What It's Like To Go Blind

Published on Aug 8, 2014
What it's like living with Macular Degeneration.
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Thanks to Marc Muszynski for sharing his story.
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  • Thanks for sharing❤

  • Hi i'm 24 and i'm going bald!


  • If I was blind I would kms I know that sounds stupid but I couldn't love like that just wouldnt do it

    • Boi, have you ever heard the tale Stevie wonder!? The man made it through blindness

  • He is so calm about it, I hope he will get perfect vision in future

  • I think about this all the time, when your blind, you don’t see black. You don’t see at all, like picture trying to see out of your elbow

  • Yes! its just like that......I have it too!. going up and down stairs is H* become a human escalator..lol............... I so miss just getting into a car and take off for a ride. and the other is Looking at family pictures and of friends. When told I'd look at as many of them as I could, so I would remember (close my eyes and picture them) or where I've been in life. You did a really go job with video. Bless As/is..........

  • Both of my eyes are a bit worse than 20/400 and I can really only see color without my glasses and when they are off I wouldn’t be able to read my phone

  • Count your blessings

  • God bless him..

  • When I take off my glasses off I eyes start to get hot and watery.So it doesn’t hurt it’s just harder for me to see.

  • *i came here bc i had a dream (more like nightmare) that i made my little brother go blind and i was terrified*

  • I was notified that im going blind 5 days ago and im devastated

    • Anim3 Addict-l I’m so sorry dude-I feel so bad😭💖 I hope it doesn’t happen and you get better!!

  • If you are blind congress passed an act long ago to give such persons preference in the buisness opportunity of vending machine oppirtunities that they might be able to have their own income and buisness niche I think anotner good idea is to let blind induviduals start a seeing eye dog training service for the blind and they could have a cool show evry year to showcase the service animals and have different competitions Seriously its a dog show catagory lONG OVER DUE IF you like that idea please weigh in your own reaction or ideas

  • This man is “going” blind he’s not even there yet and look how it’s affected his life. He’s so positive about the subject, god bless this man.

  • I hope that I will never go blind in my life🥺❤️

  • I honestly feel like going blind is the worst thing that can ever happen to somebody .

  • Lotion and conditioner? I just had to register as legally blind this week. Is this real? I was trying to find videos that might help?

  • I have herpes in both my eyes.. I just dont want to belive that the moment ill be blind is coming, which is.

  • I know what its like to be blind when i take my glasses off

  • Bro, you are very strong.. I hope you will get a cure with medical innovation very soon.

  • I'm one eye blind and my right eye I only reach to see the big. ( ( A) I still get to walk everywhere for 40 years blind

  • If I spend an average of 7/6 hours a day will I go blind at like 60 or 50 or what

  • My dad ha sa different form of macular degenaration and I so grateful that it isnt the same form My dads form is when theres a very tiny black dot in one spot all the time it slowly gets bigger and bigger

  • And I thought that my Myopia was bad.

  • 0:31 reaction Time anyone? no? Just me? ok. thanks. bye. :) BTW,i thought that being blind means that u see pitch black.......i'm so ignorent. XD

  • I am blind partly on the right eye

  • im more scared of becoming deaf than blind

  • I almost thought I was going deaf when I was young.. My mother called 911 and I was rushed to the hospital.. Turns out, it was just a bug that was stuck in my ear, the docters were able to get it out and remove everything that it made in the ear. My hearing is as good as a normal person's hearing now.. Fun fact: The only thing I could hear when the bug was in was "OOOOOIIIOOOOOZOZOOOOZOOZOOZOOOOOOOOOOOOOJJJJJAJOOOO"

  • I'm here because of V

  • I would love to be friends with a blind person. I hope that wasn't rude to say. However they are very intriguing.

  • God this is dark I have friends who are waiting to get glasses just to be a fashionasta or to be like a nerd All this time they took their perfect eye vision for granted can't wait to show them this video

  • It feels like my blind spot grew and I’m not as old

  • big hug for you 🥺

  • This literally happened to me recently. All I could see in my right eye looked exactly like that white blur. Honestly, I got anxiety when that happened. But when I woke up, it was gone. (I was in bed when this happened). I got really scared to lose my vision :/

  • If I went blind I would still see colored lights in my brain....sometimes

  • Here I am...watching my...phone... 😔 Im sorry my beautifull and usefull eyes... Im glad you didn't fail or anything...im not even wearing glasses..thank you so much

    • nott_ foodlover they are already failing me Im trying to not use my phone as much

  • God bless you

  • I know somebody who went blind, he had a wife and kids and he just gave up on everything, he wouldn’t learn how to do anything blind, he was given smart phones, smart clocks, smart radios, and just refused to learn how to use them. He wouldn’t walk without an escort as in somebody holding onto him all the time, he needed somebody to take him to the bathroom even. After a year of this he stayed at home and slept a lot, he had not done anything for a year so out of boredom he started making up stories about his friends and family, he started complaining about everybody that helped him to the point that he lost his friends and helpers. I stuck around for another year and tried to practise his skills with him, but he always refused and started to become bitter about others being able to have lives that he couldn’t have, he kept his kids home from school to clean and cook, he yelled when his kids came to him worried about loosing their father he told them they where selfish and his life was hard and they had nothing to complain about. He didn’t want his kids going out with friends or even staying at family’s houses, he didn’t want them to do anything that he couldn’t and he made them give up their lives to stay home and be miserable with him. I left him alone for the past few months because I needed a break from being around somebody who had given up was so hard, I would help him all day and come home and cry all night at how unfair the whole situation was, him being blind and sick was so horrible for him but also all his family that he was hurting so they could be miserable with him, that got to hard to watch. I thought I would just take a few months off so I could go back to helping him and his family with a fresh mindset but I don’t think I can go back to taking on that level of responsibility without killing myself. I really want to be a friend, like I was before, help out in smaller ways, but I can’t go back to being in charge of them, it’s too much if they are not willing to even try a tiny bit.

  • I feel really bad for this guy I hope or wish one day something great will happen to him

  • And me here thought having eye floaters are the worts thing. 😕😕

  • If I were to start to lose my vision and a Doctor couldn't fix it, I would shoot myself! Life would no longer be worth living if I lost my sight!

  • I feel so bad!

  • Once I wanted to be blind but now I’m grateful to see ok.

    • Angel Bows I used to think that if I was blind I would be Special but now I know it’s very hard and that I’m very lucky.

    • Singeli Ophelia シ why you want to be blind? 😦😦

  • i feel totally blessed right now as a girl with perfect vision in both eyes

  • I thought u see black

  • I actually searched up: *what blind people see*

  • close your eyes *done*

  • I have glaucoma. That's tunnel vision in advanced cases. Hope something can be developed that will allow you to see normally.

  • Dear god please qure those who are losing their site

  • I cannot see I'm legally blind


  • So it’s like trying to read in the dark

  • And i complain about not seeing the writing on the board in class....i feel so lucky

  • Ee

  • Love him💪

  • man: blacks out after getting hit with soccer ball buzzfeed: the man is blind

  • I feel very bad for this guy....

  • My great grandma on my mom’s side had the same vision. And I gotta tell you, SHE WAS HELLA GOOD AT LOOKING YOU IN THE EYE!

  • I have 20/15 in my right eye and 20/50 in my left.