MY #TRUTH - Walmart Hidden Clearance Inventory Shopping

Published on Nov 10, 2019
This is an HONEST video. I share some personal truths which were sparked by shopping Walmart Hidden Clearance.
We visit multiple Walmarts and I try something special where I empower the viewers of this channel. I want you to help me design my hoodie for the next video! (hope other people think this is a cool idea!)
Stick around because we make sure to deliver you more Walmart Clearance Deals this week throughout the video all the way until the very end.
Thank you so much for seeing this and being here! We really do love and appreciate y'all. You're super important to us! We can't thank you enough for all that you've done for us!
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  • Stay strong bro. You are a really great guy, you have a good heart. Don’t let negative comments kill your vibe. Haters are always gonna hate. I was lucky to have as friend and you helped me a lot when stayed in Massachusetts. Keep Doing your thing bro

    • Hey Christian!! It’s Kathleen 😊. Just showed this to him and he said thanks bro!!

  • It’s a challenge to raise kids, more challenging with autism. Use autism awareness for your jacket

  • Y'all are so awesome!!! God Bless Your Family this Holiday Season and Everyday!! ❤

  • keep the fath i have to do that all the time also i have had a tough life to with parents that didnt seem that they didnt care so i made myself happy in what ever way i could and still doing it to the best of my abelty so good to talk to you i love you too

    • Thank you for relating - respect ❤️

  • I have to agree with all those who said you both are beautiful. If you want to get healthier that's great but neither of you are disgusting. You CAN do what you choose to do. I believe in you both. God bless you both and your beautiful children.

    • Thank you so much for your kind words❤️

  • you made me just weep, why? because I'm the same way, screw those people, to hate on you they hate on themselfs....with that being said easier said then done, now you have motivated me, and I'm gonna do the same, and everytime I wonder in my head and start to stray, and I sometimes tend to stray instead of eating to even more unheathier means, (mind numming).......I'm gonna watch this video. Now I have no on your sweatshirt....I think it should be......... ........ NO EXCUSES YOU HAVE ME or at least a video. and I want a shirt, where can I buy one when you have chosen you logo?

    • Thank you so much for this! We all have to motivate each other to be our best selves!!!

    • and do you have a brother? lmao

  • l think u should put The Walmart Angels 👼 also l just finish watching your video about your situation personally l would ignore the hater l at one time used to feel the same way as u as the weight problem now l could care less what people say if don’t like keep it moving .you continue on doing what doing trust and believe u are helping a lot of people out especially me l wish l could give u guys a big hug 🤩🤩😇😇😇 The Walmart Angels

  • I want you guys all the time and I downloaded the Walmart app but I haven’t use that yet I just want to say let your haters be your motivators and no matter way long as you love her and she loves you it doesn’t matter on what your body look like a what her body looks like we love each other and that’s all that matters I have good intentions as well to doing the same thing and I haven’t done it yet either God bless you both I’m just so afraid to use this app to go on in the stores

  • I'm a chronic pain sufferer. I eat when I'm in pain. I am losing a lot of weight now. This is the 1st video I seen. I love these kind of videos. You have a new sub.

    • Ha no you so much means a lot and I respect you ❤️

  • It took me years to learn to love myself for who I am even after losing over 100 pounds I didn’t feel good about myself. Maybe it’s my age but just do it for yourself and not because what other people say negative about you. Love you guys!!

    • We love you back thank you Cathy ❤️

  • God only made one of you. Do what you do and don't worry about what other say.

  • Duncan Donuts

  • "Couponing ASD Mom & loving it" Never be ashamed of who you are. People who are hurtful should be ashamed of themselves. Keep up the good fight! 😘

  • My son is a super emotional eater his addiction is food he is over 400lbs and his blood pressure is high and it is scaring me as his mom. So I know it will be hard but if you just support each other you can do it! It takes 21 days to create a habit so just run to the weights when you are stressed or happy!

