Shaq Tries to Not Make a Face While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Опубликовано: 14 мар 2019
Shaquille O'Neal is one of the most dominant players in NBA history, an analyst on TNT's Emmy Award-winning Inside the NBA, and a globally recognized DJ sensation bringing Shaq's Fun House is to Miami Music Fest on March 29th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Big Aristotle has his date with the wings of death-one he claims he only accepted because he thought Justin Timberlake was hosting. Along the way, Shaq discusses his history with Kobe Bryant, breaks down his record-breaking Walmart purchase, and joins Sean Evans in a high-stakes free-throw shooting contest.
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  • SHAQ! FINALLY! Enjoy the show and get your official HOT ONES merch here, spice lords:

    • You should have a fan as a guest with their pick as a celebrity guest. Once in awhile. Shaq is the best. Funny as heck!

    • no he didn't. He was so disappointing to not eat the last one. So disappointed.

    • First we feast I think you should get the blue color boys Larry the cable guy and FDNY firefighters to do this see how many ppl agree like this up bc I would love to see Larry the cable guy and FDNY firemen do this before the day I die

    • First We Feast do a hot ones with Bryson Tiller

    • You should have Corey Taylor on sometime

  • Get schoolboy q on here....plz sean

  • Get the rock on here!!

  • have to click the subtitle to understand more...

  • We don't have any differences, we just had a difference in a opinion! "10 secs later" I always told people even though we had our differences. WTF SHAQ make up your mind 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Real good Hot Ones. Good job guys and good job Shaq.


  • he looks like Sandy Frye from Bob's Burgers

  • He said “ I’m a real deputy”...LOL

  • @24:58 "Oh, the same year I won the championship?" LOL

  • shaqs voice sounds like mine when i have a sore throat and eat hot noodles

  • Get Aubrey Plaza, please

  • Love the big guests but I’d love to request you guys reach out to another dedicated RUvideo channel with quality content Donut Media and have James Pumpherey on. Seems like a cool dude who can appeal to more than just petrol heads.

  • Do sleepy Boonk Gang next

  • 18:22 shaq’s famous last words😂😂 From Kansas btw

  • Dude!! I would flip my shit if i saw y'all with a booth in Albuquerque for the National Fiery Foods Expo your sauces sound amazing and i'd love to take some home but i'm also very particular and i want to taste them to give me so i can select the best of the best among your sauces PS. Shaq is the most amazing example of an awesome father, not only being a great player on the court but also a proud father, business owner and all around great person, I hope this inspires people in any way possible :)

  • best one by far

  • Bring on Donald Glover Pls!

  • i apologize Kansas had me so weak

  • are those wings halal? he's muslim

  • I love shaq

  • *Need Snoop dogg & Matha in Here* lol

  • Hahaha fuck I love shaq he is absolutely a national treasure

  • 18:30 the meme

  • The disrespect of some of these "wing eaters." -_-

  • Shaq is an annoying/rude guest

  • I guess you can now officially call your washroom... the Shit Shaq


  • How’s the end considered bullying? Some people being sensitive lol

  • Best episode

  • "I apologize Kansas" LMAO

  • This is the GREATEST episode of hot ones ever!!!

  • 18:30 for all you who know the meme

  • Shaq & offset

  • when the weed hit you @18:42

  • lol the Shaq sauce

  • Keanan Thompson & Kel Mitchell NEXT please..

  • Do we have ice cube chapstick?

  • He should of nurtured his skin half way through

  • Вы тупые

  • Shaq sauce made me cringe so hard I feel a bit sore now.

  • Dude needs PewDiePie on Hot ones

  • DA BOMB just ruining careers and relations

  • This man the funniest dude I've ever seen. You can not with this man

  • We're all my Mexicans at ✌✌"

  • FOR THE LOVE OF GOD WILL SOMEONE PLEASE TURN 26:11-26:14 into a GIF ?!?! lmaooooo

  • Y'all Need To Make A Bag Where You Can Purchase A Bag Of The 10 Wings You Eat On The Show

  • aye shout out San Antonio, TX

  • Get Theo Von on here

  • every one says they are a big fan but they don't know if they can curse

  • Shaq was so corny for that ending.

