Undertale characters and their biggest fears

Published on Nov 18, 2019
Ok everyone, here it is! Undertale characters and their biggest fears! This is what all the undertale characters and afraid of...well not really because this video isn't canon, it's just a joke. What are you afraid of?
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  • What do you want next?

  • Asgor’s wife is tori. And muffet is a spider

  • My biggest fear: get out of bed

  • Muffin why you scared of spiders but you are one?

  • And god

  • Isn’t Flowey asriel

  • i was expecting sans' to be running out of ketchup but thats better lol


  • #snailgang do a 360

  • muffet : spiders me : what?

  • 1:18 you mean colleg

  • Pokemon : scragy

  • #snailgang Dab then say I don't wanna do my homework and summon Bendy at 3.00 AM (You don't have to do the Bendy thing if you don't want to or if you're too scared)

  • but what about glyde

  • *"Muffet: Spiders"* Muffet is A Spider... A Spider with Arachnophobia

    • That is the weirdest thing in the world. #Muffetophobia if you agree

  • wat your fav warframe caricther says about you

  • Hwaaa

  • How do you know this???

  • SMG4?!

  • My biggest fear is... *No internet*

  • Some true but some not

  • im actually autistic so yea

  • 1:07 IT'S TIME TO STOP!

  • W.D. Gaster: Pickels Me: G-Gaster? ARE YOU F**KING SERIOUS?! YOU b@#$*!

  • Frisk: not eating enough rice RUvideo: I dunno abou that one chief

  • It take some spine for me to deal with capital PUNishment

  • wait a minute?!.. why gaster is getting scared from pickles?

  • I don’t get these


  • Muffet's fear: spiders *hold up*

  • Undertale characters and heir bigest fears: Papyrus - dooooooooooooog nooooo dooog sans nooooo doog sans help me there is dooooog help meee

  • Cara chara

  • Asgore: Toriel Me: Wut???????????

  • Sam's biggest fears are Sunlight and garlic.

  • I though sans biggest fear is fangirls...

  • *P i c k l e s*

  • How the heck is gaster scared of pickles, he should be scared of getting overweight because Gaster is one fat boi.

  • Sans's biggest anger: That a font copied his name Sans Serif

  • 1:03 also losing her lost friend asriel

  • wait wait wait... why is muffet afraid of spiders so she is scared of her self and her powers and i am scared of spiders

    • also why is Asgore afraid of tori like what the heck Asgore

  • #SnailGang show us your dance moves!!!

  • #snailgang make an impression of an asriel meme

  • 2:30 remember kids don't eat yellow snow, a dog may have pissed on it lol.

  • 1:30 yea in "if undertale was realistic 2" they had to use this Pokemon for some reason but they don't use it anymore

  • 1:10 that's not true!

  • these are actually they’re weaknesses not biggest fears lol also monster kid’s biggest fear is slippery floor

  • how is muffet afraid of spiders when she has a pet spider, is with spiders, and is a spider?

  • Stink

  • Booooo

  • #snailgang

  • How to beat gaster: throw a million pickles at gaster. Thanks no thanks

  • The thing is they DON’T want to kill anyone Chara is actually just something that has no idea what’s going on and they see you killing everything. Chara as no plans to hurt anyone they are brought back to life by your soul. And they only killed everyone showing you YOU’RE NOT ABOVE PUNISHMENT! If you do post pacifist. You already turned them into a psycho by showing them killing everyone. They urged Asriel to attack out of self defense. And who would have that “small,” thought that saves Asriel because only him and Chara remember that no one else saw it so it must have been Chara as your narrator having that thought/ flashback because Asriel can’t stand that thought. Proof that Chara isn’t evil at all. But is actually the hero.... Yeah she seems pretty holy to meh.

  • New sub

  • 0:29 Papyrus Getting dislikes on his RUvideo video of him flexing while shirtless

  • Mumtet is a spider

  • Mutten

  • Papyrus's fear is dogs

  • Me: What for W.D. Gaster? Pickles Me: ...

  • 1:06 XD

  • #Snailgang say pewdipie 100 times fast