Our First Night In Our New House Didn't Go As Planned...

Published on May 15, 2019
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  • Omg hey comments I'm rewatching like all your vids love you guys

  • ❤❤

  • Not hating i am just saying its not there first night the night before mothers day was.

  • Let him get used to one room at a time

  • 😻😻

  • I know that this might be a little bit late, but i watched the hate comment video and stuff a while ago, and some of those comments were so mean! Honestly, you family is so funny and I love you guys! I lowkey wish i could be a part of your family. NO JOKE! You guys are super great and your vlog channel is one of the channels i watch because you guys are so entertaining.And posie and everleigh look soooooooooo cute! You guys are awesome!

  • Omg Carl 😭❤️

  • Are you screaming and what’s your name tell the video OK I’ll talk

  • Such a fake family. Creepy.

  • Coal is a ceeter

  • shout out

  • U guys are my FAVOURITE RUvideo family 💜

  • POSIE!!

  • Why did you guys stop us from commenting?

  • he cheated on the jelly bean

  • hey i say your tictok

  • Posie and all of you are so cute 💕💕💕💕

  • Eat it

  • I’m your biggest fan of the labrant fam

  • I love you're house.

  • I love their videos

  • Hey you guys,did you guys still love everleigh....because you guys just focus on Posie than everleigh....but I love Posie and you guys

  • Give the dog treats!

  • You have the best fam ever and adorable kids

  • Great viedo. Hope you enjoy ur new home.

  • Do a furnished house tour !!!

  • My name is Skylar l am on my mom 's comments

  • hey they are my family

  • Posie is a dumb name

  • Carl is scared of the goats

  • Call cheated

  • I have play truth or dare

  • omg i love u guys

  • We can Comment

  • You look great without makeup!

  • Carl is so cute

  • What didn't go as planned

  • Thats crazy i almost bought this House

  • When we moved into my new house my dog was really scared but if u put the tv on while u are unpacking he has something to distract himself and make sure he has his bed and some toys to comfort him 😘😘😘 good luck

  • she is not as good as my mom.

  • Cole save I have subscribed liked and I love your vids YOUS are the best I want to live with u

  • cheater

  • ceter

  • Thank goodness RUvideo didn’t disable comments on this video

  • Omg Carl Howled

  • Chlre

  • You cheated!!!!

  • savannah you dont need make up because you are beautiful inside and out

  • Cheat

  • Savanna is really really beautiful when she has make up on and without make up so savanna don't be uncufdble

  • The labrant fan should make a video about 24 hours with out your phone

  • I really like your youtube chanel but u guys click bate

  • Oh yes I can comment

  • Today it is my 10th birthday party

  • I love you guys

  • There are so cute lovely family and friends

  • I wanna see them but my mum said I can’t have Instagram

  • Guys i have been seeing your guys is since you started

  • Carl cute to adorable 🐕

  • Everleigh and posie cuteeeee 😍