Millionaires vs Minimum Wage: Did You Earn Your Money?

Published on May 15, 2019
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  • I like to argue because I think everything is debatable. I'm just not relevant enough to be categorized in anything though. Would love to give my inputs in all matters... that probably don't matter to anyone else.

  • Graham Stephen is here! He’s the only reason why I clicked on this video!!!!

  • that brett guy sounds EXACTLY like Keith from the try guys

  • The guy in the blue really annoyed me

  • we want David Dobrik in here

  • This gave me cancer... poor people don't understand that with hardwork.. you can accomplish anything. They think that you need investors smh.. anyone can save up money and start their own business

  • Can graham be an inspirational speaker like damn ???

  • The millionaires that started from nothing worked on becoming more than just a worker were minimum wage workers didn’t think about working smarter to get to a goal and move up

  • Neon green jacket girl a millionaire, can obviously afford a breast augmentation but the weave? 🤧

  • Graham has quite the channel if you haven't checked it out yet

  • Interesting, Tierra’s name means earth (and/or land) in Spanish 🌎

  • I like Brett , he gave me the vibe that he is down to earth

  • luck plays a big part of the success. However, i think if you sit at home all day doing nothing, if when luck comes to you, you won't realize it.

  • Dear Jubilee, thank you for such an inspirational video 😘

  • Look at your boy Graham 😂

  • See Graham, auto-click.

  • oH tHE pooR MillIONares dIdN'T hAve FriENDS or pArtIEs

  • Graham and Tierra connected on a different level... C'mon, there was a spark. ;)

  • I realized the millionaires were really open to ideas and that anyone could get there with good mindset and the righ5 steps and the other people were kinda doubting it

  • Graham: I rarely spoil myself Graham’s RUvideo channel: what Jk lol Edit: am I the only one who actually looked at it?

  • Not everyone can become a millionaire. There are so many extenuating circumstances, whether that be where you live, your family, people you need to take care of, health issue, political climate, etc. which impact everything greatly. You can be the hardest worker ever but if you have mouths to feed and debts to pay you don’t always have time to go to open houses or rebuild eveythingf over again. The idea of the “self made man” and the “american dream” are both unrealistic, damaging, and overall old fashioned.

  • I like Tim

  • 5:05 Sooooo I've "debated" this before with people and came to the conclusion that it's not true Example 1: Kid lives in the Congo -weak sense of materialism -conflict -buisness in a jungle?? -cant go to school Example 2: There are Mexican's who believe in their country and stay. They are some of the hardest working people out there. Are there non-corrupt (Cartel owner)mexican millionaires? Hardly

  • No one is obligated to give to the less fortunate money wise, but no one gets anywhere without knowledge. Teaching the less fortunate is the key to them becoming more fortunate.

  • You can just tell Tim isn't the smartest person in the world. He gives of this sence of being falsely wise...

  • Kinda hated tim

  • For someone that has 1 million$, that weave Nasty AF

  • The bald man really does have a life-long minimum wage worker mentality. Basically everyone starts at a minimum wage job and most people move up. The people who don’t are usually the ones who believe there are things holding you back, things that you just can’t overcome, that you can never be rich, etc. These people won’t have the drive or the courage to take the risks necessary to make it big. He was talking about risks not working out and, from that, you just have to start again- you will fail many more times than you will succeed and the mindset of I took a risk and it didn’t work so I’m going to stop is what will keep you at a low paying job the rest of your life.

  • You can't really blame this millionnaires for being rich because they obviously risked a lot to get into that position. You have to be smart in your life decisions in-order to be successful

  • Graham at the end “oh yeah I’ll tell you more about credit card churning” 😂

  • I love how good they listen, learn from each other and respect other perspectives. We need more people like them.

  • GRAHAM!!!

  • Tierra should ask Graham for an apprenticeship right here right now! She's a winner and he's the perfect teacher for her winning spirit.

  • Trump Supporters vs Trump Haters

  • i am actually so thankful for that minimum wage whit guy, he really said everything that I was going to say

  • You can definitely see the different mindset between the bald guy and the others. That’s why he is in that position because he doesn’t have the right mindset to begin with.

  • whats the youtuber channel

  • I would love to see a gamers vs non gamers. I’d have so much ammo to fight with against the non gamers you have no freaking idea lol

  • This was so inspiring, the two millionaire guys were so humble and honestly by their appearance you wouldn’t think they are millionaires. Love it.

  • Still waiting for pro-abortionist vs scientists

  • Normal people who think their cool all the time... Instead of working overtime they go out partying Me: works overtime instead cause I don't have friends anyway That's why we get rich bitches

  • What's the song at the start? The drums???

  • Who is this girl in the green jacket sis are you just spoiled 🥴😂

  • idk how they managed to get Cardi B on this episode!!

