OnePlus 7 Pro Unboxing - It's ALL SCREEN

Published on May 14, 2019
Unboxing the new OnePlus 7 Pro.
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The OnePlus 7 Pro is the latest flagship device from OnePlus. It features a pop-up camera and an all-screen design, Snapdragon 855, up to 12GB of RAM and a 90Hz OLED display.
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  • dbrand - Discount code = unbox

    • Is it dual SIM?

    • I really wanna buy that knife you use to open all the new products. It looks like a great unboxing knife, literally.

    • @Perhaps he prefers Samsung

    • @SG N8 yes they are. 3 1/2 months waiting on my s10+ grip case and skin. All for nothing. Ended up cancelling

  • I prefer the one plus sound.....iphone has nothing on it......

  • This guy always licking Oneplus's ass. Though I m sure he never uses it

  • nothing beat samsung,a friendly user with affordable price

  • I bought a oneplus7 for the fast face unlock but i like the display on the oneplus 7 pro more

  • Vivo nex or oneplus 7 pro ..? Im confused... I don't know which one to choose... i need help

    • Bro one plus is far better than . Vivo (asshole company)

  • That's the cutest face unlock Ive ever seen

  • Im getting one

  • Gorgeous!!!

  • My OnePlus 6 is on it's last legs but I don't know if I should upgrade...

    • u can if u want but im wathing this on my 7 years old iphone 5s 😬😬

  • Love this fabulous device 😍😍😍😍😍 always wanted to have but can't 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • I would buy oneplus 7 pro if i would get headphones with it, he got it bc its a special box

  • How do I get the bundle with a travel charger and bullet wireless earbuds like you got in the vid? Sprint only sells it with a case, screen protector and travel charger, and t mobile just has the case.

  • *Front facing camera face-detection works in 0.3 seconds* "Huh. It's not terrible." Bruh.

  • Anyone know the track playing?

  • Wow that wa's aseom

  • I'm thinking to buy a xr or iPhone 11 is this a better alternative

    • @FORTNITE SUCKS there it android user lol

    • @lordexx itchy lmao why would you go for a shitphone 11 when you could get a better phone for the same price

    • Go for the iphone 11 babe....

  • Apple still on 4GB of RAM asking for $1k

    • @theacp127 I mean it's true, coming from a OnePlus 6t user. My phone hangs 2 times per day. I am not even joking. I bought this phone for performance but it's giving me the exact opposite. My mom's phone ( iPhone x ) still performs like an absolute beast and the camera on that is 10x better than 6t so u r getting what u give

    • But it's Apple so they overprice stuff as much as possible to get as much profit as possible. If they actually cared about value they could sale their phones for a lot less.

    • Apple really don't need a lot of ram buddy cuz of their chip and optimization coming from a 6t owner

  • 11:38 did his voice and the action of the women in the video just sync?😂

  • If it only had a headphone jack

  • Any tips for transferring data? I ordered a 7 pro but can’t get myself to switch from apple. I want to but what a pain!

  • I really really really really really really really really really really really really really love the design😍

  • My next phone 😍

  • I love my OnePlus 7 pro so much !

  • Don't you love "I'm watching on OnePlus 7 pro"comments.Btw watching on 7 pro

  • End times are neigh!!

  • NEVER SETTLE, for a phone that doesnt even have a 3.5mm adio jack

  • Got it ! Love it !

  • Sar aapke pass se yah phone mein bye kar sakte ho

  • 12 G Ram fuck apple

  • switching from lg to oneplus after 6yrs

  • Iam from india, you gift me oneplus 7 pro mobile

    • Fuck off, People like you is why we can't have nice things

  • Iam from india, you gift me oneplus 7 pro mobile

  • Iam from india, you gift me oneplus 7 pro mobile

  • Iam from india, you gift me oneplus 7 pro mobile

  • He looks really corny, how do I block this guy?

  • a one+ is like the an iphone in my home country

  • It is a beautiful phone

  • nice one from OnePlus

  • K20 better than OnePlus lol

  • Why did I get an iPhone XS🤦‍♂️

  • Iphones are so overrated.

  • Chinese phones.... No matter who they are. Backdoors and love saving your faces. Chinese NSA loves Chinese phones.

    • Well, ain't going to spy on your face with the front facing camera without you knowing about it. It's hidden, ya know? Besides, I bet US companies spy you as much. Apple just admitted listening to people with Siri and Google's done it for years as well. Then again, if everybody is being "spied" on and their activity tracked, then who gives a shit? What are they doing with that data anyways, you're just a person among 7 billion other people.

  • If I buy this phone from I get all the accessories? ..doubt it

    • Just did, you just get the charger and the adapter that's it

  • I bought this phone but never got earbuds

  • Best screen cover for one plus 7 pro from india plzzz help

  • I actually went from the galaxy s10 plus to this. I prefer the much purer OS and it's faster than my other phone plus it doesn't have that damn notch. I also think the touch screen is more sensitive especially fingerprint sensor. I actually think the selfie camera is a bit better too. I do miss wireless charging but frankly I think it's a better phone overall.

  • 90hz,nice

  • That toy looks like mrmobile Micheal fisher

  • Big box for a little phone good God 🙄

  • Hey, im looking to this. Could you do a review of this phone since you already swapped to the Note 10 plus. Thanks mate! :)

  • $669? how did it reach $900 CAD?!?!

  • I don’t care about brands... I just buy the product I like. Bought a OnePlus 7 Pro, Razor Blade 15”, iPad 6th generation, and I would love to buy an Apple Watch, but it doesn’t work with OnePlus 7 Pro...

  • Can you give me this phone i dont have any smart phone please

  • i thought hes wearing a "BLYAT" hat

  • The reaction to the fingerprint unlock is awesome haha

  • When your phone has a better display than your new 70 inch smart tv, more ram than your pc, and cost more than either one....

  • Anyone here from Pubg

  • Changed it from iphone7. Wanted to buy iphone X max but after researching decided that OnePlus 7 Pro much more useful and got more into it. After using iPhone for so many years I can say with confidence, don't waste your money on Apple as honestly it does not worth it.

    • apple had never ever been about value

    • So true, Im sick fo apple making the same phone over and over again and THAT NOTCH and THAT CAMERA BLEHJHJ

    • @Minnah Badruddin or the Redmi k20 pro is also a good option

    • @Minnah Badruddin get the pixel 3a then. It has stock android plus has a better camera than the iphone 10

  • FBI agents are crying right now, they can’t do their “Job” because the camera is motorized, and hidden inside