i'm almost done with high school... +haul

Published on May 13, 2019
thank you lulus for sponsoring this video! guys i'm literally done with high school how weird is that. well i'll tell you. it's very weird. but exciting as well. here's one of my last high school vlogs on this channel. i'm not crying, you are.
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i love you and appreciate you guys so freaking much. thank you for taking the time out of your day to watch and grow with me on my journey!


  • Ur so cute sleeping lol

  • love your channel!! you’re so real and fun and relatable. also you’re gorgeous. love you!!

  • tb to when hannah had teeth lol so when are you gonna talk about the dote situation and how those girls of color were mistreated?!?! you got your white privelage you better use it hannah

  • Cute

  • 2:19 thx for setting my alexa off😂😂

  • talk about the dote issue!

  • what is this song at the end i love it

  • Anyone know the song she plays at the end of the video???

  • Why the fuck does this basic bitch have a youtube channel they bring nothing special to anyone

  • Now your fun can be with friends at clubs wasted off your ass until you get married and witness the day your husband finds out how big of a whore you were in college and a bigger whore after college...welcome to life from yours truely...an old whore.

  • I love you Hannah, your videos, personality, but u talk all this positivity on your social media platform without even considering all the other issues that others face. Colored people treated differently is not on your list let’s be honest. The fact that you don’t even have colored friends shows. It’s as If it doesn’t affect u it’s not your problem? Man white privilege is sadly too real..

  • How did you get an hour delay on May?

  • this is the type of chick that would pay 40 for a gram lmaoooooooo

  • can you please talk about collage and everything? btw ilysm!!!!!!!!

  • Dtck things on peoples cars you re polluting the environment as they will blow off.

  • Hi like your veidio

  • OMG. Does anyone else just straight up smile as soon as you start one of Hannah's Videos? I love you so much! Keep being you!! _Ellie ♡

  • so what's really important?

  • melancholy the last days of school when you realize that you might not spend time with all the people's you made friends during your school year's you will miss even the random individuals that you didn't spend time with; it's weird...😅

  • Other then academics my school didn't teach me shit. It was when I listened to God is when I got educated.

  • on the vlog or main channel you could do a video of recap of senior year and your future plans after high school

  • She's an ugly hoe

  • How did I end up here wtf

  • You're not that interesting.

  • I just took my last final today! Onto my 3rd year of college!!!

  • 6:43 my ears were just BLESSED 👏👏😭❤️❤️

  • What is the song that’s always in the background of her vids

  • why is this in my feed...

  • Do you have a father in your life? It soesnt look like it...and if you do he failed. You are a mess

  • omg so I have TikTok and SO MANY people say I look like you ahhh 😂

  • omg can you upload videos from ages ago coz i’d love it

  • what is the song called in the end?

  • everyone should subscribe to me for weekly vlogs and GRQM

  • My Alexa in my room went off when you said “what was the weather going to be like”

  • my alexa legit went off as soon as you said “alexa what’s the weather like” and it scared me so bad!😂

  • Omg ur such a good singer !!

  • What kind of coffee do you drink?

  • lol she’s going to keep working with dote and shes not going to address the situation bc then she can’t go on those trips anymore with her white friends!1!1!1!

  • Nice sunroof ☀️

  • yes, definitely post those random vlogs! knowing you they will still be good!!

  • I thought it was funny that when you asked Alex what was the weather my Alex went off and told me the weather lol

  • Time to get knocked up and on welfare!


  • Wait... why are you guys so good at singing!!😍😂

  • COLLEGE PARTY GET READY WITH ME !!!!ruvideo.info/watch/9OHZHFnWOnY-video.html

  • omg make a singing video


  • is she still dating jacob ?

  • when she asked alexa for the weather my alexa answered 😂😂

  • ♥️♥️♥️

  • You dress frompy

  • 7:48 “spend less time watching people live their lives and spend more time enjoying your own” sounds like another example of hannah secretly roasting her subscribers.

  • HAPPY1 MILLION!!!!!!!!

  • HAPPY1 MILLION!!!!!!!!

  • Y'ALL: I have a new video on my channel where I give you my BEST tips for surviving sleep deprivation (applies to finals week especially)! you're welcome 🙈 p.s. you'll do great on your finals luv

  • Dude everyone talkin about the dote situation. So we are going to ignore that Hannah and her friend are REALLY GOOD SINGERS

  • shes so p r e t t y ugh

  • Hannah I honestly love your videos but based on the information I have learned recently about the dote situation and your response to it I am losing respect for you. As an African American teenage girl I have experienced the sane type of treatment that the POC received on this dote trip. I don’t blame yOu come for not noticing the lack of diversity on both of the trips you have been on, because why would you even have to look for segregation and mistreatment on a fully paid trip with a major company. But the fact that you kinda just glossed over the situation saying you feel bad for them. I don’t think that is ok. As a major influencer and a person that was apart of both situations I feel that you need to speak up and demonstrate to your millions of teenage fans that this is not ok. if you are privileged enough not to go through this mistreatment you should be sure to speak up so that we can change culture of RUvideo.

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  • So when is she gonna talk about the dote situation?