  • WTF was that heavy ass breathing at 8:25

  • I bought a 4000 dollar cat: odd flex but ok

  • Something I've learned: not every university student who is a millionaire has good grammar on paper.

  • anyone else hear that weird back round sound at 8:40

  • BALD GUY: Is annoying.

  • "I'll die a D-Cup" girl, same.

  • When the guy asked the millionaire how you would finance a business without an investor and he replies with, "by people who work a minimum wage part time job" like what???? I'm guessing said person does not need those part-time minimum wages to pay for their living expenses...That literally makes no sense

  • From the bottom of my heart... Tim, you are what is wrong with the world and you are perpetuating mindsets and world views that keep people in poverty.

  • Just saying everybody who was in this videos social media is in the description

  • Being poor isn’t always a result of lack of work ethic or not working hard enough, the hardest workers in the world are probably poor

  • That is entirely not true. What abt ppl in 3rd world countries with no access

  • 6:24 ah yes sir your one personal experience totally reflects the experiences of millions of people who live below the poverty line due to structural inequalities within capitalism

  • Tim is the bernie guy

  • Sooooo. I’m pretty sure Tierra’s shirt is gray.

  • Sooo are the millionaires gonna help out their counter parts after the show or what

  • Tim is a bucket of excuses and imaginary obstacles. I’m happy Graham came in here and showed that it is possible to come from nothing.

  • the most peaceful and cool episode.

  • This is is so edited it ridiculous. The people are selectively chosen and each one of the questions are given a specific time while also being edited. It's not genuine at all and is completely faux.

  • I feel like Tierra and Graham had a connection. Just me? 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Graham lowkey be looking like Tom cruise 😂

  • Christianna: aT leASt iM gOnNa dIe a d CUp

  • 11:37 bald guy you know you want to 🌚

  • Socialism, for those full of envy.

  • Graham: “I got rich because people smashed that like button”

  • *I’ll die a D cup*

  • This could’ve been so much better with different people besides tierra lol

  • So werid seeing Graham on here learned a lot from his videos worth checking out been investing sence a kid because my one overall dream in life was to be financially independent and that was my mindset then and is now wont ever change I want the change$

  • They really should have asked them does money buy happiness.

  • the milliare black girl looks like cardi b

  • Bald guy and Beatriz are just bitching The bald guy wants a place where money isn’t needed uhhh dumbass that’s called communism Ana Beatriz is like well you need connections to do it so you can’t become rich what about going to school part time while you work take some late night classes and some online classes it’s possible

  • Ole girl in the jacket was on Bad Girls Club?? Or am I tripping?

  • My boy graham is on here!!!

  • Wow this channel Is out of this world

  • 9:55

  • I ship Tierra and Graham 🙈😂😂

  • I Hope they can help out each other

  • Minimum wage: haha they earn so little Millionaires: They earn too much it isn’t fair! What do you want, lmao?

  • If you need proof the bald dude is a complete moron, click his Instagram url in the description

  • I mostly want more money so that I can save the hungry people and so that classes are more even!

  • Wow Graham reminds me of my ex boyfriend 🤔

  • Jubilee is the most depressing RUvideo channel in existence. FACTS.

  • This fool graham looks like Hancock from fallout 4

  • Can you guys to a video on pro and anti children as in people who wants kids and those who don't

  • By the way, whether you are rich or poor are somewhere in the middle. You should always feel obligated to give back to people less fortunate no matter the outcome.

  • Guarantee Brett and real estate boy lived with parent or paid little rent to save enough part time to start business. Fact is we don't live in a meritocracy we live in a strictly connect (family, friends money) world. I can't believe they did ask should the minimum wage be risen. Starting a business take massive amounts of personal time most people can't stop working to invest that time.

  • "if you walk into a 5 million dollar house not speaking english they probably won't give you the hook up" well yeah thats probably because they can't understand you

    • Also wtf are you doing visiting houses when you can't speak the language. Learn English first Juan!

  • I kinda felt like Tierra and Graham were sorta feeling each other

  • omg i want graham and tierra to have a date,, the looks each other gives

  • Bald guy is so smart and so articulate loveee

  • Brett and Christianna, how did they get their money or form their companies? Does anyone know?

  • i would rather have a target worker as a friend than a millonaire

  • "I went and bought boobs"😂😂😂YASSSS QUEEN SLAYYYY

    • nah, appreciate yourself the way you are.

  • GRAHAM is awesome, I know how he earns his money. Brett, wtf? Entrepreneur, if I go out collecting scrap for recycling that's make me an entrepreneur also, Right, RIGHT?

  • Ok we get it freaking REAL ESTATE somebody: its all of using hard work Graham: so yes about Real Estate

  • Beatriz was so sweet! Also don't understand why they didn't show Christanna when they were introducing themselves in the beginning 🙃. I loved this episode of middle ground.

  • I want to see insta models vs industry models