Cardi B shades Nicki Minaj and Karol G's collaboration | Cardi pulls up on a Nicki fan!

Published on Nov 8, 2019
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  • Doja cat candy 🖤

  • Man bitch fuck you you not cute you not funny you a lying ass racist bitch bye

  • Can Cardi just let it go already

  • Cardi really needs to grow up and focus on her baby and her songs cuz y’all ain’t even hearing new songs of her making an impact,she isn’t being heard that much,u only hear ab her wen she makes insta rants tho and Doja she really comin’ for cardi’s throne tho

  • @9:25 yes ma’am they are and Doja cat! Girl! Yes so unproblematic and cute. I’m here for her and her versatility and artistry!

  • She always hating 😂

  • Cardi stfu u just came in the music industry and now u think u the only one... the song is nice and so is everything in the video...

  • Girl stfu you is a Nicki fan obviously. You are bias asff.

  • Nicki already forgot bout her, buh Nicki still in her mouth 😭 .

  • Why can’t Nicki and Cardi get along??

  • What you mean generic? Waiting for colaboracion of Cardi B and the queen of Reggaeton Ivy Queen.

  • She is an jealousy ass wack cb

  • U know the only reason Cardi stupid did that was cause she was jealous of them cardi eat that

  • But she didn't get it first and passed it on. Lmao. Karol G already said she wanted to work with Nicki. Karol G hit Nicki up and asked her and Nicki said yes.

  • The Empressive channel is racist towards the Latino World Order it's obvious she puts Cardi on blast for attention and continues to mock her belittle her and talk all types of racist shit on here! Not having it if she did this to Eddie Guerrero and mocked him made fun of him for being who he is he wouldn't stand for it. Why can't we all come together and get along without being racist? RIP Eddie Guerrero great wrestler from the late 90's in WCW! LWO 4 life and 4 ever viva la raza.

    • Oh please. Y'all are fucking racist towards black people ALL THE TIME. Latino is not a race.

  • "It's crazy how this tweet still applies to this day" LMAOOO can we replay this like 10,000 times for the world to see. #Facts 3:50

  • Yes is poppin this blogger is trippin

  • that's it idc what yall think cardi did rong im teamcardi b

  • I love cardi and Nicki but cardi kinda childish for 26 years old like b*tch u ain’t young like u we’re when u we’re out in the hood before u we’re famous like I think u think u are the best and nobody matters just like how “empressive” said u have other priorities like focus on something else like girl u have a daughter and husband and a huge career at 26(.)

  • Wow! Not even gonna feed into the negative aspects of this video, but Empressive always doing a great job reporting on celebs!🙌🏽 Keep doing ya thing sis! Congrats to Karol G and Nicki for their #1 Latin chart song. And yes, ya'll sleeping on my girl Doja Cat fr fr...her album is🔥and she's a baddie😍

  • Cardi b was jelous because queen nicki's music was successful

  • I believe not everybody from hood grow up as a trash person like cardi B. Its because of people like her hood is blamed.

  • i love how y'all all have something to say as if y'all are not human. I'm unsubscribing, because you're spending your day researching celebrities drama and criticizing them like you're better.

  • Cardi Bitch = jealous!

  • lmao cant relate. tusa is bomb. people disliking tusa is deaf.

  • LOL and yall say nicki bitter

  • Your page suck u will never have it like CARDI b mad depressed bitch never will I subscribe to this bullshit

  • #TeamNickiMinaj wassup

  • and cardi said “positive things only from here on out” yea alright sweetheart

  • Cardi= attention seeking ho who I m sorry but us fugly

  • Drama grow up cardio it's very unattractive only insecure people get threatened smh sad

  • She is so immature

  • Bru let nicki be I swear all yall used to be nicki till cardi b come in half nicki fans went over to cardi b

  • nicki is bertttr then sh!t tho ugh carid

  • This girl think she giving a queen clout...even though she built an empire and still being hit that no one wants her then why every rapper want her on they track like can cardi stay in her dam place


  • Cardi B is just mad cause she dead ass can't make good music.

  • Everyone has feelings and we all want to be respected. But sis glowed up and has way too much money and success to be bothered.

  • "Press, press, press, Cardi DONT need more PRESS" 😂😂😂😂 wow, rlly Retardi?

  • She need to die already