Solving The ONE-OF-A-KIND Whiskey Bottle Puzzle!!

Published on Aug 28, 2019
Today I'm going to attempt to solve a puzzle that was gifted to me by Daniel Alterman. This is a unique puzzle which he has created just for me! Enjoy!
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  • Chris, thank you for making an amazing video of this Puzzle! I had such a great time creating it! And thanks for getting caught up in all of the distractions! I will definitely be sending you more soon...

    • I just wanted to comment before this hits the ceiling. 499 baby!

    • Dude that puzzle was super great. I was stumped all the way through hahaha. Beautiful job!

    • thanks for your work daniel you're the best !!!

    • Epic work fella!

    • That made my day :) Great work Daniel and well done Chris. Keep bringing the heat with these Dan! Awesome work!!!

  • So cool! This made me cry, I hope Dan has more wonderful people come into his life 😍

  • 7:18 I would probably stop and have a large tumbler of bourbon.

  • Honestly this one of the coolest puzzles ive ever seen!! It is incredible!

  • A deck of cards from none other than Aaron Draplin of Draplin Design Co!

  • 10:15 I have had the same reaction °.° Nice, really nice puzzle and mechanics!

  • Sick.

  • Have you tried spinning it? :D :D

  • 3:21

  • 6:39 "I have nothing to go on. If he said it was a level 1 I can go "Oh" but there is nothing." Okay... so do this like a math equation. Try to solve it like a Level 1, then if it doesnt work, work your way up to level 10....

  • Une des meilleures chaînes de tout RUvideo à mon humble avis. -Qualité et esthétique des vidéos sont A+ -Contenu fascinant -RUvideour naturel, attachant, talentueux, et un don évident en communication. 10/10

  • I woUlD TRy spINniNG It

  • Instead of messages you could fill the vials with Coca.....ummm coca cola.

  • Dan, wherever you are, well done! pretty cool puzzle.

  • That is totally awesome. I am a disabled U.S. Veteran (I served in the Navy and then the Army). Chris Ramsay, You do touch people, including myself. Thank you for being you!

  • Someone wanna make 10:20 a meme

  • I'm currently at 7:01, at this point I would see if the nut is magnetic because if it is I would use multiple of the little bolts at once (starting with top -middle and bottom right (not all the way on the bottom).

  • I would’ve thrown that puzzle out the window in the first 5 minutes

  • was anyone else so annoyed that the thing was mounted wonky? i just wanted to fix it for him

  • please make a top 10 cards or idk ur fav cards

  • Anyone else thought that that was a car key

  • I would twist the nut on and than twist it tru

  • For a moment I thought this was david dobrik’s car gifts HAHAHA

  • Of course you don't do that that's basically disassembling it

  • My solution would be a chainsaw, a tiny little baby chainsaw

  • In min 12:00 he brokes the hydraulic system

  • 15:06

  • How funny would it be if it was a non-puzzle puzzle. Magnets. Obvious hiddy holes. but absolutely nothing meaningful. Or I'm just a troll.

  • Wow. Absolutely incredible. Simple puzzle with one of the coolest reveals I've seen in any puzzle. My mouth literally fell open when the top opened I was so surprised. Great job Dan in making such a cool puzzle that is also an amazing piece of art. Chris you keep on inspiring and bringing joy and I hope this continues for many many years. Truly amazing and heartwarming. Thank you.

  • Whisky bar(Alabama song) By:THE DOORS

  • You have to fill the lil vile with cocaine.

  • Today on PIMP YO PUZZLE

  • You do the best majic

  • Amazing lol

  • Pretty cool :)

  • Shine the light through the bottle? Maybe it has a clue?

  • It looks like a cocaine and whisky holder.

  • Dan is cool. I like dan

  • I need this puzzle were can i find it

  • Yo Dan!!! Nice work brother!!!

  • This has to be one of my favorites. Great craftsmanship. Daniel, head up, brother.

  • Is that an Eminem tattoo on his arm?

  • That was absolutely badass cool!!! Interesting video. Got a new subbie because of it! Thanks for sharing!

  • this was so cool!!!

  • Just now seeing the video and I'm at 7:04 into it. Check the other side of the magnet in the lid. Set the bottle on top of the shelf with and without liquid. Push the bottleneck onto the bolt

  • I really dig ur Chris Ramsay hat but I couldn't find any of ur merch on the website, just wondering if u still sell them

  • Not really a puzzle imo it's just a remote hidden behind a shelf to a hide away box

  • Any1 notice that before he even clicked the remote he looked up at the hatch?

    • Cameronwb12 _YT and he removed the mini bottle off the top too

  • The best part? DDC playing cards!

  • So it has nothing to do with whiskey

  • Very cool puzzle but damn! Draplin Thick Lines?!? Sweet cards! Wants!!

  • Amazing

  • 6:55 into the video, here are my guesses: 1. Maybe screw that bolt in, and keep screwing? Maybe that whole thing can be extract as well 2. Maybe when the magnet is sticking on the top bolt right below the lid, the lid can come off? 3. Maybe pushing the bottom part in? EDIT: spoilers in the reply! Don't look if you haven't watch the video!

    • So none of them is correct lol But the answer and how it functions are so cool!

  • Boom! Awesome

  • Question at 7:13 : put some ACTUAL Whiskey in the bottle. Due to it not having the same density, or something like that.

  • He has so many boxes to hide secrets now.. I want that too.

  • Cringe!!!!!!!!

  • This by far is the best and most satisfying puzzle I have seen in all your videos.

  • Where can I buy those deck of cards that was shown in most of his vids?

  • You're an awesome person and are very kind. I admire your patience as well as your persistence... you seem to never give up. It's inspiring. Thank you for the great entertainment.