  • Derrick Lewis the UFC heavyweight would be so funny on here

  • 1:34 MDMA

  • The first time I ate pussy face: 11:18

  • 30:13 the fuckin' ghost repper peeper shit

  • What an honor

  • Bro you made too many faces

  • 1:34 my last brain cell when I finish my meal

  • Now that’s how u eat some chicken take notes lmao

  • shaq is so massive

  • I feel bad for the guy who had to clean that bathroom after Shaq goes thru it

  • The best episode yet!!!!

  • They really need to combine every sauce for a final extra challenge. Shaq sauce. Big Oof

  • I want to be on this show I want to give it a world

  • hE nEeD SoMe MiLk

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • well, he should join the hot ones hall of shame for not eating the last wing!. just like everybody else.

  • 11:20 thank me later😂😂😂😂

  • You lied to me... OH! OH! lmao

  • Come on Shaq, very disappointing performance.... But no doubt this video confirms Sean is the man!

  • Get david goggins on here!

  • Jesus Shaq I wish I had your teeth.

  • 21:11 look at the stack of cash in Shaqs pocket!

  • Get kawhi leonard on this show dammit

  • Shaq didn’t bully him he just wanted to get a laugh off him lmao

  • Shaq been making a face since the 1st wing

  • He bite a bone in half. How strong is this man's teeth???? lmaoooo

  • SHHHHH..

  • why do I like the music in the beginning so much

  • Arnie and The Rock

  • what about “giving out bricks like shaq at the freethrow”

  • Get ScHoolboy Q to promote his new album on here!!

  • “I Garunty I will not make a face” * licks tiny bits on sauce on wing *

  • I love spicy food, and since I started watching this show, I have obtained a handful of hot sauces. I've tried Cheeba Gold, Zombie Apocalypse, Da Bomb, Mad Dog 357, Hellfire Fear This, and Last Dab Reduxxx. Da Bomb has intense heat as soon as you swallow, with no perceivable flavor, and is very unpleasant. Mad Dog 357 has a sweet BBQ sauce flavor when it first touches your tongue, shortly followed be the most intense heat I've ever felt from a hot sauce, and again, very unpleasant and even hotter than Da Bomb. Those 2 are made with pepper extract which is kind of a "cheat" method to increase heat, but does nothing for flavor. The others on my list are all-natural and all have a great taste to them. Hellfire Fear This and The Last Dab Reduxx are actually percievably LESS hot than Da Bomb and Mad Dog 357. I can't really take the scoville system seriously after trying many of these sauces. I absolutely love the flavor in The Last Dab Reduxx the best followed by Hellfire Fear This. Da Bomb is nothing more than a novelty sauce that simply burns you. Mad Dog 357 is definitely the hottest sauce I've ever had in my life. If you can handle those 2, you can handle ANYTHING.

  • I can't believe you didn't need the last one what a bitch

  • where my kansas people at

  • I just got a skittles ad with a guy milking a giraffe but instead it wasn’t milk.. it was skittles.

  • Please FWF, please invest in a subtitle maker position. On top of Shaq's mumbling, I'm hard of hearing. An established show such as yourself shouldn't have to be told to make subtitles.

    • Atticus Zapur if you can’t understand him it’s probably just you lol

  • Yes, Nice video 😴

  • 17:16 -> 21:24

  • I remember him from MTV Raps.

  • When you eat pussy for the first time 11:19

  • Shaq used to be funny, he looked depressed to me now

  • Every single movement this dude makes has legendary meme potential

  • Kodak black on hot ones would be priceless

  • I thought he was kind of a scary dick... passive aggressive, can picture him being a full-on bully. Playing totally unfair with the 5 shot game then in all sincerity barking “what? a bet’s a bet!!” Then the Shaq sauce thing...

  • My favorite episode so far

  • I love Shaq but i can't tell half the time in this video if he's talking with his mouth full or if he's just very soft spoken.

  • 11:55 gaaaaaaaay

  • Shaqs an asshole