Doritos Acquired! The Vargas' Build & Battle FB Gets Power!

Published on Aug 15, 2019
Build & Battle Season 2
Thursdays, 8AM PST
Hoonigan Project Cars


  • These videos are giving me motivation to come out of retirement and start racing again

  • Love my Filipino "engineers". :)

  • That hooters shirt though !

  • Anybody else eyeing out that damn mango tree in the front yard ?!?!?!?!

  • These dude are back dooring system so bad.... " oh my buddies dad has one laying around".... pre staged built motor

  • ( don’t put gas in your car, it over heats) 🤣

  • Lol, "we're hanging out!" Hahahaha 😂

  • $1.20ea and he had atleast 3. Let's call it $3.60 a week, that's $14.40 a month and you said he's done it for months. Let's assume 3 months. That's already $43.20 he's spent and I'm low balling all those figures. He definitely could have bought one of the $78.50 radiators you see all over eBay by now or will have come up to the point where he's spent more on water than a radiator. Lol

  • Doritos, Hoots and Kisses... Dudes a real one

  • Never strap a heavy object at the rear of the truck! Come on guys

  • Hoonigan should do a collab with Crocs

  • 13:44 I CAN'T! Quit Teasing me. Already subscribed. Oh the 'Bell'? Yeah that's clicked also. HOONIGAN FTW.

  • It's now called the FK Mazda. Short for Freddy Krueger Mazda. Find Elm Street and race on it. Your worst Nightmare.

  • @1:44 you know he was growing some weeeeeed lol

  • Oh shit, you guys rolled right by my neighborhood!

  • Tell Mochi to keep his red rocket to himself lmao

  • Love this episode John and his friends are great

  • Vargas don’t need no stinkin’ seatbelt!!

  • Anybody notice the garbage bag brick of organic media in the yard.

  • Wheres the hitmarkers for the high fives?

  • Funniest thing I've seen in a week

  • Respect to the old dude in the Hooters shirt

  • 9:30 - Check engine light

  • I WANT MORE B&B STUFF!!!!!!!!!!

  • Seat belt Vargas!!!

  • Call it “Fast Freddy”

  • The accents are my favorite. Vershun

  • 420

  • All the water he buys he could ha e bought a radiator

  • Ohhh man the Vargas brothers are glorious. My favorite characters in the Hoonigan family!

  • Between that sweet white Mazda and the signed Hooters shirt, I just found my new hero.

  • nothing like chuffing your blow off valve right in someone's ear

  • "i want an egt gauge so the exhaust doesnt get too hot" meanwhile, drives around with old faithfull under the hood.

  • the Vargas boys need to be staples in the Hoonigan brand. They are too legit! You know they love the industry by how much they respect they're elders.

  • "Were hanging out"... lol

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one with a cracked Chevy radiator lol

  • So what happened to the no homeboy hook up from last season

  • 13:08

  • I’ll buy johns truck for $600

  • Mechanics have the most Jerry rigged Shit. No chance Jon changes out the radiator until A the engine blows or B Hert brings him his radiator. If it blows he'll likely leave it where it breaks down. It's only a $500 truck, fuck it.

  • Got that same pot flag hanging on my wall. But for real tho, John is a fucking riot for just driving that truck like that. 🤣

  • Honestly is Vargas light weight of the Jewish nature?? Seems really cheap lmao 😂

  • Those rotary bros look like some real chill dudes. Great video.

  • Vargas brothers are national treasures and should be treated as such.

  • Rotary engines are a joke. They do not ever run right even these “experts” can’t make one actually run everyday lol

  • Rincon pr 🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷 that’s where my family and I are from ! Parcelas Estela in the building lol

  • What you think about the rx8 engine in a fb chassis? Na setup what the most hp and how much is the swap is worth it high comp engine

  • Won't buy cheap radiator, spends $100 on water.

  • Mochis Red Rocket. S.O.C.K.S.

  • Anyone else see that weak ass hand shake

  • I swear u guys act like 10th graders LMAO 😁😁😂😂 best content ever !!

  • Every time my radiators go out I just replace them with an all aluminum one

  • Hahahaha that fucking truck tho hahaha

  • I'm gonna buy me a Murican car, they are so safe, you don't need to wear seatbelts in them apparently..

  • The inside mad rusty. In the winter the freeze plugs will blow out. Well on the east coast.

  • Hooters man is og for wearing that shirt

  • Lmfao were hanging out boys day

  • "I ain't buying no Walmart-ass radiator"

  • That short bed brick is clean

  • Does Kyle get recognized a lot driving his yellow van around?