getting a connection"


  • Graham looks like my SS teacher lol

  • That guy with the beard has some very good points

  • Tim will always hold himself back but it looks like Tierra gets it and through hard work she will become successful.

  • “Your beliefs affect the level of action you take and the level of action you take determines your results.” Let that sink in. And if you’re reading this right now; whatever your dreams are, go after them. If you think you can, you will. Growth mindset.

  • Graham is the best. I hope to be in one of these videos to give my perspective on entrepreneurship.

  • Those who agree with 'anyone can become rich if they work hard enough' needs to watch The school of life's Status Anxiety video. It's all the game of luck, you need to have been exposed to certain knowledge at a certain time/environment or whatever opportunity would give you, in order to encourage you to form the mentality and work ethic that helps you pave your way to 'success'. Even genetics have been proven to often play a role in how you'll do in life and again, that's also the game of luck. Even those in the early days of human evolution who decided to migrate out of Africa for example, have been exposed (luckily) to certain conditions and knowledge that encouraged them to do so. Seriously, no wonder why the rate of people with depression increases as meritocracy becomes increasingly valued.

  • It really shows how different rich and broke people think. The poor people have excuses The rich people don’t

  • I just don’t see how you can have so much damn money and be able to sleep every night, knowing that most of the world struggles. It’d drive me insane, even if I was “donating/helping”. Its hard to be a GENUINE good person and a millionaire or billionaire. Nobody should have that amount of money in my opinion. No one.

    • Lol what is this post??? It's survival of the fittest and human nature. Those that are smarter, more talented, beautiful, charming etc than the next person. Will use those gifts to get ahead of that person. And others will flock to them in order to work with them and share in their success and learn from them. People are always gonna support those who fill a demand for something. Thus that person gets rich. You cant stop someone from being rich. Its society that makes them rich

    • I disagree. If someone worked hard their entire life and became successful because of it, they earned that money. I ain't rich, I'd love to have a sack of cash handed out to me. But I am not entitled to it. So I am not going to view someone negatively just because they are not making sacrifices for me, a complete stranger.

  • I didn’t no about your Channel I just clicked on it one day and just started watching random videos of your channel I like what you guys do

  • Did they ever say what Christianna worked in? I don’t think I caught it

    • She is the CEO of a 7 figure brand called the Wealthycollegekid

  • Can someone explain to me why do some of the people of the video abstain from sitting down and talking?

  • Graham Stephen

  • Our rewards in life will always be in exact proportion to our contribution, our service. Earl Nightgale