i went to WALMART for the FIRST TIME ever !!!

Published on May 26, 2018
aaand i'm back. i've always wanted to film my first time going to a walmart supermarket and i hope you enjoy my reaction. it was everything i could have possibly dream of and more. don't forget to like and subscribe, thank you.
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  • Like ur shirt said THE B****H IS BACK

  • Forgot to pay for the shirt you rober thanks for making fun of America sorry but I live in it

  • IKEA

  • Did you pay for the shirt

  • Whoa! The size of the soda!?

  • I want to smack that kid in the face

  • There are people who are not amazed by this video

  • If he does. Ot drink the root beer that's not cold I will radge

  • Brah checkout Victoria’s Secret it’s bad to the bone I go and try not to stare at mannikins hoping they don’t notice me.... :/ I think u been to Walmart b4 this vid in my opinion

  • I like how to him its a wonderland and to us its just a guy shopping

  • Oh my god that place is heaven on earth I wanna visit Walmart

  • I mean all the stuff you found isn’t really that impressive I go to Walmart every other day

    • He's Portuguese so it's kinda impressive for the first time and I say that bc I'm Portuguese too

  • Oh please you not trash your awesome

  • he should go to dollar tree . he could've got the same amount of chess balls for 1 dollar . nothing is over a dollar in dollar tree and it even has a electronic section , it has everything

    • the sad thing is that it is not good quality the stuff breaks like the next day😂

    • Ur wrong^^ that’s family dollar and dollar general dollar tree is $1 unless state tax takes a **** on you and u pay some of cents to be a pain in the arse

    • There are some things over a dollar

  • What does he live under a rock or something?

    • @NickZ 002 go pound salt

    • Yeaaaaaaa

    • daroof4ever he lives in London and they don’t have Walmart in London so stfu

  • True American to play American chips you will not believe what we have you'll be so jealous you want to live in for the rest of your life ales to try KFC Popeyes gaudreau

  • Eat gummies for 24 hoursss

  • I am from Germany there is no Walmart

  • YOU never went to walmart befor!!!

    • Najah Burdi he used to live in the Uk and they don’t have Walmart there

  • Soo basically this guy is excited to visit walmart.? No one Litrelly no one. Raphael: theyve got ailes to keep stuff.


  • I’m so insanely dying right now! Lmao! “Don’t let Walmart body shame you Cheez Ballz” ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! “You are beautiful the way you are” Haaghh ha! Ha! Ha!

  • Brutal Moose reviewed the Doritos and Cheetos frozen foods.

  • Living in California it is normal so it is pretty weird to see him like surprised also first time eating cheese its😑

  • I love this guy he's basically like a kid in a candy store he's blown away by everything he sees while I'm just sitting here being like this isn't surprising to me because I've been going to Walmart must of my life I even worked for one

  • I can't believe this guy is almost 30; he looks 14.

  • It’s kinda funny because I’m chilean and literally everything this guy is surprise of is in every supermarket in Chile... thanks to the pacific ocean

  • I’d only go to Walmart for those cheese balls I’d get 2 of them

  • I haven’t been to Walmart before I hope one day I go and buy those cheese balls

  • 3:46 I totally agree always've thougt such, You're all just cowards

  • I wonder if he bought he tshirt

  • I wonder if he bought he tshirt

  • did he pay for the shirt

  • In Australia we can get litre tubes of tomato sauce (or what u call ketchup)

  • MontainDew is made of bull pee..

  • What waste of money

  • "snaps giant container of cheese balls into a baby seat" LMBO 😂 🤣 we used to play Marco Polo down the isles in Walmart when I was a teenager. Fun as heck.

  • Dat'h yuetest baby

  • 7 up is a cake flavor in the US and it has cream cheese frosting or at least in western N.Y.

    • tamee parker we have it in Houston too

  • I like to buy the whole walmart every time I go that's why my dad when he goes he doesn't want to take me

  • Just a tip vanilla ice cream is good with root beer

  • Did you pay for the shirt?

  • 9:58 XD am so dead

  • We got Oreo s cereal in manila

  • Rafael Gomes you don’t want to know that are super bad that get your order messed up

  • Why can't you go to Florida

  • Now i want a wallmart in germany

    • Lidl lohnt sich😂

    • @I dropped my Lasagna that's a massive rip

    • @The Artificial Saiyan so celine said that wallmart already had some stores in germany but theynwere closed after 1 or 2 years.she dont know why.and i said that this is really depressing

    • @I dropped my Lasagna can u translate that for me lol

    • @Celline das ist so hart deprimierend grade...ich geh mal davon aus,das die ausgaben mehr als die einnahmen waren.verluste halt.

  • 9:56 what in the actual f***?

  • Wow I want to go there someday hahaha. In our country, our grocery store is like just 1/20 of that walmart. No joke

    • No hahaha. Way farther than that. I'm in Philippines and it's in Asia by the way.

    • Are u from germany 😅

  • walmart is the best sadly im not rich but yk walmart saves my life and also ROSS

  • I LOVE Walmart it's a one stop store 😍 Every thing comes in big packages for a cheaper price..Raphael u picked my fav Cookies, Oreo's & Chips Ahoy 🤤

  • I hate easy cheese

  • Birthday cake Oreo sucks

  • That's a lot of crap food.

  • Raphael: This is the hugest store I've ever seen Us Americans: This sure is a really small Walmart 🤣

  • So no one is going to talk about the was he said “jumbo"?🤣🤣

  • Did he buy the shirt

  • how much adverse shit for ur health he showed for us you should better buy a bunch of bananas then cheese-it

    • oceaniess Ummm mate he probs is healthy it’s just that I’m this vid he was excited as he isn’t American and he went to Walmart for the first time

  • Bro this year I was in Walmart for the first time and it was like one month ago

  • Oh my god childhood same 3:32