    • Thank you so much. I wish the best for you and your family ❤️❤️❤️

  • It takes so much courage for you and your wife to be on RUvideo for the world to see. The only size that should matter is the size of your heart and character. People that would make fun of or criticize people that are only trying to help others on a daily basis need to look in the mirror before they start pointing fingers at others. Best of luck with everything and happy holidays

    • Thank you so much for this comment❤️❤️ you’re awesome!

  • wear it

  • Anyone do Penny shopping at DG?

  • People call you fat on here?? Wow.......If you need any help at all with nutrition......hit me up. I have a lot experience. I had Gastric Bypass 11 years ago. I have kept the weight off. I was 27lbs the day of surgery, today 11 years later I am 145lbs. My husband is having Gastric Bypass on New years eve. He is super ready. Anyways....if you want some tips just find me on Facebook Sara Hampton-Abernathy.......My husband is Tom Abernathy. We love you guys and your videos. I am always scanning things all over Wal-Mart.

    • Thanks so much Sara that’s very kind of you - big shoutout to both of you and sending lots of ❤️ from our family

  • Well I am from the Seattle area, so Starbucks it is. They are everywhere. Even in a big church in Tacoma WA. Champions Center.

  • Yall are doing such a great thing sharing yourselves with this crazy world! Yall are AMAZING! My daughter works at one of your Walmarts close by and would live to be on your videos. Seek me out on FB and ill get you her info. Itll be my Christmas present to her!!! We all have our own struggles and I cant relate to yall situation on weight by my sister can and boy she will whip anyone into shape if they want it bad enough. No she isn't a trainer but has been where you are now. She shares her story on FB as well. Seek me out as JDandPD Ducros on FB and I'll hook yall up! #beBLESSEDnotstressed❤

  • I just bought that Santa suit for my brother to wear for our family pics! You would look great!!!

    • If you're into it, get it! Do what brings you joy as long and as often as you can... : )

    • No way! That’s hilarious!!! Should I buy it for real??

  • Clearance King

  • Your story hits so close to home, every part of it. Please don't let it get you down! Please! If your unhappy... you can change 😊 But you are amazing people & amazing parents! Emotions are complicated & everybody deals with them differently BUT you are so lucky to have each other's support! 💕

  • Dunkin donuts only!

  • Walmarts best scan!

  • I always get my best pajamas in the clearance section.

  • Kathleen no not a1 i converted my boyfirend he used to eat steak with a1 as well trust me try it in Italian dressing AMAZING!!!!

    • I use Italian dressing - Kens - you ever marinate it with Italian dressing and buffalo sauce? That’s pretty good

  • Dunkin donuts and yes where that outfit the santa outfit is awesome.

  • So I went to Walmart today. Scanned something with the app for my store it came up a $1.00! Awesome right?! Well then at the register it rang up $24. I scanned the item itself said it was $1.00. Showed the staff and they refused to sell it to me at that price. Does this happen a lot?

  • How about "CLARENCE NINJA" for the back of your sweatshirt.

  • So does the hidden clearance show up if I check the prices at the regular price checker?

  • 💖

  • I think you and your wife are awesome, I appreciate your transparency and your loving heart. I've only been following you for a little while. You have me so excited to look for hidden clearance items all the time. Stay strong ❤

  • Haters hate themselves more than they hate their targets. Feel sorry for them, and know you have a wonderful family and life! ♡♡

  • do it

  • You and Kathleen are both awesome! I got a bit teary eyed while watching this video being I can relate to how you feel. I am sure both of you can find the strength and support you need from each other, your boys and your faithful subscribers. I personally know it doesn't always seem easy, just need to start with baby steps. This summer I began avoiding sugar, low carbing and eating more protein and veggies. I've managed to lose over 60 pounds in about 3 months and still going. If I can do it, both you and Kathleen can do it! I have faith in you! Much love!

  • I watch you guys because out of all the people that do any clearance type videos you two seem to be the most sincere.

  • There are lot of negitive people in the world .. Do what you do ... What you doing is awsome ... Love your videos... Love your seeing your wife she seem really kind n full of joy .. Stay strong !! 💪👍

  • The danger of social media!

  • We can find clearance stuff. Show us more hidden clearance.