Published on Sep 2, 2016
WHO'S READY FOR A FLASHBACK??? Today I diving into the "How I Did My Makeup In High School" tag!!! I started wearing makeup when I was 12 years old... I've always been obsessed with glamour and transforming myself! This tag is so fun because I wore a FULL face for my 12th grade year book photos! In this video, I show you a few childhood photos, as well as my REAL yearbook!! I thought it would be fun to recreate one of my old signature "Jeffree" looks when I was a teenager!! Can we talk about my old school brows??? I WAS SERVING IT UP!!!! HAHA!! Hope you all enjoy and get a laugh from this video!!
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  • ya you look so good with out eyebrowes

  • we love jeffree graduating a full year before i was born... he looks so young!!

  • you still look bomb😍❤✨

  • 2:37 she was just whorefied

  • 9:34 Gur-gur-GURL!! 😂

  • didn’t u go to pacifica or rancho ik u went to alamitos cause Mr. Heckel had u

  • Still gorg!!! Then and now

  • You looked like chris from motionless in white

  • You brought me back!!!

  • You look cute 🥰

  • I absolutely love the running commentary on this especially with the editing... 😂 😂 😂

  • 2003 vs. 2019

  • You still look fucking good

  • Remember his song with Hollywood Undead?

  • Girl girl girl 😂😂😂

  • This made me subscribe. The football team thing made me scream.

  • yOu diDnt say chAnnEl riGht aT thE bEGining :c

  • Bro your sooo pretty I can’t ❤️ your my idol

  • Then what's ur real name??

  • It’s kinda weird but you rock it

  • You change your name the same year I was born

  • I love your roots to what you do now!

  • 12:45 was there a editing glitch

  • Bruh you were in your last year of high school when I was born 😂😂

  • 18:09 I'm screaming!!! LoooooooL :D

  • Oh my God, he really looked like a Jeffrey back in 7th grade

  • As a MAC girl and who’s been wearing MAC since I was 13, This makes my heart happy 🖤

  • I USED TO USE BLUSH AS CONTOUR TOO! Let us pray we never go back to the good ol myspace days XD

  • Your eyes look really good!! The color of your eyes pop!!

  • Why she look like the drag queen from shrek lol Love you jefree though 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • "my entire face was completely covered in concealer"... I feel called out...

  • 11:34 2019 September

  • Same here self taught. In mostly drama/ theater makeup

  • Omg cutest goth ever im so jealous

  • I love your eyes like this lol

  • Me stels lipstick

  • That pink lipstick shade is every Asian's nightmare

  • I think you still look fabulous!❤

  • He looked like a really edgy anime character. I kinda like that look though, he rocked it.

  • It don't matter, cuz ur eyes are Fuckin black!!

  • nobody: high school jeffree: 🤡🤡🤡

  • I honneslty want to shave off my eyebrows but my family would kick me out

  • why am i KIND OF LIVINGG for this look tho????

  • Jeffree did you ever pick your nose because its hell a sabre

  • he rlly said : "i look like mona lisa"

  • This is when you had a bad camera, that background thoughh

  • KILL ME NOW!!!!! OMG!!!! LOL!!!! You are amazing at applying makeup!!! I have learned sooo much watching your vids!!! You make it look so easy to apply!!! Lol!!! 💄🎨🛍💅👄😊

  • Omg Myspace flashbacks!

  • I love youu kisss 😙😙😙😙

  • lol I love how he is making fun of how he used to wear his makeup but it still looks a million times better than anything that I could do today. Even with the crazy brows.

  • I just love Jeffree's personality so much

  • What contact lenses do you use

  • lowkey this is literally how i did my makeup in high school as well, literalllyyy using all of those mac products/colours. minus the shaved brows, THAT came the year after.

  • If you didn’t know Jeffree Star on MySpace then what are you doing with life ? Lol

  • from goth to Barbie!

  • No more goldbit either

  • I did the same thing

  • I think you did great! I wish I could remember how I did mine!

  • Is this how he did his makeup or how I did it when i was five lol love you

  • “I did them so thin I could like literally kill a small village”