Stronger Than You - Chara Response (Undertale Animation Parody)

Published on Jul 26, 2016
So I animated this thing... ye..
Sorry I've been so inactive for a long time, but I've been working on this thing for the past 2-3 months, and it's finally done. I'll do my best to upload a little more often now ;w; I also want to make longer animations like this one, and try to start working on original projects as well.
Anyways, thanks for watching! :3
- Programs:
Adobe Animate CC for animating (flash)
Adobe Photoshop CC for making backgrounds
- Credits:
Vocals by Milkychan (
Estelle - Stronger than You (Steven Universe Insert Song)
Written by Rebecca Sugar
Instrumental Cover by Mémoire (
8-bit Instrumental by Soreperior (
Original Parody by djsmell (


  • Frisk'in gözleri açık

  • Make sans version

  • My sister thought this was dora and he’s saying why did the fox turned into a skeleton

  • Me: searches dora on internet Google: **Picture of Dora** Bing: 0:04

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  • I wonder who is the ruler or undertale

  • Its frisk not chara

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  • Don't fight. Sing. You'll make a lot of money.

  • Listening to this in 2020

  • Nuuuuu the froggit was so cute😭

  • If I was sans I would just make a wall of gaster blasters so its a insta oof

  • I love this song!!!! 2020???

  • i litteraly felt my sins crawling down my back listening to this..

  • This song is never old

  • I’m pretty sure y’all already knew the original was from Steven Universe Meanwhile I’m over here just finding out Steven Universe is a thing

  • I keep watching videos with this song because it’s so good, i hate steven universe, so don’t give a crap about that original version, the undertale version is 100x better so yea.

  • ชอบๆ

  • Here is sans's Response!

  • COMEDIAN WHITE?!THAT IS THE FUNNIEST THING I'VE EVER HAD!DANG! The reason why Sans is a comedian is these 2 words that Chara called him...I love it!

  • Chara: YOUR LAST HOUR STRIKES Sans: has killed chara for many days

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  • This is frisk

  • Me:i love undertale 💜💜💜

  • Kid:OMG Adutl:oh no help me!!!!!!

  • great work i like it

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  • Песня суперская! Если не считать что я нашёл один маленький косяк, но он прям оооооочень маленький Русские, прив.

  • Dammmmmn this animation is AWESOME!

  • #UndertaleVSTransformers Just Like That

  • Why they holding a knife, everyone used the burt pan

    • @strawberry more than one

    • Nobody used a knife, as nobody did Genocide route... Right? Right? RIGHT????! Did you do a genocide route? ❤️Yes. No. Wait- you did?? You sadistic fuck.

  • I’m more of sans

  • Who do u think u r most like Chara or sans

  • I really want to know, how did animation like this 0_0

  • Even tho I’m a furry, I know the truth of chara, she’s not the villain of the game, so this video is off false information, the truth is the player is either the villain or the monsters last hope, Chara fell into the underground and asriel took her to his parents where they adopted her, it turned out that Chara actually was suicidal and she jumped in to commit suicide, but she was cushioned by the flowers, Chara wanted to save the monsters so after she figured out that the butterscotch flowers were poisonous, she made a plan with Asriel that she would eat the flowers until she died and after Asriel got the soul, she wanted Asriel to place her on a flower cushion on the overworld, Asriel agreed knowing he would have to kill 6 people but only hesitated once he saw how much pain Chara was in, but he proceeded, Chara could still talk to Asriel through DETERMINATION, and when he placed Chara down in a village, a guy saw them and thought the monster killed her, the entire town started hurting Asriel, damaging him badly, he took Chara’s body back into the underground and placed her down, later having yellow flowers grow on her (the pile of flowers the player falls on) so when Frisk fell on the flowers Chara’s soul awaken through determination, forced to follow Frisk, if Chara hated and wanted to kill the Dreemurr, she would have done it as soon as she met them, she cared for them like a family More info here

  • 0.75x sounds cool to me

  • The reason that Chara gets 99 health from the locket its actually choclate

    • She doesn't get 99 health but rather 99 defense, which is entirely useless seeing as sans does 1 damage per frame

  • RUvideo:hmmm

  • Essa frisk não ficou legal.

  • Chara is not Dora Dora got already a knife in the movie and chara got her own

  • "He protecc "He attacc But most importantly he wants revenge bacc.....

  • ....? 싸우는게 아니라 사랑싸움하는거 같음...

  • *Sans died with a smile* Me: fucc you chara

  • Your last hour strikes but it actually takes like three days to kill sans

  • Is it just me or is it just me seeing steven Universe getting pissed at Connie 😑😂

  • This is honestly magnificent like wow!


  • That's why you never give Dora a nife 😂😂

  • 0:10 My dad: aww look at them cute little baby feet! Me: you shouldn't have done that Chara: STABBY STABBY MOTHERFUCKA!!!!

  • Chara: 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999O.M.G

  • *2020*

  • I come from Steven universe

  • Chara not is bad shi-

  • Frisk:One step left now *steps with right*

  • 😑

  • And I thought sans was strong