Putting My Luggage on the Conveyor Belt at Walmart and Showing My Passport

Published on Sep 16, 2019
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  • Check out @BlakeRosier he's going places. 5:33 Putting My Suitcase on Conveyor Belt at Walmart and Showing them My Passport 1:02 TSA Practice 2:03 No. 2 Pencil 2:22 Snake Skins 4:48 Ketchup 7:43 Beating my Viewers Up 9:52 Eating a Gator from the inside 10:39 Eating Berries

    • Funny ting ever

    • Say this to people with hair. *Do you think your cool, just because you're bald?*

    • Hey! You don't let me work properly :'(

    • And who was she? 😍😍

    • You should try to buy a for sale sign 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • You Should Run Through The Store With A Ketchup Bottle And Scream Ketchup Mommy Or Daddy And Say Why You So Slow Ketchup

  • i laughed when i read the title this is hilarious like the other videos

  • Cole wearing jail sandals with the I’m gonna call the cops t-shirt. What an original

  • His kid voice is the funniest thing ive heard in my fucking life

  • Ketchup

  • Love the new guy 😂

  • 7:50 Napoleon Dynamites uncle

  • Paul Walker making RUvideo videos

  • This is the most i've laughed in your vlogs😂, "is that a bomb?" "Is that a gun"😂😂. "You were a hungry boy"... "ketchup"😂😂 im crying.

  • Tell people that their stuff belongs to u

  • You should have had a water, and That guy pretending to be TSA should have said, “oh its just a sniper rifle, thats fine, we are gonna have to confiscate that water though.

  • Did you wipe your butt today

  • Protesting animal rights in a furr coat

  • check out zGrabz @zGrabz @zGrabz he's going places

    • @Rowan Z *sure

    • fake

    • zGrabz... lmao pretty sur that's fake but maybe I'll use that handle it's lowkey kinda dope 😂 lmao

    • zGrabz... lmao pretty sur that's fake but maybe I'll use that handle it's lowkey kinda dope 😂 lmao

    • wtf😂

  • It's Blake!! I recognised him from Perry Grone's channel!! What a hilarious dude.

  • It's Blake!! I recognised him from Perry Grone's channel!! What a hilarious dude.

  • I wish he would talk about what happened when that lady called the cops on him for impersonating a police officer. I wonder if he can't talk about it until the case is closed

  • Who was the guy who played the tea agent, he's hilarious 😂

  • I'm still confused.... is cole homeless?

  • That blond is a babe

  • I’d be zooming in too

  • 3:28 uhhh

  • Please use the universal tv remote again

  • 3:54

  • Go through airport security with a fake hard on

  • i only know the reference at 5:30 because we just started reading it in class. epic

  • Ask someone for directions then when they start giving you the directions just walk away or ignore them or walk the other way.

  • Go buy cigarettes dressed like a baby

  • 4:16 you should of had the almond land in coles mouth even though he kicked it I would of laughed so hard Lol it ended up there anyways lolol

  • lol loved the almond football skit, HILARIOUS !!! you rock!

  • watch from 10:54 on with the lowest speed possible. Dying of laughter

  • is no one gonna talk about his belly button being pierced

  • i love this red head tsa dude

  • 5:30 was a reference to mice and men I read it last year in school 😭

  • That of mice and men reference tho

  • The beginning would be good Super Bowl commercial for almond, but a little different of course

  • Coles gonna die.... hes eating almonds with white out on them lmaooo

  • ruvideo.info since he forgot to put it in the description

  • the beginning had me crying

  • Not a single person there found the TSA skit funny or remotely amusing, at all. Lame af.

    • Me and many other people in the comments did. Quit hating.

  • Omg his face when kole "ate" the berries. Hahaha

  • new guy is great. dying

  • Fortnite at 2:33 like if u also noticed that

  • We need a video making fun of airport security workers afraid of contact solution, saying the bottle is too large, and squirting it in someone's face, and that person play really hurt like dying in the most pain.

  • call a local pizza place and order a crap ton of pizza . with consecutive calls from different people. and don’t show up to pick up the pizza

  • Go into an shop and claim your 'winnings' from a lottery ticket you won £0 on and then is they say you didn't get any money say what the jackpot is (like if the jackpot is 1milliom say "but look it says I won 1 million")

  • better than my boring life lel.exe

  • You guys are idiots

  • hey ross, im actually blind and was really offended watching the part about you being blind. as a blind man, its extremely difficult to watch this type of video:(

  • Taht red head guy is fucking funny

  • slowmo was used

  • I’m fucking smacked watching this at 3am haha

  • You should’ve pretended to have a weapon in Walmart and then run away and they chase you

  • Go into Buffalo Wild Wings and ask the hosts if there’s a room for the meeting and where the other people are at. And when they ask what you’re talking about tell them you were told “You have to be here.” 😂😂😂

  • Blake is amazing!

  • what that there. thats my penis. thats your penis okay

  • You should put ur own stuff in walmart and act like ur stealing it

  • That cashier at walmart has never been in an airport. I bet she didn't even know what the fuck was going on there.

  • so nobody is going to talk about how insane this was? 4:24