Xiaomi Mi A3: Pure Google For $250

Published on Aug 3, 2019
Xiaomi Mi A3 (USA Link) - amzn.to/2YnSXrO
Xiaomi Mi A3 (International) - geni.us/BC5rrg
The Xiaomi Mi A3 is one of the few Android One smartphone options. The Mi A3 brings a software experience similar to the Google Pixel for a fraction of the cost.
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  • My 2nd RUvideo channel - ruvideo.info

    • I got one of these phone and love it. Thank lewish

    • Lewis the Jewish

    • this is only $150

    • Try switching mi A3

    • Lew can we rubb our heads together and sing sea shanties?

  • Could you do this phone vs the k20 pro?

  • Apple will sell this phone for 1000 USD

  • This phone makes a horrible sound when ever i take a screen shut , capture of a photo of display. i wish i could disable this sound

  • Please review Nokia 8.1 it’s android one too newer than the Nokia you already reviewed and definitely better

  • I'm watching on my mi a2

  • Apple: In 3 years takes price down from 999$ to 600$ Xiaomi: In 3 months brings price down from 250$ to 150$

  • 9:45 of nothing. You bring home zero useful information about the phone after watching this. Thumb down.

  • I have a Xioami Mi A2 lite, I'm waiting until the release of the Xioami Mi A4 or A5

  • Oleeeed dad

  • The fact that it lacks NFC is the biggest deal breaker, would get it if it had NFC

  • its $150 now so much value for the money

  • What service in the US can I use this on? 4g capabilities?

  • Nokia3.2 has android 1

  • Lol, now afther the Pixel 4 release, it's hilarious to find a BUDGET phone with face unlocking that doesn't work with your eyes closed. Hey Google, in your fancy-ass face unlocking system, couldn't you DO THE SAME THING?

  • I chose nokia 6.1 because its android one program and 3 yrs of software updates and 2yrs of os updates rather choose that than phones with no updates

  • Love your review, ultra solid! Still, would you recommend Mi A3 over Redmi Note 7?

  • please switch to this phone

  • this dumb american love to suck apple dick stupid american what cvan expetc from dumb nation hahaha

  • 200$ xiaomi is better than iphone 11 garbage icrap 1500$

  • REALLY LOOks Adorable phone i like it...

  • This needs a pro version

  • I love you my white guy 😅🤙

  • I am using mi A3 Lewis

  • This or the F1 or the Samsung A50?

  • I'm using this mobile I can give only 2 stars out of 5... Worst part is finger print scanner won't respond properly it's really irritating

  • Mi A3 vs nokia 7.2

  • Already bought it

  • $200 onamazon. looks good.

  • So good phone.I'm using now.

  • Turned down the animation scale from 1x to .5x I think then it will become a little faster

  • Love my a1 to death but it was stolen 3 days ago. Now I dunno what to buy, the a3 seems really underwhelming (stupid notch, 720p @@)

  • The only drawback that stops me from buying this phone is 720p Resolution...... I mean why Xiaomi???

  • Up to 170 dollars now

  • Im looking now i have mi a3 xiaomi and i broke my screen i tripped over my own leg and i fell on ground with my phone so now im looking if i can replace screen...

  • can you make a video about the xiaomi redmi note 8

  • I’m also buying this phone because i have only the budget for buying this phone. And I’m using iPhone 6s and I’m gonna to sold my phone.

  • Samsung A50 knock-off

  • How about Umidigi f2? Spec list say a lot of stuff and for under 250$ around. I am on list to get shipped.

  • Watching this on Xiaomi MI A3

    • Dennis Mwangi ok, thanx 👍

    • @moh harir I see none

    • Dennis Mwangi enter in any white screen and look in the edge of screen (up & down, left & right) and tell me if you see green or red lines like a dead pixels

    • @moh harir no ads pure android one what screen edge problems are you talking about?

    • Dennis Mwangi there is problems with display in the edge? And what about xiaomi ads in this phone ?

  • Highly recommended.. . Just got mine delivered ❤️

  • Currently i'm using xiaomi Mi A1...do you think is it worth it if I change tu Mi A3

  • dose it have notification led light?

  • *Mi A3 really a phenom*

  • Wathing this on the Mi A3.

  • Bought one because of you bro 😁

  • Give me that phone, I badly need phone and laptop right now 💔😢😢

  • I would like to see Android One on the Sony Xperia 1 if will be one I would like to buy it!!!

  • Do the Bold N1

  • There is 720p display cuz this is AMOLED (it's more expensive than IPS) if phone had 1080p it will be more expensive. Why not IPS? you just can't put fingerprint scanner under IPS screen. thanks

  • L

  • Really good detailed review mate. I purchased this phone a week ago as a replacement for my Sony XZ1 Compact. The Mi A3 is well designed, nicely sized and looks great in the "More than white" version. I set the phone up, and started to customise the home screen to my liking. That's when I discovered the main problem I have with the Mi A3. There's absolutely no way to remove the weather / clock widget or Google search bar from the home screen. This is annoying and intrusive, spoiling an otherwise good phone. Some online posts suggest downloading another launcher like Nova to get around the issue. This is not something I wish to do, nor should I have to. So for now I've gone back to my trusty XZ1 Compact and the Mi A3 back in it's box until Google remove these eyesores from the screen. Hopefully on the Q update, there'll be an option to remove.

  • ^^^^^@@@@@ PLEASE REVIEW REALME X2 PRO They promise its the FLAGSHIP that has massive 64Mega Pixel Camera and 20x Hybrid Zoom! --- Lewi PLEASE!

  • Lew, Mi 9T/Redmi K20 can be purchased for 230$ - SD 730 + amoled + no bezzels + popup camera.. Soooooooooo....... This is basically worthless!

  • "I want to see Android One on more devices..." Yes, yes, YEEESSSS!!!!

  • Imagine a Samsung phone with stock Android

  • More Android please

  • the Xiaomi Mi A3 Dual SIM 64 GB has Magnetic Compass

  • fucking phone! can't watch hd videos from RUvideo and others! 🤬

  • I have PixelExperience 10 flashed on Mi A3 and with gcam 7 this almost competes with my wife's pixel 3. Has more details sometimes. And almost double the battery life with custom kernel etc. For me this is `The Phone`. Who cares about 90hz, quad hd? I'm perfectly fine with the 720p panel. For an end user who uses phone as a utility not the one only computing device, what matters is great battery life, always on display etc

    • Which kernel are you using...?