Solving The IMPOSSIBLE TITAN Puzzle!!

Published on Aug 21, 2019
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Today I'm going to attempt to solve this extremely difficult puzzle which has had puzzlers stumped.. this is the Titan Puzzle by Felix Ure.
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  • “Can you hear it?” **continues to play music**

  • Watching your video was pretty painful.

  • Intros are the only reason I’m here.

  • sick avada kedavra tattoo

  • Satisfying WOW God Thankyouu you

  • Is this a coincidence the time and the year

  • I'm obsessed with the 3 unforgivable curses tattoos on your fingers

  • Wow you did a good job with that picture. I didn't understand it at all until you drew that pic and it explained it perfectly

  • I wish you good luck with every puzzle that you do!

  • Spoiler Warning Not gonna lie, not a fan of this puzzle, for it doesn't really involve skill and problem solving and more so just pure luck, even another respectable youtube bluntly said it involves luck : / Don't feel you can even call it a puzzle if it involves that much luck and more so just a silly game to play by yourself.

  • Maybe there's like a maze for the ball

  • Time of solving puzzle: 13:41

  • Turn the heavy side down it is like a tumbler lock

  • I love how you solve puzzles it’s soooooo satisfying

  • Can You Solve This puzzle, which claims only genius will be able to solve it.

  • Hey not sure if you'd be interested but .. this a how its made puzzle

  • Why does he call these puzzles "IMPOSSIBLE" when they clearly are not? Click bait.

  • Chris cheated.

  • Chris : a 400 or some degrees... Me : wait that’s illegal

  • If you look, he solved it in just an hour 13:38

  • I got to 13 minutes and thought IF THERES A DECK OF CARDS IN THERE IM GONNA GO CRAZY.... I would of thrown it through the window or ran over it by now but hey . Half way vid comment dont hate

  • Those unforgivable curses tattoos look dope

  • NO can’t hear it maybe it’s my hearing I’m gonna come in to couple times obviously I can’t continue on the same post It may make me look silly so foolish but that’s OK I won’t be the first time and probably not the last so thanks for your understanding

  • Titan is a moon of saturn, thats why in mythology he was the father of the titans

  • Ps...Are we in an elevator?

  • I know it would take the fun outta it, but I have a hockey stick waiting for a slap shot right now

  • My belt is impossible puzzle when i need hurry in to bathroom

  • Well what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

  • I don’t think you have to say these puzzles are impossible or 10/10 we are just gonna watch them without the clickbait lol


  • Love this series man.. my new favorite magician too! Mad props to you and all the blessings in the future big dawg! 💯

  • #titanpuzzle

  • Solved it at exactly an hour. 👊

  • I liked the video before it even started, Chris! I just watched your video on some really cringy magic and I didn’t know whether to laugh or I ended up crying from laughing so hard!! I am having a rough time falling asleep and I just started watching your videos because......well......they help me go to sleep. 😂😂😂😂😂 No they don’t! I actually love your puzzle solving skills! Mad props to the way your mind works. Mine is far too logical to solve those puzzles! Okay, watching this video now! 😄

  • Why in God’s name would you close it with one ball.

  • Do u think they call it Titan because u have to basically TIGHTEN it to solve it? Just a thought....🤯

  • Then you see your 3 year old solve the puzzle XD

  • Did anyone realize that at 13:34 how as soon as he took appart the puzzle the timer turned to one hour? It was so satisfying

  • Man for the longest time I thought you were the lead singer from Imagine Dragons and you also had a cool youtube channel lol

  • how dont you kick off and swear etc? i would be loosing my shit.. no way would i have the patients lol

  • There is definitely something cathartic about the sound of the metal puzzles especially! Although I believe the background music helps too lol. Love all your puzzle videos

  • Man opened It at exactly the hour mark!!! 😱😱 13:39

  • RUvideo has brought us all together I see... See ya in a couple of years!

  • great now I just really want someone to make the puzzle ball from Treasure Planet from watching this.

  • always love the tracks in the background on your videos

  • Even if you know how to open it there’s a 50% chance you’re wrong. Because they’re offset.

  • im from mr beast!!!!

  • Like just . Don’t you just hate it when that don’t send you the instructions!!!!!!! Then you have no idea what you’re doing other than trying to figure it out! I’ve gotten that before

  • Chris: Impossible Titan Puzzle Me: It’s a door knob

  • Me:that puzzle is possible. Titan puzzle:No im not Impossible:am I a joke to you? Me: ... Impossible=im-possible XDDDDDDDDDD GET REKT IMPOSSIBLE YOUR NO LONGER NEEDED BOII

  • "Gravity thing..." lol

  • I was falling asleep. Then it popped open and I was "Ohhhh shiiiit!" Wide awake again. Sigh

  • It helps that there’s music playing when he’s trying to have us here a quiet sound

  • impossible would literally be a solid piece of metal

  • I like the astronomical reference to Titan, moon of Saturn. It's all about gravity!

  • I know how to get both balls in...

  • " order to get both balls in..." - am I in the right place?

  • "Titan is the moon of Mercury" ~TrIggErEd !!!

  • Your channel is intriguing. I haven’t quite dissected all the components but the curiosity and the anticipation normally captivates but it causes a reaction for the audience to be eager for you to solve the puzzle which keeps the motivation to continue to watch the program even more enticing. It’s an interesting dynamic I Have not explored before. A virtual exploration bringing the audience in on the journey to discover how the puzzle is solved. Not bad I’m sure that wasn’t your first intention and it probably just evolved into something more. Nonetheless I can understand why people gravitate to your channel. it’s not I’ll gimmick which is a nice refresher to have some authenticity to some of the bigger channels. Take care.

  • Action on 13.00 onwards🤗🤗