Eugene's Guide To Every Hair Product

Published on May 15, 2019
Eugene teaches you how to use different hair products, getting achievable tips and tricks from professional stylist David Dang. In this new series, Style-ish, Eugene will explore fashion, beauty, hair and skincare in a way that's informational, accessible and relatable!
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  • I go out with bed head everyday and I’m lying to myself that I will try these

  • I could smell the gel

  • My problem is always when I first apply the hairspray and pomade, my hair falls and goes all over the place. Idk what to do. The back of my hair refuses to stay down, someone help with advice

  • Oohh that first one tho....Yeaaaaaahhhh....not used to see Eugene with do you say it?...flat? Little? Hair

  • I’m so glad I wear lace front wigs 🙌🏻😂

  • Is anyone gonna talk about how David had a pun for everything?

  • David’s probably the only gay dude I’d be friends with for me personally

  • Eugene for the next James Bond

  • He went from" Sir Im here to pick up your son" to " Your son calls me daddy too" I kept seeing this comment but with daughter. So I fixed it ❤💛💚💙💜

  • Lmao I’m loving his puns

  • that ending was so cute

  • 6:05 bruh im pretty sure he not talking about his hair

  • bruh why is eugene so hot likeeeeeeeee

  • The hair jokes i’m living for them yaaaaaassssss

  • It all makes sense nowww

  • Eugene: I’m ready to take your daughter out on a date ... Eugene 1 month later : I’m gay 🌈

  • when do we get the rest of the series????

  • Take your son out to dinner**

  • I’m not straight..... I’m textured

  • The wway he said "I'm gonna take ur daughter out for dinner" with so much cringe in the daughter...LOL

  • No one: Eugene: Here let me fix your life. ;)

  • Welp, this makes sense that he’s gay lol

    • So I’m no the only one that’s sitting here like “it all makes sense now”🤡. I feel like I’ve always known tho. 😂

  • I wanna know about eugene's usual style tho

  • How did we not see it coming 😂😂

  • David: Next, we just need a little hairspray. (sprays a s*** load of hairspray) Me: ?


  • Pretty clear he was gay lol. Good for him though

  • Eugene : today in gonna be Me: gay today your gonna be gay

  • Why the fuck does Eugene look so hot!? Omg

  • i think hes gay

  • Who’s here after watching “I’m gay-Engene Lee Yang”

  • Eugene! I love this video and it was so helpful. thank you so much for this! I've been looking everywhere on tips to style my hair and its been so hard so thank you and thank you david for providing the tips!

  • who saw this after him coming out? it doesnt look the same now that he came out as gay

  • Wow Eugene is gay...

  • Who’s here after he came out

  • Anyone here after Eugene's beautiful video :')

  • We love you Eugene 😭😭😭

  • ppl didnt know he waz gay? Wow lmfao idiots

  • Not daughter eugene, *son*.

  • *Me looking at Eugene’s hairstyles* CMON HAIR, GROW IN MORE DAMNIT

  • thank god eugene posted this so i can style my husband's hair

  • Dang, David

  • I have those rayban sunglasses that he wears in some of the video lmao

  • i watched this after eugenes coming out video and when he said "not so straight anymore mom" i SQUEALED

  • Thank you.

  • i'm binge watching every eugene video there is after he released a beautiful video of him officially coming out. super proud of him, and love him so much.💞🌈

  • "my hair is a whore for product" 😂😂

  • Me: "What am I doing here? I'm a woman!" Also me: "It's so fascinating! Tell me more!!!"

  • Thank you so much! You guys helped my dad a lot! Btw ( no hate ) Eugine looks like a Kpop star... 😂

  • I feel like I’m doing my hair wrong now

  • Can someone teach me how to do the bold and italic?

  • I'm a scandinavian-asian mix with long hair that has been through bleach and so many insane texture changes over years- Why am I here??? To watch Eguene looks like some rich ass businessman "straight" outta K-drama world.

  • Eugene’s hair looks so good without products

  • I need more

  • No one: Literally not one person: Not a single soul: Eugene: *makes an alcohol joke*

  • Haha in the first one he looks like a mob boss

  • I would look at Eugene all day... but honestly, I cannot stand the little squeaky-scuff sounds for the caption transition.... WAAAAI EUGENE??

  • OMG!! He look so good in all. But 1st was the best. So cool yet so hot 😍

  • If Eugene's hair is "coarse", then mine must be gravel textured

  • The high and dry looks like a bad guy in anime 😆

  • Damn? Daniel Dang? David Hotel? Trivago

  • 17 an half minutes of Eugene looking good

  • So I didn't know about that hair mousse and I've been trying to do something like the textured wave, but using only hair gel... That turned out as good as you probably think it did

  • Shit...... He looks good in every style

  • uncle jesse is quaking

  • Eugene looking like different k-drama guys and making me wanna go out with him.🤤🤤🤤

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  • Euegene looks like a dad with glasses on,hot...

  • This is amazing! I am excited to see more of this series!

  • Am I the only one who uses only shampoo?

  • Can Eugene get any hotter???

  • Damn boy, he can rock anything 🔥

  • His first look looks like the PPAP guy!!😂😂

  • What am I doing here I have curly hair I already spend an hour styling on wash days

  • When he pointed out Eugene''s flyaways I thought he was going to do his edges

  • *A bisexual icon!!*

  • Whenever I try to do a wet look, I just look like a wet sewer rat but damn Eugene rocks it

  • Is eugene kinda gay? Not hater just asking

  • WAIT! Where did he get that Gold Mine?? I loooved that product, but DryBar discontinued it!

  • Lol 4:05 I can't stop seeing Psy

  • Eugene.... made me gay..... god damn that man is hot I’m sorry I had to say it.

  • Loved 3 and 5! And your natural hair. Looks great unstyled man. It looks styled still lol

  • Okay, but what kind of blow dryer is that??? I need.

  • Honestly Eugene looks good with any hairstyle

  • Who's watching this during BTS Festa 2019?

  • Whole video: oh that's why my cousin stuggled applying product in my hair

  • How many times did eugene take that elevator to the rooftop then back to the salon

  • They then fell in love --THE END

  • Eugene is here to save us, ugly, zit faced, fashion blind, rats.

  • Eugene- finally we are now at the hot shoes Me- ohh baby,i felt that heat from the beginning

  • Love the curled hair look🔥🔥🔥 Eugene always killing it!!

  • At 5:24 he says "the top stays loose but the b...sides go flat". He was gonna say "the bottom... hehe

  • Never notice but you have a big brain because of your forehead

  • This is like the the beauty version of Bob Ross

  • Eugene is fine af

  • Eugene is like the cool hair-do dad of all the Try Guys.

  • Boi...

  • Literally no one: Eugene:*breathes* Me: I’m not even straight so why am I so attracted to him?!

    • Well good news honey He ain't either

  • I would love more videos on hairstyling! Could you just do a video with for example women hairstyles?!

  • David is the best, he needs his own channel for questions and guides