Published on May 16, 2019
Hi Beautiful! This was one of my favorite videos to film ever. It was sooo hard to follow instructions that were written in the 18th century but I also learned so much about how to style hair in different ways that I didn't know about before. Overall such a fun challenge!
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  • P.S I was doing a blackpink dance. Name that song...

  • Okay, so I learned in like fourth grade that in the olden days there were arbitrary rules for how lower case "s" was written. Like, most of the time they just looked like a lower case "f". I'm so glad this seemingly useless info I've remembered all these years finally has meaning 😂

  • I love the outcome... also LOL

  • they had different colored pomades in the 1770s and 1780s, like black, blue, yellow, gray, green, and pink!

  • When he took down the first curl. I was like "Omg Jerry Hall, girl!!!"

  • Omg thank you so much you just made my day ! ..at the fame time...fooner...am i beeing punkd? 😂😂😂 i am litterally crying from laughing so much !! i loooooove you brad 🦄🌈❤️❤️❤️

  • You need to redo this on a wig, and then wear it outside round New York!

  • This video is just proof that brad mondo is a time traveler from the 18th century 😂

  • Hit you with that DDU-DU-DDU

  • That’s how my mum curled my sisters hair in the 90s lol, she’s only 50 now lmao

  • Brad, So the letter that looks like an f in todays world was another way to write the letter s

  • You make hair so entertaining it's fantastic!

  • im dying haha

  • is this man writing in lisps???

  • i really want to see you do these things on a real human

  • It looks so amazing 😍!!!

  • Brad Mondo when the printed/spelled the "s" is a "f" so tips today is spelt tipf back then pretty weird

  • Is nobody going to talk about the fact that the first lady looks like mr. Bean

  • brad: her hair is serious 80s vibes me: yeah, 1780s LUL

  • she just needs pretty flowers now.

  • Yeah they hadn't "standardized" english writing yet. It's awful to read older English text.

  • That looks like a modern 18th century look it looks so cute. Very well done when I saw it was finished my jaw just dropped. I was shock. Just speechless

  • You know @loepsie actually followed the instructions and did not do things as she wanted though...

  • As a Literature history student, it gave me a lot of PTSD seeing Brad reading the s marks on the book as Fs

  • Hi brad im just am betty.😛

  • when he slapped the head I fucking lost it

  • Why does the mannequin look shook to the core

  • I DIEEEEEEEED when you read the 18th century article 😂😂😂

  • My favorite video of yours ❣️

  • Freaking cool! Love this video

  • Wow she looks like Marie Antoinette to me Brad !! Congratulations

  • I’m pretty sure the guy who wrote the instructions used the letter f in place of s lol😂😂😂

  • So much OCD about the old English it just UGHHHH😂😂

  • Just so you know in 18th century text a lot of the time s was written as an f. Firft would in fact be first. Muft would be must and so on

  • Why all the effort for the curls tough can’t you just tease it without curling ?

  • 🤦 that's American Crew pomade not J.crew

  • Kinda wonder if a museum would be interested in the styled head with the instructions as part of an exhibit... idk. It's late and the thought just popped into my head because museums do things like that.

  • who edits his videos?

  • Why does literally EVERYONE call American Crew hair products "J Crew". Two different brands...

  • Brad please do a series of hair by decade lots of love form bonnie old Scotland

  • Urgh I just freaking LOVE your energy

  • *hair on brush* brad: Ew GrOsS

  • What if you are the reincarnation of that 1800 century hairdresser. Whoa!

  • The energy in this intro is everything I needed to motivate me

  • Loepsie is pronlounced like: 'Loopsie' she is Dutch so the oe has an oo sound

  • In very archaic English writing there is an “f” looking character for the “s” hence “fupposed.”

  • I would’ve just worn a powdered wig back then 😅

  • "theres no consistency of whats going on" love u brad but like we are talaking about hairstyles spanning 100 years and like fashion changesssss 😂

  • Watching him read this is legit the best😂😂

  • They used to SAVE the hair from their hairbrush to use underneath to add volume.

  • Ddu-du-ddu-du choreography

  • Loved this video! It looks really cool!

  • can you do like infamous hair styles.. like Aubrey Hepburns breakfast at tiffany's 🥰

  • Directions:(do this ) Brad: "I don't think you want me to" lol😂

  • Is the blue eyed girl okay?

  • I loved this!!

  • Most people had head and body lice, because hygiene was not what it is today, so they shaved their heads and a number of people were naturally bald through the French pox [STD]. So they wore wigs. The wigs were made variously from human hair or horse hair [judges wigs in the UK are made from horse hair]. The pomades were from animal lard and scented with oil of attar, lavender, orange etc. and then all that grease was soaked up with some sort of starch, likely to be flour or cornstarch, hence powdered wigs. These became seriously elaborate. Both men and women powdered their faces and wore blusher and cochinealed their lips and any face blemishes were covered up with ornately cut felt patches.

  • The reason why it’s written that way is because writing was very new in that age, well trying to write English but yes lmao sounds like children trying to talk 😂😂😂

  • PICK A YEAR. Hairstyles change a lot over 100 years. That’s why they all look different!!

  • I KNOW WHAT THAT IS AND I LOVE YOU TOO !!💗 ddu du ddu du! Blackpink in your area💖