Stronger Than You - Chara Response (Undertale Animation Parody)

Published on Jul 26, 2016
So I animated this thing... ye..
Sorry I've been so inactive for a long time, but I've been working on this thing for the past 2-3 months, and it's finally done. I'll do my best to upload a little more often now ;w; I also want to make longer animations like this one, and try to start working on original projects as well.
Anyways, thanks for watching! :3
- Programs:
Adobe Animate CC for animating (flash)
Adobe Photoshop CC for making backgrounds
- Credits:
Vocals by Milkychan (
Estelle - Stronger than You (Steven Universe Insert Song)
Written by Rebecca Sugar
Instrumental Cover by Mémoire (
8-bit Instrumental by Soreperior (
Original Parody by djsmell (


  • Is good.. Steen universe is da best

  • Who raised chara before she fell into the underground?

  • *who the hell gave dora a knife?*

  • This is amazing

  • Why is every time a freaking video that you are stronger than you a girl comes up in your bees the main character and kills San Why Everly flopping Thai people always want to kill this man he just wants to live And play his meme song no literally


  • I love the part where sans jumps back and dodges


  • I listend to thos while doing a full stream of genocide and listend to frisk's version of the song while doing a full pascifist stream

  • Chara: one step left now.. Me: but, but, she stepped right......

  • They made a 7 year old sound like the most beautiful thing ever lol

  • Me: falls in love with chara Sans: she is only 7 Me: dang it i should have stick with other games

  • Go see the frisk response

  • Frisk Ate too Many ButterScotch Pies...

  • who think Give DORA a KNIFE?

  • Parody get's more views E

  • Why in this video frisk's eye is open?

  • Did sans just make it night time? 0:26 Sans really dont wanna have a bad time but night time :P Edit: and did chara make it day? 2:28 wow they are gods

  • 0:37 geometry dash be like

  • 0:33 damn sans got that sanic speed

  • Can I say something I have like 1 million questions about this Frike do you know that actually you have friends friends too 😑

  • Im like dis bish fat as hellll

  • Apparently Sans's destination was final

  • Chara and frisk look like the adventurous Dora using a knife!

    • Well some people call her dora XD

  • This is Garnet Back together And I'm never going down at the hands of the likes of you Because I'm so much better And every part of me is saying go get 'er The two of us ain't gonna follow your rules Come at me without any of your fancy tools Let's go, just me and you Let's go, just one on two! Go ahead and try and hit me if you're able! Can't you see that my relationship is stable? I can see you hate the way we intermingle But I think you're just mad cause you're single And you're not gonna stop what we made together We are gonna stay like this forever If you break us apart we'll just come back newer And we'll always be twice the gem that you are I am made oh-oh-oh-oh-of Lo-oh-oh-oh-ove, oh-oh-oh-oh-ove Lo-oh-oh-oh-ove, lo-oh-oh-oh-ove, lo-oh-oh-oh-ove This…

  • On ×1,5 nice

  • Sans : are you a he or a she Frisk : im a human Sans : no are you a boy or a girl Frisk : im a kid Sans : no what is in your pants Frisk : determanation 😑😑😑😑 ❤️💔💢

  • This just makes this nigga look demonic

  • This brings back extreme nostalgia

  • Ok can you love

  • Me: MOM DORA HAS THE N KNIFE AGAIN mom: damnit who gave dora the knife

    • Wait a second that reminds me is selling knifes illigal? But sans store sells food lol

    • I know who it at chara shop

  • 여러분 몰살은 나쁜 겁니다. 친절한 엄마,사연많은 꽃,동생잃은 코미디언,순진한 개구쟁이,바보카리스마 왕까지(포함안한 캐릭이 많습니다) 죽이니까....

  • Chara: I killed everyone. Sans: Ok Chara: I murdered your brother. Sans: Ok Chara: I throw throw out all of your *Ketchup!* Sans: WANNA HAVE A BAD TIME?

    • Yes i know this isn't original and i got it from a comic...

  • Ok so i live at a ranch and everyday when we eat hamburgers i always kill the cow then get the meat...ok this is happening....and while brutaly murdering the cow i sing this song

  • Sans : *bleeding* Me : wait sans is skeleton how he get bleeding? Someone : because he drink ketchup Me : -_- wait what!?

    • It because of his determination

  • Sans protect Sans attack But he just want Papyrus back :(

  • Я одна заметила что Санс в тапках дерётся?😅😅😅

  • Garnet: ... Amethyst: ... Pearl: ... Steven: *Huhuhuh, I like this.*

  • tHiS iS gArNeT bAcK tOgHeThEr (I was a fan of this once, but I’m all Steven universe mode now)

  • The word papyrus means hard paper it was later called paper that's how papyrus got his name i have 1000000 theories about his name feel free to tell any RUvideor like Matt patt

    • Arent papyrus and paper two different things tho?