Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

Опубликовано: 14 мар 2019
Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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  • Chills

  • I said hi to Brie Larson in public today My court date is on Monday

  • Ant man on his pencil

  • The power of the avengers... a good box office entrance

  • Are we just gunna ignore the fact black widow shot every bullet on beat?

  • *Movie is 3 hours long* Still gonna buy an extra large soda and drink it all before the movie starts

  • 43k DC fans?!! ITS A NEW RECORD!!!

  • Little Gamora: Did you do it? Thanos: Yes! Little Gamora: What did it cost? Thanos: Another movie!

  • Who is here after watching endgame?? 🐛

  • On god I’ll like this comment Now you have to

  • Don't worry, marvel is going to make 500 remakes after this so-called end because Hollywood lacks originality and repeats to death only what works until it no longer does.

  • Captain marvel better not be the one to kill thanos. I want thor or literally ANYONE else to kill him.


  • Wow That Is Cool At The End When Thor Says” I Like this One

  • I’m i the only one who’s sad that the original avengers are leaving after this 😢

  • me: MAN I DONT KNOW THIS TEST IM GONNA CHEAT OF OF BECKYS PAPER FREIND: you might get caught and get a 0 Me:.........what ever it takes 👄

  • Menurut saya bakal ada penerusnya, bisa jadi mungkin murid murid dari mereka

  • So when we go to the theater, we're all gonna make a pit-stop at the bathroom before going to find our seats, CORRECT?!

  • The Infinity Saga Comes To An End


  • I love star lord for giving us this movie

  • Drax is in EVERY SINGLE SHOT, he is just standing still so we cant see him at all

  • Whatever it takes 💔

  • how dafuq is jianhao tan better than this. wtf

  • Why don’t ant man jump in thanos’ hand and just expand

  • has anyone actually seen that the eyes of the rabbit and Iron patriot are red? which isn't the normal color?? think there is a big spoiler in that one

  • Mantap kali ini mah 👌

  • Who else gets goosebumps when the avengers theme tune plays and the title come up. Every time.

    • 🍌🍌🍌

  • No trailer will ever beat infinity war trailer, as good as this is

  • does this mean this is the END of these over the top adnauseum Marvel hero movies????? i hope.

  • achawahada

  • Everyone is talking about how Captain Marvel is going to end Thanos while in reality he's worried about John Wick.



  • It was Steve Rogers at the end and not Captain America

  • who else got goosebumps at the end from the music?

  • I can’t stop watch the trailer 😂 20/03

  • What one comes back from the snap and all future movies are from alternate universes in the quantum realm😨

  • Background Score is Amazing!!

  • I like this one!!!

  • Its getting more interesting

  • rumor has it thanos car was in the trailer anyone found it yet?

  • The hammers back??

  • falto deapool :v ok no

  • where i can watch the movie?

  • Please don't force Captain Mistakes Were Made on us moving forward. Please don't make her the most powerful. Please give us a good Dr. Doom, Black Panther 2,3, Fantastic Four, Namor, Shang-Chi (with multiplication powers) Blade, Blue Marvel, and Silver Surfer.

  • Everyone:"Whatever it Takes" Nebula:"AAAAAA"

  • There is a theory that people who "died" in the infinity war, are not dead, their were sent to another universe... X-men / Deadpool universe

  • ~hi~

  • Love the grey and red effect makes it look engaging and cool

  • Who would win Thanos? The Avengers? Shaggy B0i

  • Waiting for the movie eagerly

  • Trailer in Indian languages?????

  • Cant Wait

  • 10 time i watch this, maybe ill watch 1 time more

  • The shot of the avengers walking along the Avengers compound with the new quantim suits at the end of the trailer, seems similar to the group shot in the battle of Wokanda in the Infinity War trailer 1:51. I think the tv-spot trailer version where Thor and Rocket were there, all not wearing the quantum suits seemed more real. Idk its seems to fake to me!

  • Captain Marvel please save iron Man!

  • Thor did not know the power and strength , ability of c marvel but man all time favourite iron he is sensefull he made himself with mind but reality.

  • 1:56 Tony in the white suit you heard it first here..

  • 🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑 We know who the 666 ANTICHRIST / BEAST IS.....come find out more on ARMAGEDDON NEWS and get our free book on the banner


  • hype.

  • Spoiler: Drax is still there cause he’s standing so incredibly still that he’s become invisible to the human eye 👁!?

  • That Thor laugh at 2:21.......

  • That Thor laugh at 2:21.......

  • I didnt hear a hulk smash, excuse me 🌝

  • Trailer music name?

  • I wonder which political agenda is gonna be pushed in this movie....

  • omg. this movie is gonna be literally breathtaking.

  • Let me guess: 1.Thanos dies 2.Thanos dies 3.Thanos dies 4.Thanos dies 5.Thanos dies 6.Thanos dies, but he comes back to life in the next movie.

    • 🍌🍺

  • Antman butthole memes incoming!

  • Hulk needs to be redeemed the MCU has made him weak man even though he is in my opinion the strongest avenger

  • I love marvel films Every time a new marvel film releases I go with my dad to watch them thanks Stan lee and all the guys and women that work For marvel

  • What are the powers of Thanos without infinity stones?

    • Super strength, durability, genius tactician, skilled hand-to-hand combatant (that's why he defeated Hulk easily).

  • How are they gonna fit stan Lee into this?

  • I like this women

  • Avengers Tatti Hai 😂

  • Wait! What if................................ They DDoS Thanos so he lags and leaves the chat?

  • i cant wait to watch this film.. its a great film.. i hope this is not last film for evengers.. im very like this film..

  • Cool I want to watch it.

  • Most of the comments are related to *whatever it takes* But i wont write a comment related to it..... *_Whatever It Takes_*

  • Captain marvel wasn't sacred at the end because she knew that Thor would never have gone for the head

  • So this movie better be good because they showed no good parts in the trailer. The trailer actually made the movie look boring.

  • Mohawkeye

  • What gets you out of bed in the morning? Presents trailer:

  • I love this trailer and I’m hipe

  • Surprised no ones pointed out that cap has his shield back

  • شيء بيقرف

  • this film takes place about 16 months after the events of infinity war. at 1:12, you can see how much of black widow's hair has grown since she dyed it white, which is pretty much the exact same as the height as her face. in a picture i found of scarlett johansson, her face was 1.2cm tall, and she was 9 cm tall in total, meaning that 13% of her height is her head. scarlett johansson is 1.6m tall, and 13% of 1.6 is 21cm. so, she has grown 21cm of hair since she last dyed it. hair grows at about 1/2 inch a month, meaning that 8.3 inches of hair grew, which is 16 months

  • Yall nervous because it might get spoiled for you Just think Doctor strange knew about the end of this movie since last year

  • Does anybody know the name of the score used in this trailer?

  • No comets for me I'm a you tube er

  • The end is truly near now

  • and thus this is how Captain Marvel got impregnated.

  • Star lord- ‘How many did you see’ Dr Strange- ‘I don’t know I’m not going to spoil endgame for myself am I, dipshits’

  • where captain marvel?

  • who cares, im waiting for GOT

  • is anyone gonna like this comment

  • Isn’t that Hawkeye running with the Infinity Gauntlet at 1:27?

  • It wouldve been dope to see hulk in that suit

  • They are going back in time for sure.