Blind Chicken Finger Taste Test

Published on May 17, 2019
Which tender will win the blind chicken finger taste test?! GMM #1549
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  • Did they give Link more narrow pieces per his request for better biting?

  • You forgot zaxby's

  • Chicken is so good

  • Haven’t even watched the vid yet but there’s already a problem, no Carl’s junior !!!!!!!!!!! Hands down the best

  • Barenaked Ladies!

  • ltad let's talk about dat

  • o Charlies has the most world-class chicken fingers.

  • no dairy queen😪strips with gravy s l a p

  • They are always more accurate blindfolded

  • Pop-eyes r da best

  • It might just be the creole in me but Popeyes is the BEST fast food chicken period...

  • I've never had Raising Canes that looked like that...

  • That jingle about the game was so catchy

  • How did i not know that mcdonalds had chicken fingers

  • Rhett missed an opportunity to sing 'winner winner chicken dinner' lmao.

  • I could literally eat chicken fingers with honey mustard every freakin day for the rest of my life!!!!

  • Hardees does have some good ass tenders

  • Link, nails the first chicken: But also Link, guessing each chicken the round before it comes.

  • Do blind chickens taste better than sighted ones

  • What’s song is theme from

  • Rhette throwing up chicken wings!!!

  • Zaxbys is the best

  • It's really not a good idea to watch GMM on repeat when you just got braces and can't eat anything 😁🙄😑

  • I hope that chicken was Boiled for safety

  • Church's is nasty

  • Link: I am not loving this one because it has too much crunch. You can't have too much crunch (A few turns later) Rhett and Link: Wow this is crunchy you can put it on the end of a spear... Link: I'm going to give it an 8

  • Should’ve had zaxbys

  • Repping Pullen Park!!! Go Wolfpack!

  • Whataburger needs to go Nationwide, their chicken tenders are the best.

    • It's alright. Other places are better.

  • i feel like they never do Wendy's, why is that?

    • There might not be a wendys close to there area.

  • 2:36 THANK YOU

  • Btw: the game title is a take on the song One Week by the Barenaked Ladies..

  • Is this the first time Link said he knows 100% where its from and got it right

  • You guys should redo these in 2019/2020 without blind folds and actually see how well you can guess

  • Why does link always use his lips so much when he eats?😂

  • The only tender I recognize is Popeyes.

  • & link eats like a female.. Thank you.

  • Lol first I was wondering was where bojangles was smh

  • McDonalds has chick strips? I didnt know that

  • *I S T O L E T H E T E N D E R*