Everything Wrong With Shrek Forever After

Published on Sep 10, 2019
Well, this is a movie that happened. We counted the sins and, honestly, didn't have a lot of fun doing so.
Next week: survival sins.
Remember, no movie is without sin! Which movie's sins should we expose next?!
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  • Title: everything wrong with shrek- Me: *say sake rn*

  • Start remaking the videos that’s like 5 mins long

  • you should know how mapinful is for making a movie come one, make a movie and then we will know great you are

  • You must do the Keanu Reeves "Replicas" movie - the sin total would break any previous record

  • There is no sins in shriek how dare you

  • Impossible

  • There is nothing wrong Shrek is perfect

  • CinemaSins uploads Th3BirdMan:it's free real estate

  • ...it’s blank.

  • Pls do 'Everything Wrong With *Ratchet & Clank* ' (2016 movie)

  • Does anyone else remember it as “Shrek: The final chapter”?

  • Apoplectic. Thanks for the new word!

  • no u wrong as fucc

  • Do final destination you’ll have fun with it

  • Which group dances better O for ogres M for minions

  • Do Steven universe the movie

  • Please do The Convent (2000) there are soooo many sins and I think it’s so bad that it’s good. Please!!!!

  • How could you? Shame

  • At least add 69 more sins to make it 690

  • shrek is good shrek is god

  • -_-

  • Do the directors cut called “Shrek. The Fanfiction”

  • Soooo can we get EWW Turbo?

  • Absolutely nothing is wrong this is the best movie ever

  • How dare you

  • I really dont like this movie... the rest are classics but I think this one kinda sucks

  • They should have explored how shrek ties in with the entire ogre race

  • Do "The assignment" 1997 version.

  • do the new aladdin

  • Movies exist Cinemas sins: I’m about to end this mans whole career

  • Thank you for doing the video

  • Everything wrong with avengers endgame please!!!

  • Everything wrong with remember the Titans in 15 minutes or less

  • You absolute pathetic mushroom, how dare you insult one of the finest pieces of our media. Please, step on a lego.

  • But its Shrek, the ultimate move franchise?

  • Everything wrong with shrek Everyone: *TRIGGERED FAN NOISES*

  • YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So...why haven't they done Shrek 2?

  • Cinema sins i want you to sin deascendants cant spell and react to alex meyers saying why it dosent make sense you will know when you see it

  • How dare you

  • Do the new Men in Black please


  • Why is the video blank?

  • ENGAME!!!

  • Nobody: Little Bastard: *Do the roar*

  • Can you do It Chapter 2?

  • You forgot that in shrek the third, there was a different rumplestiltskin in the bar.

  • Everything

  • Everything wrong with Steven universe the movie

  • My mother in law wants to see you do Gone With the Wind.

  • There is nothing wrong with shreck

  • There's nothing wrong with perfection

  • Me: *Sees video of everything wrong with Shrek* Also me: Is that *illegal?*

  • Is it me or does the cinemasin guy sound angrier from his more apathetic and pessimistic tone?


  • Fucking thanos

  • 0 Sins

  • Movie Sin Counter: 0 because every Shrek movie is perfect

  • You literally sound like a 8 year old crying about everything lmao. It’s a cartoon Bruh chillllllll