Fastest Ways To Fall Asleep (EXPERIMENT)

Published on Jan 27, 2015
Use these tips and tricks to fall asleep faster. GMM #608!
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  • Thanks to GMM I take about 3 hours to get to sleep because I'm binge watching every night till about 2am! 😴

  • Ya like jazzzzzz

  • Why are they wearing socks

  • My husband falls asleep in like 30 seconds...I am jealous😂

  • I do number 6 ! It’s the only thing that helps me! I have 2 worlds ! Just depends on my mood on which I go to!

  • You plebs need sleep? Ha! My depression and anxiety keep me up. I haven't slept since I started college. bow before me mortals

  • I do the "fantasy world" thing every night, but it honestly just keeps me up.

  • Omg, I just woke up and I wasn't even doing the tricks, I just fell asleep to this video!

  • My method is the same as Link's. It truly works

  • i saw those socks you animals

  • RUvideo helps me fall asleep weirdly

  • Will share for the insomniac that randomly watches 4 year old videos. Imagine yourself in a fantasy world, and try to project it onto your eyelids, so your actual eyes are moving to look at that world. Works really well for me.

  • So all the ways of sleeping work for me Muscle relaxation works Imagining going to sleep works Making your own fantasy world works However I never tried the pressure point before. I’m going to try that tonight

  • The pressure point is your third eye,

  • My sleep method is my ac unit cold

  • 9:12 this is too visceral for me. Rhett can see the machinations of my soul.

  • once I went to bed a 9:00 fell asleep at 1:20 and I'm younger than 10

  • have you ever fall asleep on the couch and wake up on your bed? yeah.

  • My fiance can fall asleep within seconds but it takes me minimum 20 minutes when I deathly tired. Otherwise it can take hours ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ probably the insomnia

  • Well I drink milk before I go to sleep. 😴😴😴 Because I love milk so much and It helps me go to sleep. 🍼🍼🍼 I love to sleep. 😍😍 I am not a morning person. I am a night owl. I love you guys and GMM so much 😘


  • 30 min increments is the thing, anyone saying 8 hours knows nothing

  • Lol the giggles from this one cracked me up lol like a slumber party lol

  • I imagine this is exactly how they were when they had sleep overs as kids lol

  • 8:58 When you sleepover at your friends house but you wake up first not knowing what to do 😂😂😂

  • Hoodoo is a thing.

  • Left side nostril action, well your heart is closer to your left than right. Makes sense with the blood pressure, etc

  • Rocking yourself, lay on your side. It's also helpful for anxiety

  • Well it’s 4:30 in the morning and I get up at 7 😅

  • I did the fantasy thing before this I have my own anima world of me

  • Pressure point and fantasy world


  • I was watching this at twelve am instead of sleeping wow that’s ironic

  • Your appendix is on the right btw

  • *i don’t need sleep, I need answers*

  • I actually find myself falling asleep every night telling myself a story/going to my fantasy world. It's so weird but for me it works SO well!

  • I literally watch Rhett and Link every night while falling asleep.

  • i could stay awake for 4 days and still not be tired. i say could but i’ve done this way too many times tbh.

  • I just watched two grown men essentially have a sleepover and giggle in the dark like children 😂

  • The video itself made me want to fall asleep.

  • I actually do that imaginary think! I THOUGHT I WAS THW ONLY ONEEE

  • I literally cant imagine a world where one doesn't share a bed with their friend. Like, I've cuddled with all of my friends--its just what happens.

  • 2:05 it’s ‘threshold’ Link

  • Anyone here still in 2019

  • For myself to fall asleep. I move one of my ankles/foot side to side and/or think of things that matter to me.. things, people I love or things I want or look forward to. Sometimes that’s hard because I have anxiety so before I go to sleep sometimes I’ll have fears/ negative thoughts in my mind.. and I get some pretty bad, crazy & weird dreams. I dream everyday when I sleep.

  • Watching this To go to sleep 💤

  • 2 hours at least for me

  • Music

  • The fantasy world thing is something i do. I think its fun making your own world. Its like making your own special book!

  • Alcohol is the method of choice for me

  • The fantasy world one actually works for me tbh

  • I used to record the time I got in bed then the time I actually fell asleep. It worked!

  • 5:43 this is similar to what I do....I just let my mind wander and make up stories while trying to fall asleep....

  • I do the dream world's

  • Rhett and Links friendship is what I want

  • i love how it says good mythical morning and there trying to sleep

  • This is the first GMM I ever saw ♥️ it forever hods a special place in my heart!

  • I try not to sleep because if i try I just wake up

  • Y is it hard to go to sleep when I have school tomorrow but easy on the weekends

  • Big brain: watch this instead of sleeping