LEARNING HOW TO ACT ft. Noah Schnapp

Published on Jun 11, 2019
In this episode of Out Of Our Comfort Zones we met up with Noah Schnapp, a professional actor who plays the part of WILL on the iconic show 'Stranger Things', to get some insights on what it's like to be an actor on the big screen and to learn out to become professional actors ourselves.
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  • grayson crying over pickles is me

  • I’m sorry but Ethan saying smooch over kiss is not something I can take seriously

  • Omg Grayson is crying his heart over pickles and Ethan is like - my mom dead..ah man yeah ah

  • Fake tears, ha hunny please, I can make myself cry anytime I want.

  • Noah is so cute

  • Damn this is so good 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • You know what I love about the Dolan twins? Their subscribers are legit. Not bought or anything. They have been on RUvideo for what 5 years now and just hit 10 million. That's how you know they truly have a legit fan base and didn't get 10 mil in 6 months and people genuinely enjoy their content

  • I hope Ethan is safe x

  • noah:i love crying me: oml me toooo😭😢

  • I started crying cause of the pickles

  • 17:56! “I love crying”

  • Omg in the video with Emma she said she was sweaty

  • They rlly hit 10 mil!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  • 19:50 e: go to ur room 😂

  • "smooch"

  • Ethans voice crack 😂 "WhY are you getting..." 19:40 Maybe it's not a voice crack but it sounds funny to me 😂

  • Hi I love this vid and I’m a huge fan

  • this video was so stupid

  • So you're telling me the dolan twins can't act... Have you seen their videos , greyson should win an oscar for pretending to fall for his brother's pranks.

  • Grayson I ate all the pickles Grayson why because I'm pickle man

  • Noah: *I love crying*

  • IM DYING 19:48 Ethan: "go to ur room."

  • What is that LMAO 🤣😂💀 9:33

  • Learning how to paint ft CHAMBERLAIN PAINTINGS !!

  • imagine, season 3 stranger things, ft the dolan twins

  • You guys need to stay safe please update us we love you ❤️❤️❤️❤️#AlertTheDolanTwins !!

  • When Gray was talking about his "mom dying," I think me might have been thinking about his dad.

  • I hope Ethan is safe x

  • I hope Ethan is safe x

  • Noah is hitting puberty mad hard. Like every word his voice cracks.

  • No one: Absolutely no one: Noah: You guys are awesome!

  • Holy crap Ethan is going to die

  • #ethandolanawarness

  • Congratulations on hitting 10m subs

  • I love it when Gray and Noah are freaking out about their son... I ship it so hard #Groah

  • Grayson gave it his all and did amazing i hope he continues acting.

  • Jesus Christ this video has me crying 😂


  • This is Gold thanks to noah for all the acting tips

  • No one: Not a soul: not even that annoying kid in your class: Noah:i love crying 😭😂

  • I do the whole shake it out thing they did when I’m backstage for cheer but I go from 4 not 8 lol

  • I love Noah Schnapps

  • Okay woah ..... he’s so much cuter then I thought

  • nobody: Noah:" I love crying!"

  • 16:20 I started crying

  • Someone make there hairlines a meme

  • Your next video should be teaching Ethan how to cook or a video where both of you have the same recipe and see who makes it better

  • Please be safe I won't be able to live if what's going on comes true

  • The Dolan twins are playing in the ace family basketball charity event and in Austin's team 💛💛

  • Dolan twins plz reaction Park Jimin dancing :u

  • #ALERTETHANDOLAN guys keep him safe

  • i miss the sister squad

  • esmorelda

  • 17:55 noah: i love crying. me: wait me too! can we be friends?

  • funny thing is i’m actually allergic to pickles

  • when he said tom holland we went crazy

  • *Noah "I love crying"

  • can we talk about noah’s acting though in 17:17- the end of the scene LOL ... I was like WOAH

  • No ones gonna talk about how Ethan Dolan is getting threats

  • So my name is Esmeralda and when they were improving and fighting about Grayson stealing his girl I started freaking out 😁🤪

  • i really hope the twins are safe. that twitter shit is terrifying


  • Happy Father's day gray!

  • Congrats on 10M subs 🎂🎁🌈❤️😇😍

  • Puckerin

  • You guys should do figure skating next! 😂

  • On tok tok it said Ethan was missing and was found dead is that true

  • so funny guys :]

  • 10 MILLION 🎊🎆🎇🎊

  • 10m

  • Be careful were you go Ethan and Grayson someone is trying to kill Ethan don't take this as a joke there saying that their going to kill Ethan in front of Grayson

  • #alertethanandgraysondolan watch out

  • #Alertethandolan

  • 12:42 Ok so now we know that gray and Noah are gay!👍:)

  • 17:56 Noah: *I love crying* Mood

  • 10M!!! Congrats to you guys. I’ve been supporting you since I was 13. I’ll keep on watching you both grow! :)))

  • You should try horse riding 🐴next 😂

  • I really like noah and all but he kept on saying like

  • Grayson: Esmeralda has very luxurious lips Ethan:IK!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


  • The improv was so good! 😂

    • Ethan is actually so good at acting!

  • Wake the Fuck up Samurai, We have a city to burn.

  • Ok so on Instagram there is a person who is saying they are going to kill Ethen this week please aware keep safe. We are all scared and I know you guys don’t know about it but I am really scared

  • is anyone worried bout these people on twitter

  • 12:49 G- Babe please don't panic on me Did anyone else melt when he said babe like that🤤😍

  • wait. noah is 14? I CAN MARRY HIM!

  • 12:14 😂😂😂 “coach i’m just a diver” 13:04 IM CRYING “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU”

  • Why does this only have 2.7 m views? :(

  • No one: Noah Schnapps in Stranger Things: *LEt mE gO LeT mE gO!*

  • you have finally got 10,000,000 subs congrats!!!

  • noah:”i love crying” noah=my anxiety

  • This video was boring

  • Are you guys done with James?

  • I'm so happppyyyyyyyyy

  • Omyyyyyy my dream in one videooooooo 😭

  • i want to act so badly


  • Love you e stay safe pls x😭 I need to meet you before you pass x❤️😭

  • After this video I started watching stranger things its awesome thank you. Love you all. P.S. what is y'all race I have always wondered

  • 17:34 "is it the seeds" I am literally dead