*NEW* 16 Player MINI BATTLE ROYALE In Fortnite

Published on Jun 16, 2019
Mini battle Royale is finally here! LETS PLAY!
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  • Cool

  • is better Enigma

  • They should’ve built a mini battle buss and put a launch pad so it’s like battle royal in creative

  • Hi

  • Me noticing a build: ok there have been people here Muselk also noticing a build: OmG Is ThAT FrEsH?!?!?!

  • What is the code to the island

  • Mine took over a week to make

  • I made a better one of this costume with storm and mine is better

  • Play this with click

  • Bro you copied this

  • Where tf is the code good lord 10 different vids and no codes fuck brainless

  • Hey

  • Lachlan’s power merch?

  • onestyyy in his game

  • *NEW* 16 Player MINI BATTLE ROYALE In Fortnite

  • Fresh=sweaty boy Muselk =ear-splitting both Lachy=try hard Cray=degree in psychology 😂😂😂😂

  • What is the code for this

  • 5:55

  • tried to do this but ran outta memory 🤧

  • Dangit i that idea and my map is still being worked on

  • congrats for 8million subscribers

  • If you want Lacey to play with muselk again then like this comment

  • Use code Elon Musk

  • What skin is he using

  • Gordo blanco aprende a hablar en español y poneme el puto código jilipoyas

  • the enigma is best

  • Who came here from freshs video

  • Go play enigmas new battle royal creative is soo much better

  • enigmas is better

  • I’m playing this until that robot is removed

  • Enigmas is better try it out

  • I'm going into 6th grade and I'm not promising I won't watch you in the gym

    • going into 6th grade? hope you take the real world well.

  • wtf is like a amazing royale!!!

  • If you wanna play battle royale play battle royale not battle royale in creative

  • 1:48

  • I made a skywars map on creative but no idea how to publish it and I still need to test it with other players

    • A Z oh thanks for telling me

    • benelementalchickenkid you need a support a creator code to publish it

  • What’s the code

  • For the newest version of the island 4.0 use code : 4456-4468-3286

  • Ive just lost all respect for muselk

  • What’s the code

  • Mm. K. Kn

  • thanks

  • My friends made that map our clan name is P1mp and there talking that they might make another map so be ready

  • 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • Muselk please stop screaming


  • I have a better one then him


  • 9:26 Aydan that u

  • When I get into a game there’s no other people it’s just me for some reason can someone help me sort this out

    • Make sure u r connected and playing solos or something not playground or creative. Also put fill as an option if u want teammates

  • Made battle Royale map back in season 7 but did not have a code 😢

    • I had first battle Royale map this hurts

  • The only thing I don’t like about that map is that it gives you 900 mats

  • Fake

  • 4456-4468-3286

  • To bad this map doesn't have og weapons only

  • Suddenly everyone is playing this because of the health per kill

  • I made a battle royal too would you show it to people 🤞🤞

  • Gaming with Joseph copied your thumbnail :/

  • fresh did good

  • I think he switched up the two last games on Accident